Prophetic Words


I saw a spirit of “competition” coming against the body of Christ in this time of great increase, promotion and favour, the enemy has come in and is attempting to find a “way in” in the hearts of believers to bring about division, to bring about competition that will thwart and delay the mission of the people of God.
We are in a time of great acceleration, and many are walking through tremendous turbulence and shaking because the Lord is purifying and shaping His people to release them into their destiny.
I saw many of the people of God standing before doors labelled “DESTINY DOORS”. As they were approaching these doors and I knew they were coming into the place where the door was about to swing WIDE open and they were about to move into their “appointed time” I saw a HUGE wind begin to blow and in this wind I could hear the voice of the accuser.
“You are not as powerful as that person”
“You are not as gifted as that person”
“You are not being promoted as fast as that person”
“You are not as favoured as that person”
“You do not have as many opportunities as that person”
“You are not as close to Him as that person”
“You do not hear as clearly from God as that person”
“Your ministry is not as big as theirs and not as successful and impacting."
The wind began to pick up more and more speed and the voice of accusation became louder and louder.
I saw many of the people of God beginning to look around to those around them. There was a comparison beginning to creep into the body of Christ and a competition and striving was beginning to find its way in.
I saw many of the people of God in great distress and discouragement, despair and striving was beginning to take root.
I then saw the Lord come and stand before these ones, one by one. The wind of the accuser was howling around them, and I thought the Lord is about to stop this whirlwind of the lying voice of the accuser. But He didn’t.
He went before the people of God one by one, and I could see them crying and beginning to try to ‘prove themselves’ and their giftings and calling. Jesus placed His hand under their chin and with a strong voice of authority but such beautiful love and comfort He spoke “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. YOU ARE MINE! YOU ARE MINE! YOU ARE MINE! TRUST ME!”
I saw the comfort and love of God beginning to reassure the people of God.
In the midst of this intense wind, He stood with them and continued to speak..
“Do not look to the right or to the left. Look at Me! As you look at Me you find your security and confidence in Me. You are at the door of your destiny and the enemy is fighting hard to lead you into a place of competition, striving and comparison. If you enter into this it will bring about a delay. You know what to do. Press in and hide in Me.”
I then saw the people of God who felt they had fallen into the comparison and competition repenting before the Lord and the Lord embraced them. I saw them lean in close to Him and I saw their hearts connected. In the heart connection, I began to see the visions, dreams, words of truth and hope from the heart of the Lord begin to directly flow into the heart of His people. There was a great life exchange taking place. He was releasing life through revelation into their hearts and in return they were laying down their lives again to know Him and make Him known.
I saw these ones then pick up their swords (the winds of accusation had caused them to drop their swords) and they began to wield their swords with such confidence and strength in knowing who they are and who they belong to.
The vines of competition, comparison and striving were being slain and they were moving forward freely into their new day. The door of destiny flung WIDE OPEN and they moved through into something not exactly what they had expected, but more glorious!!!!!
Many have been sensing competition, comparison and striving in the atmosphere. The enemy is trying hard to hinder many of the people of God because they are about to walk through the door of destiny.
Even though accusations may fly around you more intensely lately from the enemy, comparison and competition screaming at you, you KNOW what to do. Press in, lean in, and you will be safe and hidden in His arms. You will not be touched and move forward in power, unhindered.
Those of you who have felt competition, comparison and striving creep into your hearts, do NOT allow condemnation to come upon you, for that is not from God. Go before the Lord in repentance, He is waiting with open arms to embrace you and strengthen you again to move forward.
The enemy is seeking to bring DELAY but as you stay close to Him, you will move into your NEW DAY.
Doors of destiny await! Hold your swords! You know what to do!
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