Prophetic Words


He is releasing a greater ability right now to SEE (greater revelation, insight and heavenly treasures of wisdom and explosive downloads of HOPE) but it is only being birthed in the chambers of INTIMACY!!!


  • Elsabie van der Westhuizen

    Good afternoon Lana
    I agree with what you said. Nothing can be accomplished without a deep intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit of God. We need to fellowship with Him. His sheep needs to listen to His voice and no other. How can we be acquainted with His voice, if we do not fellowship with Him through praise, worship, meditating on the Word and altogether just relax in His presence. Moving from religion to relationship, will deliver multitudes from defeat to victory, from lack to overflow, from the pit to the throne, from confusion to a sound mind. So many things can change for us if we could learn the benefits of relationship. The fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit will then be in balance and will reveal the Glory of God to the hungry souls everywhere.