Prophetic Words


I saw many in “tension” and this “tension” was attempting to turn to frustration, anger towards God, and discouragement.
The “tension” of living between the promise pronounced and it’s manifestation.
There have been signs and beginnings of breakthrough but the stretching has again begun.
There is a wooing back into the chambers of intimacy and wilderness happening. NOT because you have done anything wrong, not because you have missed the mark, but because you are about to birth and the birthing happens in the chambers of intimacy with Him.
He is faithful, He has not forgotten. He is increasing hunger and devotion in His people through the stretching. During worship I kept having a picture of a baby in an amniotic sack and as the baby pushed the sack stretched and stretched until there was a breaking.
In the “tension” and in the chambers of intimacy… PUSH! PUSH through to find, see and know your Beloved in new and deeper ways. He is going to meet you in the most gloriously intimate way you have ever encountered Him and THROUGH that place will be the greatest birthings of your life thus far.
Embrace the “tension” for it is leading you deeper into His chambers, and watch and see… The promise that is going to be birthed will be greater than you ever imagined. Keep putting Him first!


  • Elsabie van der Westhuizen

    Intimacy with God is seeking His presence through praise and worship, thanksgiving and respect, It releases His abundance over us. Being filled with the fear of the Lord, which reflects to deep adoration and obedience to His voice and Word, brings response from His side. He react with love to our actions of love and appreciation. It is like a marriage relationship. If I say I love my wife or husband and act selfish and non-responsive, whatever good my spouse is doing through his/her love for me, how can I say I love and appreciate. How can I expect to constantly receive and give nothing in return. However, because of His faithfulness to us, we enjoy certain benefits because of His grace. Unfortunately, we ourselves can cause restrictions in our lives due to our own ignorance. Allow Him to draw you closer. Be responsive and grateful for His love and mercy. Draw closer and enjoy His fellowship and favor. The best is yet to come.