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By Lana Vawser
I had a dream last night where I heard the Lord saying that the people of God are about to enter into knowing a new level of grace and empowerment for the new PACE, SPACE and PLACE.
The sense surrounded me in the dream and as I woke about a transition that is taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is moving His people who have given Him their surrendered “YES” into new SPACES, PLACES and PACES.
As I awoke the Lord spoke to me about the people of God being awakened to a new level of empowerment, strength and ease that is found in His grace. His grace in it’s fullness is already ours because of Jesus, but there is a great awakening of grace about to take place. This awakening to His grace, His ease, His anointing and the rest in His love, is going to be so overwhelming in a good way, coming in like a tidal wave, it will see God’s people moving into DOUBLE PORTIONS.
The SHIFTING that is taking place right now, I saw happening as SUDDEN SHIFTS catapulting God’s people into new opportunities that CHANGE EVERYTHING. There are MAJOR radical changes taking place in the lives of God’s people right now. Glorious changes so suddenly, that it can become overwhelming, but know you are about to know a new level of grace and empowerment. These opportunities are so strategic and crafted by heaven, they are going to change PACE (acceleration or rest), PLACE (territory, geographical location and extension of tent pegs) and SPACES (new realms, greater responsibility, promotion).
There is a great REPOSITIONING happening right now in the body of Christ. I saw the Lord strategically moving chess pieces on a chessboard.He is shifting people into different positions and from our place of adoration, love and intimacy with Jesus, there needs to be a deeper surrender and embracing of this REPOSITIONING. A deeper level of trust of Him. KNOW that not only is He working for your best but leading you into something that is greater than your desired, expected BEST.
This deeper ease coming from flowing in deeper revelation of His grace and empowerment of His Spirit, will see a level of fruitfulness in and through your life that you have never seen before. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord! (Zechariah 4:6)

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  • sfrisby

    I’ve been waiting, waiting for this BIG Breakthrough that I’ve prayed for and was told prophetically by an elder that they heard in the Spirit a gift for me was on its way. Something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been waiting and feel so weary and tired. I can’t strive and I need this Breakthrough internally to go deeper in Surrender, deeper in the Yes! I’ve said Yes Lord! I want this badly but I’m not where I need to be internally. I’ve been waiting, I want to go forward, but all I feel is this pain in my heart internally and like I can’t move it, press past it. I’m scared I’ve missed it, I’ve missed the door, the positioning. Please Pray for me. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to miss the Lord.

  • Lisa

    Amen! I keep thanking Him everyday. I have had my days of doubt as the silence is so deafening. I pray that an audacious August is for my family. I pray that God will honor the steps of obedient faith we have taken. It has been a very dry season.

  • Richard Davidson

    Amen, Hallelujah!!! So good to receive this Fresh, Wonderful and Empowering Word, direct from the Highly Blessed land Down Under!!! Received in Jesus’ name, Thank you, Amen!!!

  • Theresa

    Yes, there is a shift happening. The Lord is asking for deeper walk and intent. To look at what was missed; not allow anything to be missed that needs to be dealt with at this time. Increasing awareness of His favor and presence whatever I am doing. Was given the open vision of a huge wave ‘tidal wave’ weeks ago, not sure when it was coming, if it was for just me or for those in my sphere of influence. Such joy in worship, taking communion daily. I do not want to miss the fullness of what He has for us!

  • Andrea

    I believe it! Thank you for sharing the heart of Jesus with us! This is the confirmation I needed!