Prophetic Words


The Lord is releasing seeds of hope that as they are met with the fertile soil of faith and trust in Him are exploding and taking over.
Impossibilities are being turned on their heads by seeds of hope exploding. Faith is rising to believe for the impossible and watch Him turn them to “possibles”.
Do not let the “hardships” distract you from the promises the Lord has given you. Seeds of hope are exploding now as the Lord is releasing heavenly blueprints and visions that is exploding his people with joy and hope.
For many, they are looking at circumstances that they think will be so difficult and they will be swallowed by the impossibilities, these very situations the Lord is turning upside down. Meaning, they will turn to be some of your GREATEST seasons yet.
Heavenly seeds of hope are beginning to explode that will see you set free from anything holding you back from Him and moving forward. Huge freedom awaits and new exciting places and paces.
No longer will you be disillusioned or weighed down by “hopelessness” but full of hope as the Lord releases His seeds of hope and pulls the curtain back on what He has been working on behind the scenes and you will see what you thought was impossible and stole your hope, is now the platform from where amazing opportunities, favour, blessing and revelation will EXPLODE!!!!
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