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By Lana Vawser
This morning I had a vision where I saw the enemy and his army decreeing war over many of God’s people. There was a fierceness and rage that was in his eyes as he was angry and scared of what God is doing and about to do.
I could see the enemy and his army on one side decreeing war and in front of him I could see many of God’s people. As I looked at God’s people, I could see them as people, but I could also see them as KEYS. The sense surrounded me that this ‘decree of war’ over these ones was taking place because they were strategic for a great UNLOCKING that the Lord is about to bring forth through what He is doing in and through them. There is going to be a strategic strategy, revelation and insight that the Lord will release through them that is going to make significant breakthroughs and pathways into the mighty move of His Spirit and Glory that we are about to move into.
The enemy was charging at God’s people and causing a real resistance and pushback. I watched as the enemy continued to push and push, the pressure increased and increased leaving many feeling like they couldn’t stand for much longer.
The sense surrounded me that the point of “STAND OFF” had been met. HEAD to HEAD!!!!
It was then that I saw Him! The Lion of Judah! In the midst of His people there He was. Poised, and ready to roar. He opened His mouth and let out a roar of authority that would crumble mountains. As He roared the word “PLUNDER, PLUNDER, PLUNDER” was being declared loudly. I was thinking it was interesting that the Lord was decreeing plunder, as only a few days before I had an encounter where I saw the enemy decreeing “PLUNDER” over God’s people. As soon as I thought that the Lord spoke to me “THE DIVINE TURNING IS TAKING PLACE! The schemes, assaults and plans of the enemy are being turned against him, they are being turned on their head, and the very confusion that He has attempted to bring into My army, is being sent back to him bringing a confusion to his camp.
God’s people are about to TAKE BACK what the enemy has stolen. I felt the Lord saying to me that a divine PLUNDERING of the enemy and his schemes is about to take place as the people of God have deeper encounters with Jesus, seeing Him as the Lion of Judah.
There is a DIVINE FINALITY that is being released right now in the ROAR of God. This DIVINE FINALITY was being released with an “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” declaration. The very areas that the enemy has continued to hit, the cyclical attacks, the areas he continues to bring vicious assault on time after time after time is about to be BROKEN. The enemy is about to lose his ground, and as the breakthrough and divine finality manifests, the enemy may come back and try and bring the same havoc he has been causing for a long time, but NOW IT WILL HAVE NO EFFECT!!!!!
Many of you are facing this vicious assault lately, again I say to you STAND FIRM. WORSHIP your way through!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did I see confusion sent into the enemy’s camp as the Lord ROARED, but as God’s people worshipped it RAINED! It rained refreshment, strength, joy and awakening over them. Rains of increase were pouring down and the enemy shrieked and screamed as he watched not only his ground being lost, but major increase and multiplication being added to God’s people. Many have faced a major assault of the mind, (lies, feelings of “Am I going crazy?”, confusion, unusual fogginess and unusual lack of concentration) stand firm and fill your mind with the Word of God and take your thoughts and these fiery darts captive, for you are about to move into a realm of divine wisdom and insight and that’s why the enemy is targeting your mind so hard lately.
You may feel like you have met the “STAND OFF” moment and a real sense of WAR all around.. well it really IS WAR! The enemy is angry and he’s scared… but YOU already have the victory in Jesus! Keep standing in your authority in Christ, the pressure may be on and things heating up, but YOU are STRATEGIC and what you carry is about to not only be activated to release a greater UNLOCKING of breakthrough and blessing into your life but THROUGH YOU into the body of Christ. You are about to move into some glorious divine changes!

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  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Yes I have had terrible sense of fogginess and assaults from the enemy this past week.Also had fiiery darts shot at my head at night fighting in the spirit trying to fall asleep.Praise God for the Lion of Judah Roaring at the enemies of our souls and bodies.Had a vision in church last Wednesday.I night of a man standing on a rock waving a large Victory flag.Many shouting jubilant people behind him .I pray that was our Lord Jesus destroying the enemy for us.Thank you for this Word tday.God bless.We will stand and trust the Lord God.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Friday I saw 8484 – Psalm 84 …
    Verse 4 – 7, “Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.
    They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.”
    And JUST now a scripture (which does not come in everyday to my cell, only sporadically but RIGHT ON TIME) says “(Isaiah 46:9) … I am God, and there is none like Me. (NKJV)”
    YES Father God, NONE Like You!! Holy, Holy, Holy!! Hallelujah!!

    • mackeysback

      That’s a Good as in Godly good word Sister as we are that People NO doubt about it. We are passing through as sojourners more and more into His Presence gaining Strength and growing “in” His Strength as the core of our heart which is our own souls are “FIXED” On Him our Life-Giving Spirit even our Jesus as we Seek the City from above “WITHIN” us where Christ is “IN” All His Glory where Zion is enthroned with and as our very own Perfection as we will See Him as He already Sees us “Complete” and made as Perfect as He is Perfect Amen

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Glory to god the highest!!!!☺ I recieve it! In JESUS name!! Yes! The mind battles have ” been REAL!!! Terrible!!! Constant Rebukes!! And steady recalling The Word/Promise! Thank you Abba! Father!, Thank you Jesus!, and Thank you Holy Ghost! For never leaving Me HALLELUJAH!!????

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Aslo god has you so on point because I had wonder that…Am I going crazy? Losing it? The confusion! Not being able to concentrate! Constantly having to go back over something, reread, recall, rethink something over, just a whirlwind of stuff…which is why the questions came about lol Thank you so much Lana vawser! May god bless you and yours really good!!! In Jesus name Amen???????

  • Rhonda "Sara" Tharp

    Yes Lana, you are right again! Years ago God gave me a vision of me at a Prophetic meeting. I was on the side of the stage, as I was on the praise and worship team. At the end of the meeting I knelt down with my head on my seat to pray. The prophet came over and stuck his arm through my back into my belly and said, “Stir up this gift that is in you.” Immediately I felt a surge come up from my belly out of my mouth. My tongue rolled out like a red carpet, and letters flowed out single file, but they were all scrambled. I was choking at the enormous flow, so I swallowed then opened my mouth again. This time, the letters were unscrambled and formed words… God has been preparing me for such a time as this to unlock His secrets for His…

  • mackeysback

    Sister Trumpets that Many have faced a major assault of the mind, (lies, feelings of “Am I going crazy?”, confusion, unusual fogginess and unusual lack of concentration) stand firm and fill your mind with the Word of God and take your thoughts and these fiery darts captive, (BRING THEM INTO THE CAPTIVITY IN CHRIST COMMANDING THEM TO OBEY HIM AS YOU) for you are about to move into a realm of divine wisdom and insight and that’s why the enemy is targeting your mind so hard lately. This is Spiritual Warfare for control of our soul where the Battle takes Place “Stand Firm” In the Lord and the POWER of His Might to “Watch” as His Grace alone is added to you as we are Conquering and Overcoming this World Amen
    Thank you Sister for a Timely…

  • Susan m

    Alleluia!!! Thank You, Jesus, and surround dear Lana with Your awesome blessings, as she has so blessed and encouraged Your people. yes! The Lion of Judah is roaring, All things new! Lord, we praise You!

  • Rhoda

    Yes the Lord has said and confirmed the past few months that He will blind the enemy, cause confusion: II Chronicles 20: 17,21 &22, Zech. 12: 3&4, Zeph. 1: 17&18, II Kings 6: 16-18, Lamentations 3: 52-66 and more. Worthy is the LORD!!! He will do it!
    Isaiah 46:11
    …Yes, I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed it, and I will do it.

  • Sfrisby

    God bless this blog!!!! It has literally helped me keep hanging on everyday. Sometimes the hits are so hard it’s painful and to know that God sees and he to know how he feels about the situation is helping me and I know so many of us stay the course and hang on. I have been hit hard in the areas of my mind and especially my dreams. Which are filled with confusing dark and ugly things that are disturbing. Not sweet sleep at all and to feeling lost, confused and distracted and hard of hearing had been oppressive. it’s been a hard few weeks and relentless!!! Praise Jesus!!! He sees he is not gonna stand for it!!! Lion of Judah roar!!!!

  • Ryann

    Lana, that is exactly what happened tonight at church. Everything the Lord gave you is exactly what has been happening in my life and tonight, a prophet at our church broke the enemy’s power off my life. The enemy has been torturing me with all kind of bad thoughts about myself and after church this morning, I was ready to just not go back and just call it quits. I just love seeing how God uses people to bring healing to the Body of Christ. I had a horrible headache and my blood pressure had went up but after that was broken tonight at church, I am much better. I just thank the Lord for my church family and for you also! God continue to bless you!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Praise be unto THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Praise be unto THE LAMB OF GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Satan is a Defeated Foe and under foot in THE LORD JESUS NAME! HALLELUJAH! What a MIGHTY GOD that we serve! Praise HIS HOLY NAME! HE has won the Victory for us by CHRIST JESUS! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!!!! Praise be unto HIM Who sits on the Throne and unto THE LAMB OF GOD!!!!! Forever HE”LL Be Praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!