Prophetic Words


I saw a spirit of intercession moving through the body of Christ and the Lord calling His people to a greater level of prayer. There is a great awakening happening in the lives of the people of God on an individual level but also corporately. The body of Christ is being shaken and what remains will be what the Lord has built. The fire of God that is falling upon the body of Christ right now is happening to prepare the people of God for the greatest worldwide move of God we have yet seen.
As the people of God were before the Lord in prayer, in worship, in the Word, I saw the spirit of intercession coming upon many and they began to intercede and pray in the Spirit for all that the Lord had placed upon their hearts. As they were crying out in intercession, I saw KEYS RAINING from heaven. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of KEYS were being released from heaven. It was raining keys!
The people of God began to pick up the keys that were falling and being placed before them and they were keys of wisdom and revelation to bring a great UNLOCK in their lives personally, in the body of Christ corporately and for the nations.
Embrace the spirit of intercession that is being released. For more is being done by the Spirit of God in the time that you spend before Him in prayer and intercession than what you could attempt to build in the natural. God is calling His people to a deeper place of prayer and intercession, and through the prayers and decrees of His people led by His Spirit are partnering with heaven to see the greatest awakening and revival of the body of Christ and the nations.
It’s time for the nations to SEE HIM!!! He is calling us as the body of Christ to CALL IT IN! A spirit of intercession is moving heavily upon the people of God and the desire for NATIONS is being stirred in the people of God. A great unity is happening in the body of Christ now as the people of God are being drawn together in prayer and intercession.
"Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession." – Psalms 2:8
"The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective" – James 5:16
You are being given KEYS on your KNEES that will see the world changed. Atmospheric shifts are happening, a turning happening from the people of God on their knees. Keys of wisdom and insight are being released to pray into and move upon to see the forces of darkness PUSHED BACK and the KING of GLORY come in. (Psalm 24:9)
I saw the Lord releasing keys of specific heavenly strategies to see greater increase and influence. This wasn’t a striving or self-promotion but the wisdom of the Lord being released upon many of the people of God to act upon and greater increase and doors of influence were being unlocked and the Word of God was spreading rapidly, the Spirit of God moving in power bringing breakthrough, freedom and revelation to His people.
As His Kingdom keys are being applied a great unlocking is happening and a spirit of excellence is gaining greater momentum, that is opening doors of favour for the people of God to move through and minister to those who do not yet know Him and leading them into encounter.
I have felt creativity being released upon the people of God all of this year, but in the past few weeks, the sense of the spirit of creativity is increasing dramatically. Heaven’s creativity is being released and breaking "God in a box" mentalities open. The Lord is releasing new and creative ideas that are out of the box, but is dripping in the anointing of heaven and new fresh wine of revelation.
These keys of wisdom and influence as applied also in the lives of His people individually is causing a great unlocking and overflow in their lives and testimony spilling out to all around them and many being draw into love and glory encounters with the Lord. Eyes of the spiritually blind are being opened and hard hearts unlocked. Salvation explosions! Harvest time!
I saw this spirit of creativity being released upon worship leaders in great increase, keys are being released upon them that will release a greater prophetic anointing over the congregation as it is sung and POWERFUL encounters with Him were happening and the Spirit of God bringing tremendous breakthrough, healing, deliverance and that is breaking hard dry ground releasing an activation of spiritual giftings in the lives of the people of God and a great awakening. As this awakening and activation of giftings is happening, I saw revival flood waters springing up and flowing onto the streets of cities and nations.
I saw keys being released upon the people of God as they prayed and took their place standing in the gap for nations. Keys of insight, revelation, strategies and visions were being released that as they were prayed into, decreed and put into motion, the gates of nations were flinging wide and wider open for the King of Glory to enter in. I saw gates open and angelic hosts on either side of a great long red carpet and I could hear the angels singing "Prepare the way for the Risen Lord" and they then lifted their trumpets and began to blow them. The Lord was coming into nation after nation upon nation in His Glory and His Kingdom extended. I then noticed this carpet was almost suspended in mid-air and I saw the prayers of the people of God surrounding this carpet. As the people of God were partnering with Him and His desire for the nations, the nations He loves, His Spirit was being poured out, He was coming in, in His Glory to bring change, shift, turnarounds and revival.
A sense of urgency filled me as I felt such an invitation from heaven to partner with Him in intercession and see nations unlocked. I saw this unlocking taking place at a deep level. I saw as the people of God prayed and received these keys and decreed, the heart of nations were beginning to shift, shift back to their original heavenly design. Aligning with HIS heart for the nation.
We are at a tipping point right now for a worldwide greater shifting in the nations, and He is looking for those who will stand in the gap.
It’s raining keys! Get into position.. ON YOUR KNEES!
(Picture by Jewell Jeffery)
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  • Elsie Bouwman

    “…the Father of glory, may give to you the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling what are the riches of the glroy of his inheritance in tht saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us.” (Ephesians 1:17-19) What I saw this morning in this portion of the scripture is like this: “in the knowledge of Him the eyes of your understanding being enlightened.” I didn’t see a comma in there. Is saw “the eyes” immediately after ” in the knowledge of Him THE EYES”. In the knowledge of Him THE EYES of your understanding being enlightened.

  • Kurt Cotter

    Thank you Lana!
    I feel The Lord wants me to use these prophetic words from Him to “war a good warfare”. A week ago, I saw two men wrestling and I heard “through You we will PUSH BACK OUR ENEMIES. Of course I googled it and it’s Ps 44:5.
    I am truly hearing the same call to Revivalists and forerunners to stand in the gap and push back the enemy as we “Contend” for souls, for this Outpouring… For the Rain will bring the Harvest!
    Thanks again!
    Pastor Kurt in Phoenix AZ
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Curtis Richard Taylor

    “…out to the box …”, you say. Please expand what this entails. Is it a word from God that long held Church dogmas (strong doctrine) are to be adjusted or even abandoned?
    No mention here of repentance from sin, ie. Presbyterians resent acceptance of same sex marriage, and ordination of LGBT clergy, etc.
    Christians world over are being slaughtered in mass, most recently at a Christian College in Kenyam where a hundred and forty-nine where executed the moment they confirmed their faith in Jesus Christ.
    I have heard, “fresh bread, new manna, currant words, etc.” presented to The Lord’s Body for several decades now most similar in content, also with such underpinnings of select Scriptures.
    Two question please, if I may. Jesus said, the Holy Spirit has been mandated to, “convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. Is this a time for a release of pent up excitement, expectations, gold dust, and white feathers, or is it one to call for a world wide “solemn assembly” of believers?
    What of the messages from the “watchmen on the walls?!
    Dear sister may I suggest we take your word a step further. From “…on our knees…”, to down upon our faces before a Holy God.
    Curtis Taylor
    Dahlonega, Georgia