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I wasn’t going to post this word today since I have already released a word today, but it has been burning on my heart tonight. So I pray that it is a word in season and comforts your heart today. 

Lana Vawser

I heard a cry in many of the hearts and souls of God’s people for wisdom and answers in seeing healing come and manifestation of recompense and restoration in their lives in the area where the enemy has hit hard. 

I saw many of God’s people so tired and a sense of “I have prayed every prayer I know to pray”, “I have believed every Word and prophetic word given to me!”, “I have worshipped and obeyed but I still remain the same! What is the key to my healing from these wounds I have received from the onslaught I have been facing from the fiery darts of the enemy?” 

Such cries of despair, confusion and desperation of not knowing what to do anymore, these have reached the heart of the Father, He has heard your prayers. Whether there have been “holes in your armour” that have allowed the “hit” to be so hard, or whether there has been “illegal trespassing of the enemy”, I felt the heart of the Father today and I saw Him looking at those crying out with such deep love, knowing and affection and He spoke with such love “MY PRESENCE WILL HEAL YOU!!!!”.

Instantly the sense surrounded me, the place of simply delighting and resting in His presence that there was going to be a move of His Spirit to bring radical HEALING to them in an instant. The beautiful, incredible, unfathomable love of a good, good Father bringing healing and restoration to His people.

Just like the Lord in His goodness, not only was He bringing complete healing and restoration, out of encounters with Him in His presence, the people of God weren’t just moving out healed and restored but BETTER and with MORE than they have EVER HAD BEFORE!!!!


I saw the Lord also mending ‘heart connections’. Areas where the battle has caused a major hindering to heart connections between them and Jesus, and between one another, through the simple positioning before Him to just delight in Him, He was supernaturally restoring these ‘heart connections of intimacy’ and they were not only being restored but to a DEEPER DEPTH than they EVER have been before. 

Beloved, REST!!!!!! I break off you the anxiety and the confusion of trying to figure out “what to do” or “the right words to pray” etc to see your healing manifest. I release over you today, a new level of encounter with the heart of God, with your GOOD GOOD FATHER where you will see His presence bring HEALING to you suddenly. In His presence you will see healing and restoration and great transformation. You cannot be in His presence and see His Glory and not be changed. This IS your day of change, and this IS your day where IN HIS PRESENCE you will experience the FULLNESS OF JOY!!!!

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11)


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  • Deborah

    Thank you! I’ve been in prayer for hours this morning looking again for answers. And you posted this….thanks for being obedient, this word was exactly what I needed and the timing was spot on.

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN!!! Thank you Jesus????I recieve my Healing, Transformation, and Restoration!!!! In Jesus name HALLELUJAH!!!☺???????????????

  • Wendy

    Thanks again for sending out these encouraging words from our Good, Good Father! What a joy! What a delight! What a great job you have!
    I have been encouraged to press on through the weariness and pressure. It really does help to know I’m not “going crazy” and that I have heard from God. You have specifically mentioned a few things in both messages today that brought confirmation.

  • Michael B

    Wow Lana, this is so awesome-a totally NOW word for me. Boy am i glad you decided to post it even after you had done one already. Truly God cares. Glory to God

  • Brother Mickey

    My dear Sister… PLEASE DONT BACK OFF; The Pressure Has Been So Great That It’s All I Can Do Sometimes To Press just one More Day- Your Posts Are Confirmimg For Me That I Am Hearing Correctly- Yes!!! You Were Supposed To Post This Most Needed Word TODAY

  • Sonny

    Sister lana. I love you sooo much. My family and l will be Eternally gratefull to our Lord God Almighty Immanuel that He has fear fully and wonderfully made you for such a time as this. This word is absolutely on target for my life today. In actual fact every post of yours that i have read has been on target for my life. May the lord speed his best to you now and forevermore my sister. God bless your beautifull family and keep you safe and secure all the days of your life.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen. Thank you Papa. Love You Jesus??
    Thank you Princess. God bless you. Please keep me in prayer??

  • Sparkle

    Thanks be to the Father for His unfailing love and mercy. And thanks to you for your obedience and sacrifice of releasing this timely Word. You saved my life…

  • egscruggs

    Thank you Lana,
    Your post over this last season have been more on target than you know. Perhaps one day I can share with you. Your faithful obedience to the Lord’s voice is cherished.

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Thank you Father you have seen our pain persecution losses sicknesses and sufferings. Thank you for your touch of healing favour restoration you have promised and spoken for us.Ykou are ax Good loving Father. I need you Lord to restore my Church family amd me.Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  • Shelley

    Oh my goodness! Wow. “TEST-TUBE” BREAKER-WORD!
    I could see the angels being given these large “test-tubes potions” of Faith-mixed with the love of Christ to release over the earth at this word. As Believers just gave their “yes to God” FAITH WOULD ARISE!! In these huge test-tubes that the Angels were carrying into the earth, I could see the warm red of Christ’s love and the steam of the Holy Spirit emanating from out the top of the test-tube!….He’s turning our “test-tube”…which has burned hot in the testing….into our “rest-tube” as He pours out our Faith-Hope and Love over the earth…

  • Maureen mundell

    Wow, Lana, the Lord bless you for your obedience. This word is for me today.
    Am on awe of His goodness towards us.
    Much love and blessings in Christ Jesus, faithful servant of our God most High.

  • Kimberly

    Thank you for posting that even though you didn’t want to. When I was talking to the lord there was so much verbiage that was exactly what you wrote. He has shown me & continues to show me that the timing of the breakthrough & the out pouring of his promise – it’s not all about me! He speaks that the timing, trust it – it will affect many unbelievers! They will know this God! The Lord will continue to sustain through his timely provision until the day of the release & breakthrough. It is all being aligned 4 his Glory! People will try to say “you were lucky” but their hearts will know that is not true because of your perseverance and you words proclaiming the Lord is faithful. Yes Rest! He says Rest-let me work, I have heard and it is…


    Dear Lana,
    Thank you ever so much for yielding yourself to what your spirit was sensing. I needed this word so DESPERATELY. Even as I type this, I do so in tears… Your ministry is so profound…. I know you truly hear from the Spirit of God. I just wanted you to know, how grateful I am for your gift and for your obedience to act. You have blessed my soul in so many ways, I cannot articulate with words given on this side of heaven. But I am certain, when we get to heaven I will be able to tell you how much your ministry has meant to me on this side of heaven. I pray that God will RICHLY bless you and your family. I pray that ALL of your heart’s desires will be fulfilled on this side of heaven. Be blessed and know you are loved…

  • Rhoda

    A few months ago in a private message I told a friend that I wanted to dance for them to a song God showed me (hopefully I can do it in church soon but) the enemy saw the message and I woke up from a nap that same afternoon so dizzy I had to hold on to the walls. I prayed for God to heal me, quoted scriptures but woke up the next day no better. Then God spoke to me and said, go dance again for Me and the vertigo will go and not come back. I obeyed and it left and has not returned. :))) Yes, many healings already received and many more to come, no limits to My God. Lots of love, Luke 10:5 & 10:9 to you and yours. xoxo

  • Jessica Kelley

    This was my prayer last night, I asked that he not just heal and restore me, but use me to heal and restore others, then the song that filled my heart was Close to you, a song based on the very Psalm you quoted. Ya know, he speaks to me by playing songs in my heart, sometimes they’re songs I never even heard before, and I search the lyrics to find the song, then I meditate on it. Praise God for the confirmation here, and Bless you for it.

  • Marianne Rice

    I believe this is for me and dear Aunt who I did not know how to pray for. I will rest now and delight in Him.

  • Pam Stefani

    Amen!! I receive this word! This has been the cry of my heart!!
    Thank you for being obedient.
    Blessings to you Lana.

  • Robear

    Abba Father, Thank you. I praise you, in all your Glory, I will keep holding on, it is not easy, your words, are true to heart, speaking to me. Thank you this day, for the day of Change, long awaited Change, for you have heard
    me, crying in the night. I will Rest and Trust as I continue in Faith, for the
    Glorious moments awaits me. Praise you Abba !!!

  • janet murray

    My spirit agrees. Just accept His presence and see all the places he has supernaturally and intimately supplied showing the outpouring of His love. Can’t understand how or when..just accept that He does it. Wow. That amazing perfect love. Thanks Lana for this one!