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I saw many in unusual heavy financial burdens the past few weeks. There has been a “lack” that has begun to manifest that has caused many of the people of God great distress and unrest.
I sensed the Lord saying that the tides are turning. There is unusual (out of the norm), unexpected, abundant provision that is going to flow like a river upon the people of God who have suddenly hit financial crisis and strain that is going to restore above and beyond to them what they “lost”.
As this river flowed I saw not only is the unusual, unexpected, abundant provision of the Lord going to begin to flow rapidly and steadily – in the waters of this provision were wrapped gifts heading towards the people of God.
In this provision, God is releasing specific gifts to His people that are their hearts desires. He is demonstrating again his abundant love and provision and CARE NOT ONLY FOR THE NEEDS of His people but also their DESIRES AS they have made Him their utmost delight. I saw LONG AWAITED hearts desires that many have thought God would never give them or care about being RELEASED.
Many have fallen under condemnation and questioning that maybe somehow they have not stewarded their finances well and that is why these financial strains and crisis’ have hit but have examined their hearts in His presence and found their hearts clean and stewardship done well, yet the constant plaguing of condemning thoughts continue.
BECAUSE of this provision the Lord is releasing the enemy has attacked many of the people of God FEROCIOUSLY in the area of finances to bring about stress, unrest, anxiety and heavy financial burdens.
That is BREAKING! The river of His provision has began to flow. Not only will it be unusual, unexpected and abundant but you will see the GLORIOUSLY GOOD Father heart of God bring healing, restoration and revelation to the hearts of many of His children as they see that He cares and is LAVISH in releasing good gifts upon His children.
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