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By Lana Vawser
Recently as I sat with the Lord I felt the Lord share something with me regarding August this year.  
I kept hearing the Lord saying “AUSPICIOUS AUGUST!!” over and over again. So I jumped online to read the definition of auspicious. 
AUSPICIOUS DEFINITION: giving or being a sign of future success. Characterised by success or prosperity. Favourable, promising, bright, rosy, good, full of promise, optimistic, hopeful, encouraging, opportune, timely, well-timed, fortunate, providential, advantageous, beneficial. (Google)
I saw such MOVEMENT and MOMENTUM taking place in and from August that was seeing the favour of God moving His people that are living “laid down” to a place of success. I kept seeing a bright new sunny day! A turning of hearts and souls from negativity, weariness and hopelessness to a place in Jesus full of hope, promise, expectation, heavenly optimism, and explosive opportune moments. 
There is a significant “right place at the right time” moments displaying the PERFECT TIMING of God being released in August! There will be provision, networks and opportunities in August that will be so significant and strategic they will release God’s people into greater financial ease, greater favourable outcomes, upgrades and catapulting the people of God into deeper realms of partnering with His Spirit, for greater influence and effectiveness for the Kingdom. 
I keep feeling worship is so key right now in everything that’s going on. I feel such a deep invitation from the heart of the Father to come deeper in worship. He is doing a deep and accelerated work in the hearts and souls of His people as they worship in this season. WORSHIP of Jesus is bringing a shattering of chains, ceilings, limitations, strongholds and oppositions trying to hinder you from your destiny. In worship you will RISE AND SEE WHAT IS MEANT TO BE… DREAMS BIRTHED OUT OF THE HEART OF THE FATHER… YOUR DESTINY! 
I felt the Lord saying as we ASCEND in worship ACCELERATION will be set ALIGHT in August! There is an even greater season of the great EXTEND taking place. The extension of tent pegs and the enlarging of thinking, expectations and dreams to dwell in the place of NOTHING is impossible for God! (Matthew 19:26) The momentum of acceleration is building! It feels like a whole new speed of accelerated breakthrough is being moved into. 
ACTUALITY DEFINITION: The state of existing in reality (Google) 
I saw the word ACTUALITY in August! I felt the Lord saying that there will be the state of manifestation and existing in reality coming to pass of dreams and promises. 
As I pressed into the Lord’s heart I could feel His compassion and love for those who have been waiting for so long and getting to the point of such desperation their heart cry has been “Lord where is the EXIT? Where is the end of this trial/season?” And I felt the Lord saying “I am turning the desperate cry for EXIT and despair to ACTUALITY!! The ACTUALITY of the promises and breakthrough!!!” 
Firstly I want to say we do not worship angels we worship Jesus! I saw Jesus releasing greater angelic assistance and intervention in August. I saw angels assisting and ministering to God’s people in such tangible ways in August that the people of God were being awakened to greater angelic activity in their lives. I saw intervention after intervention of angels foiling assignments of the enemy in the lives of believers. A secure safeguard sent by the Lord. 
I also saw DIVINE INTERVENTION AND INTERRUPTIONS. An increase of help and rescue but also divine interruptions! Angelic encounters releasing greater insight, direction and revelation sent by Jesus to God’s people interrupting their very daily routine and releasing a change of direction. 
I saw an angel on assignment from the Lord and this angelic host was coming to herald in a season and increase of “divine inventions” over many of God’s people. His name was “Angel of Invention”.
This angel of invention was a commander of a host of angels and he was coming towards lives of believers with a great company of angels behind him. This angelic host was carrying scrolls of declaration written by the Lord containing all the witty inventions, wisdom and increase in creativity of the season. As these angels released these scrolls into the lives of God’s people, I saw them suddenly thrust into a season of heavenly wisdom, invention and creativity. Witty inventions (Proverbs 8:12 KJV), strategy, business plans, completely new inventions and heavenly ideas/answers coming to the people of God to INVENT things that are completely new. 
There is a definite beginning and increase of this in August and beyond, but I see what is birthed in August in this realm of invention, the Lord is setting up for decades. Inventions that will impact the generations. 
These heavenly strategic inventions will not only change people, shape cities, nations and the 7 mountains of culture, the Lord will release SIGNIFICANT financial blessing to God’s people. Greater financial blessing will be put in the hands of the righteous to see cities and nations influenced, shaped and changed through these heavenly inventions and wisdom, through the seven mountains mandate. 
What the Lord is going to do in August is a great ‘setting up’ for long lasting impact, breakthrough and change! 
Auspicious August will see the ripple and domino effect in a greater accelerated ways, carrying a momentum with it to shape and impact the future generations. 

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    Glory, thank you Abba Father, let this be the turnaround Month for August as I decree it in Jesus name. Amen !!!!!

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Im sooooo excited I had to come read again and post on here as well, God is Fairhful!!! ???????

  • Deborah Lobo


  • Joyce

    These words for years have been so encouraging but when will I actually see them for me and my family.

  • Monica Singh

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share the word with us. This morning my family and I did Holy Communion, it is such a great way to start August. I receive your word because this is the month of breakthrough in all our areas of prayers. I am so looking forward to God moving for all his children.

  • janet murray

    thanks. I have Freedom Cloud Pillow I would like to market, and use for spreading the gospel and pay off my house.
    I declare connections to launch this..from years ago..just waiting.. I call it activated and ask for prayers of agreement.
    God Bless you

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    WE RECEIVE ACTUALITY AUGUST!! I read this before leaving for work, Thanking Father for it, and for the Ministry He’s given you and your family Ms Lana. A Spot On Directional Word! Soon after reading it, warfare came – That confirmed this Word … GREATER IS HE!! Blessing & Praising our LORD at ALL times! He led me to Psalm 141, after seeing 141 twice. This verse was confirmed hours later, “But my eyes are toward you, O God, my Lord; in you I seek refuge; leave me not defenseless! Keep me from the trap that they have laid for me and from the snares of evildoers! Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by safely.”
    Dreamt Psalm 91, heard “No evil Shall Touch You” 3 times in the dream.
    Bless You Ezekiel 33:33 Woman of…

  • Jesh StG

    Yes – I have felt worship this very week is bringing a shattering.
    also it came to me the last two weeks the angel of invention was assisting hubby for what needed to be done, so I could continue what god’s plan for me – glory be to the God of breakthrough!

  • Rhoda

    God is saying to me this morning, 8/4, over and over through His word, forgive, forget, love, love, love. Blessings, joy, and peace to you and yours always. In Jesus’ name.

  • Sally

    This shook me to the core. The timing of it is perfect, and God spoke to me in high volumes. I recieved affirmation that I was in the right place and that God is doing wonders. I
    Praying for wisdom to understand all he wants and is gifting me. Thank you.

  • Luane Watkins

    This is such a conformation of what my church has been praying for. The break through is coming soon for the people of God who have been praying for a release from poverty etc.

  • Rob Zimmerman

    The night of the 1st started with the most amazing clash of thunder and lightning I’ve ever seen on Guam. Daily Earthquakes remind me everything is shaking above and below. The next morning I was awakened to a thunderous blast that shook my bed…And the creative flow writing our new business plans are amazing too