Prophetic Words


I have had it on my heart for a while lately that the Lord is calling His people to spend more time at His feet. To make room in their lives to spend time ministering to Him in their own expressive way.
There is an increase released upon the people of God as they sit at His feet. MORE will be released and accomplished the MORE time there is spent at His feet. In the natural world, we would think this is not "logical" but it is heavenly logic. There is a grace being released over the people of God to accomplish MORE as there is more time spent ministering to Him.
I saw a spirit of excellence being released and exploding over the people of God as they sat at His feet. There was such creativity, excellence, favour, abundance, revelation and blueprints of heaven released over the people of God as they sat at His feet in a heart of rest. Beyond "their imagined best" was being seen to manifest. This spirit of excellence was not birthed out of a heart of striving and perfectionism but birthed out of of a heart of rest, intimacy and security in His love and their identity in Him. Excellence was being birthed out of the overflow. There will be radical demonstrations of heavenly excellence increasing as the hand of the Lord’s favour rests heavily upon His people as they sit at His feet.
SO many are longing for breakthrough and are so weary, yet breakthrough is coming rapidly as the people of God enter into His rest and sit at His feet.
Many of the people of God have hearts full of anxiety, anger, fear, restlesness and hopeleness but as they come before Him and sit at His feet, hearts are being steadied and readied. I saw promotion and great insight being released over the people of God as they gazed lovestruck at their Beloved.
The Lord doesn’t want His people heavy ladened but escalated in their intimacy and revelation of Him and His love. You will have greater responsibility and greater capacity with such ease and grace as you sit at His feet.
Your capacity will increase and you will move in greater excellence with the Lord’s hand of favour upon you that will turn heads and attract promotion to you to minister for Him and shine His glory and bring His Kingdom.
The "night" feels long, but as you sit at His feet, you will see the "dawn"!!!!
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