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By Lana Vawser 
In the words I have released this week I have shared continually about the onslaught many are facing and the increase of opposition and pressure in the past few weeks but that is because August is strategic in it’s sudden alignments and favour He is releasing, but many have been facing this onslaught that feels completely opposite to moving forward and success. I felt the Lord say today if you are facing this intensity of opposition, you are advancing and on the right track. The enemy is scared and you are moving towards a significant breakthrough.
Tonight I felt the Lord highlight the prophets of His heart. The prophets of intimacy, the bridal prophets and I felt the Lord wanting to encourage you that as you have been living surrendered to Him this onslaught many of you have been feeling that has left you wondering what’s going on, what you have done wrong or what you have missed, I felt the Lord wanted you to know that you are right on track.
This SIDESWIPE attack is the spirit of Jezebel that is coming against many of the prophets of His heart right now to cause you to run and hide, to cage you, because the Lord is about to LAUNCH YOU!!!!
There is a DIVINE LAUNCHPAD that the Lord is leading you to that is beyond anything that you can imagine. It is a positioning and establishment of heavenly government and Kingdom alignment in your life that is going to see you step further into your destiny. Many of you have been hearing the Lord say that this is the time to arise and shine and take your place, yet this onslaught has made you want to run and hide. Do not run and hide, for you are about to take your place in a whole new way, space and pace. You have been prepared for such a time as this and the Lord is about to position you in new ways to release His rhema word and love to bring breakthrough.
There is an intensity from the Jezebellic spirit to silence you, to cage you and contain you because you are moving into a position and awakened authority in Him that is going to see the enemy running scared.
I saw many of the prophets of His heart not only feeling hit hard, but a spirit of confusion all around them. Many who have been hearing His voice and know His voice, suddenly doubting what they hear. Suddenly doubting whether it’s Him and a mental torment in the lack of clarity. This confusion is bringing fear on many of God’s prophets because it’s aim is to cause them to believe they have ‘missed what He is saying’ and ‘moved in the wrong direction’ and cause them to withdraw, to run and hide.
There is a double portion of revelation, clarity and insight coming to the prophets of His heart right now and the enemy is petrified, for this level of accuracy the Lord is releasing will uncover plans and plots of the enemy before they are put in place, it will see a move of His Spirit released in the Church and on the earth releasing the purposes and plans flowing from the heart of God on a scale like we have never seen, breaking chains of fear, discouragement and despair and releasing God’s people into an awakening of His love, hope and freedom that will bring forth a maturity and strengthening that will rise up God’s people as UNSTOPPABLE.
Prophets of His heart, don’t give up! Don’t run and hide! You will not be caged! The Lion of Judah is ROARING OVER YOU and breaking this attack! He is healing your heart, your soul and body and about to launch you into a whole new position. There will be such restoration, increase and healing that you will receive, you won’t know yourself.
I felt the Lord say “This Jezebellic spirit will be very sorry it touched and messed with the prophets of My heart. They are about to arise with greater intimacy with Me, revelation, awakened authority and message of My love and goodness that will see darkness FLEE from them and all those around them at the level of manifestation of My Shekinah Glory through them!!!!!! Prophets of My heart, the enemy is decreeing TROUBLE, TROUBLE and HERE COMES MORE TROUBLE, BUT I AM DECREEING OVER YOU DOUBLE UPON DOUBLE, UPON DOUBLE, UPON DOUBLE!!!”

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  • Natalie

    Um ok !!! I literally was just pondering this at the R act same time you were posting this and I’m a seer who recently discovered All the women in my family have been tormented throughout our lives by a Jezebel type spirit who the lord just healed me of and my mother and is currently tormenting my you g cousin I have seen visions of it every time she stays over night at our home. But the breakthrough I have been having with people just this past week or so are profound and I have encountered just total submission to God from one person in particular who before has resisted! This is exactly what I needed to hear I have him telling me constantly to move into his holy authority! Thank you Lana!!! Praise GOD!

  • Marolyn

    Many THANKS to the LORD GOD MOST HIGH! For using you, Lana, and you being faithful to share what HE tells you, with us. I enjoy prayer and intersession. God has told me, He has plans for His congregation that are fabulous and frivolous and fantastic! And to His beloveds, His strength is in us, His purposes He gives to our vision and hands and heart. He says, I ENCOURAGE you to EXPECT the BEST, LOOK for the BEST and KNOW ME?

  • Susan M

    Amen, Glory to God, and thank You Jesus! Thank You for restoration, multiplied victories, blessings and all things NEW! We stand in FAITH and will not be moved!

  • LMG

    Thank you for this good word! It always seems to address exactly what is going on in my life. This morning I needed to hear an encouraging word, read the Bible, and hoping for your email, then a couple hours later, there it was in my mailbox. Praise God for speaking to you to encourage us all through these very tough times of waiting! Bless you sister in the Lord.

  • Erin

    Thank you so much for this word. The Lord showed me the Lion of the tribe of Judah roaring over His cubs. I have seen more than once this Lion roaring over me. This month has been flooded with spiritual, physical, and relational attacks. Elevated and strategic, one guy even ran me off the road. I have been binding the spirit of Jezebel at work. I did not get relief from attacks until a week ago. Once again thank you for listening and sharing what God speaks to you.

  • Bill Olson

    Lana, your hearing of HIS Heart is 100% spot on the money. I will tell you and Kevin in person in the USA if possible this side og Glory. This is way to personal to post public. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you, for using your gift to minister to the World wide body of CHRIST. Hope to have coffee with you and Kevin some day. BLESSINGS Brother BILL Oregon USA. Smile, smile. MATT 633

  • Curtis McSpadden


  • Jacquie Moore

    Thankyou Daddy. I was talking about The Lion last night to my girls. Reminding the three of us who He is. Praise God. We wait expectantly.

  • Evangelist Cotia

    We praise the Lord for this word that He has given this revelation through our beloved Sister Lana. Over 5 long years we have lived next door to renter’s the woman has the Jezebel spirit her boyfriend Ahab and his father has a Haman spirit. They all have worked non stop fabricating lies to anybody in the neighborhood even filed a false police report to get an anti harassment order against myself hoping that they will drive us out of our home daily cause us much trouble and wrecked havoc in our lives they hate God so deeply we are God’s children and servants we have done nothing evil to them but show kindness & prayers only stirs more wickedness they do not want Christ or the light of His love to shine among them they want to drive us…

  • Joanne

    This is an incredible word! Everything you say is what I have been experienced. This is so encouraging. Thank You God! I have heard God speak to me that resting in His presence (abiding in intimacy) will bring Breakthrough. Yet I have questioned that this could be true for me when I feel such opposition. Opposition that has tried to erode my hope. I am in awe of God. It is true! It is true! God has confirmed His Word of Hope in my heart. It is not a pipe dream. It is a promise of our Mighty Lord and Saviour. Praise His Name. Hallelujah and Amen!

  • Rhoda

    Funny that you should end wording it like that brave sister. Yes trouble has been cyclic and as I pray with EACH moment of trouble and demonic harassment I say my double was just doubled and again THAT double was again doubled, the blessing and recompense is multiplying to mind boggling proportions. YES LORD!!! …all things for our good, making the enemies efforts to SERVE God’s people and cause great abundance and blessing!!
    I love you!! Back to back sister!!! :))) Swords up!!! xoxo

  • Evelyn Williams

    I am thanking God for your obedience in sharing. The onslaught of non stop physical and mental attacks definitely has its toll.