Prophetic Words


Do not despise the testing and stretching. You are being expanded to learn to life IN and FROM the overflow. Revelation of Him will keep you ALIVE in wilderness seasons. Embrace the process, and in the waiting, you will see and receive some of the greatest and most beautiful revelations that are now being released. There is a clarity being released in the wilderness that is priceless.
I keep seeing 12:12 on my clock, and I sensed the Lord saying that we are in a season of double revelation which is leading to "above and beyond" fullness. This double revelation, as we are positioned to receive it, positioned to SEE, is expanding, increasing and growing FAITH within His people. Faith to TAKE HIM at HIS WORD. Childlike faith and trust. We are coming BACK to the basics. HOLD HIS HAND ALWAYS! LIVE DEEP IN INTIMACY AND LOVE WITH HIM AND ALL ELSE WILL FLOW. ABIDING In Him is living IN and FROM the overflow despite circumstances.
As you and I learn to live from this place, despite our circumstances we will NOT be moved, we will NOT be shaken and we will find WATER in the desert.
This testing, this stretching and this desert for many is actually your platform for birthing and promotion. You are being given eyes to SEE, and those revelations of Him and His Word will SET YOU FREE.
Living IN and FROM the overflow of revelation will see LIFE birthed in ways you may not expect, no matter the circumstance, but you will live with even DEEPER conviction, that He ALWAYS works for your BEST.