Prophetic Words


Driving through Brisbane city today my eyes were drawn to a van parked on the side of the road. On the van were written the words “BRISBANE MAKEOVER”.

I felt the Lord saying that there is a shaking and a rumbling happening all across Brisbane right now, where things are being moved and shifted in the Spirit.
I sensed the Lord saying that He is inviting His people to partner with Him in prayer to see revival and breakthrough come to the city of Brisbane. As the people of God partner with Him and pray in what He is wanting to release that Brisbane is about to undergo a COMPLETE MAKEOVER.
The Glory of God is coming to Brisbane in greater ways than we have seen. The seven mountains of society in Brisbane will be completely transformed by the invasion of His Glory. HUGE favour being released upon Brisbane as a city. The shaking and rumbling that is happening in the Spirit now is building momentum to release the fire of God upon Brisbane. It is time for the people of God to stand in the gap for Brisbane, to see long awaited revival break forth.
I felt the destiny of Brisbane bubbling in my heart. To be a city known for its purity. A city known for the manifestation of the Glory of God. It is time for Brisbane to take her place. God is calling His people to partner with Him to call in revival in Brisbane and she will receive a complete makeover as she takes her place and begin to move in and receive great favour as a city. A city known for her beauty, her excellence, her purity, her success and a place where the Spirit is God is breaking out and moving powerfully.
I saw angels positioned all around the city, they were holding their weapons and they were standing ready, for the people of God to call in and agree with heaven on all that He is doing in Brisbane and wants to do.
As the people of God moved into position agreeing with heaven for Brisbane to come into her destiny, I saw Brisbane exploding with fruit. There was SO much fruit that was filling the city that other cities and nations were coming to Brisbane to feast on what the Lord was releasing and doing in Brisbane and impartations were being released.
As people from other cities and nations were visiting Brisbane and seeing what the Lord was doing in the city and the manifestations of His Glory that were being released, the revival that was breaking out, there were ‘double portion’ impartations being released upon these people, and they were going back to their cities and nations and as they ministered, the double portion impartations that they were carrying were being released in their cities and nations and revival was bursting forth.
I saw Brisbane “forerunning” in this revival for many cities and nations. Creative ideas, kingdom keys, abundant resources, financial blessing and deep revelation of His Word was being released that was empowering and equipping others to extend His Kingdom in other cities and nations.
I saw a HUGE cloud over all the city of Brisbane and the cloud was titled “revelation and vision” and I saw people in Brisbane and those who do not live in Brisbane, those who don’t live in Australia and those from other nations coming into Brisbane and whilst here, there was HUGE revelations being released into their hearts of divine strategies, and a clarity of vision for the future that was positioning them for a new level of excellence and favour.
Visions to bring radical breakthrough and increase was happening for these people as they were in Brisbane. Encounters with Him that were breaking years upon years upon years of dry ground, was suddenly being turned around. The breakthrough anointing was resting heavily upon Brisbane as the people of God interceded.
I then began to hear the people of God praying in the Spirit and interceding for Brisbane. As I could hear them all praying in unity I saw the Brisbane River and it was EXPLODING with FISH. The more they prayed and interceded there were fish appearing everywhere. I then began to see boats and more boats and the people of God were on these boats with their nets and they were bringing in the fish. The more they caught, the more fish overflowed.
I looked at the side of the boats and I saw the verse Ephesians 3:20:
"Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve INFINITELY MORE than your GREATEST request, your most UNBELIEVABLE DREAM, and exceed your WILDEST IMAGINATION! He will OUTDO THEM ALL, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you." – (The Passion Translation)
The power of God is about to move in and through His people at a level they have not experienced before as they position themselves before Him. God’s people in Brisbane are on the brink of some of the greatest exploits with God that they have ever experienced or been part of. Encounters with His Glory will be so powerful as the people of God cry out that they will walk in a level of the supernatural, increase in giftings and dormant giftings coming alive that will see salvations EXPLODING in Brisbane. It is harvest time!
I then heard the words:
“Churches of Brisbane, as you cry out and stand in the gap and believe for what I am about to release, you will receive more than you DREAMED.”
I saw Churches all across Brisbane exploding with new converts, lines outside churches, row upon row upon row of new seats being lined out for the influx of harvest of souls that was about to pour in. The revival that will happen in the marketplace, in the seven mountains of society in Brisbane, in schools, God is about to do ABOVE our greatest request, unbelievable dream and exceed our wildest imagination.
There is an amazing invitation before the people of God right now, to step in and partner with Him and PRAY IN and AGREE with what He is wanting to release in Brisbane.
Brisbane, this is your turning point! It is your time to step up and step into your destined place.
People of God, let’s stand together and believe and decree what heaven is inviting us to foresee and see come to earth. It is going to be glorious!
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  • Kathy Helfer

    Lana, My heart is bubbling for Macouppin County Illinois, and St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri.
    Would you say this could be a prophecy for other cities as well or just for Brisbane right now?

  • sharyn wilbraham

    Wow!You are right in the epicentre!xo
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    From:”LANA VAWSER” Date:Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 at 22:09 Subject:[New post] BRISBANE MAKEOVER!!!!
    lanavawser posted: “Driving through Brisbane city today my eyes were drawn to a van parked on the side of the road. On the van were written the words “BRISBANE MAKEOVER”. I felt the Lord saying that there is a shaking and a rumbling happening all across Brisbane right now,”

  • [email protected]

    Lana, I feel the destiny of Carlinville, Illinois and St. Louis/St. Charles MO bubbling in my heart. Do you think the prophecy you received for Brisbane could be for these other cities a well? Or just Brisbane for now? Thank you Love in Jesus, Kathy Helfer