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Lana Vawser
As I was preparing to leave the USA to come back to Australia, I felt the Lord say that the “kidneys’ of Australia were failing and shutting down. Instantly I felt that the “filtering system” of Australia was being hindered.
As I flew into Australia, I could hear the sound of the heart of the nation groaning and crying out. I had this burden as I was seeking the Lord on this that there has been a “blockage” that has come into the Australian Church right now that is causing a “hindrance” into what God is wanting to do in this nation. Since being back in Australia, I have been hearing the sound of ‘alarms’in the spirit, alarms, like an urgency to pray and to cover our nation.The sense has surrounded me since being here that there has been a ‘breach’ in the Church that the Lord is wanting to close up and fix.
I sought the Lord about this ‘breach’ and instantly I saw a baby and the baby was in the breech position. I felt the Lord saying that there needs to be a repositioning right now in the Australian Church.
The more I sought the Lord about this the more I felt a ‘highlight’ on the leaders in the body of Christ and intercessors. The Lord kept showing me the word “COMPROMISE” and that there was an invitation from His heart to leaders and intercessors especially to check their hearts and lives in the light of His presence and make sure that there has not been any “COMPROMISE” that has entered into hearts and lives.
I kept hearing the invitation from the Lord to leaders in the body of Christ to build the highway of holiness in their hearts and lives through the partnership with the Spirit of God in the secret place embracing the pruning, purification process.  (Isaiah 35:8) There is a deep cleansing purifying fire being released into the lives of leaders in the body of Christ right now to position, mature and strengthen them for the promotion coming. The fire on leaders as they say YES is taking their roots deeper into Jesus to develop a deeper maturity, humility and integrity to be able to withstand the blessing, promotion and the shaking coming.
I can feel His love so strongly, yet the urgency of the hour right now of the line being drawn in the sand. I kept hearing the Lord speak into the Church of Australia “rid yourselves of competition, rid yourselves of compromise, rid yourselves of insecurity. Come deeper in intimacy with Me, lay down agendas and know I am leading you into the greatest breakthrough and promotion of your lives, but striving must be completely laid down and a deeper level of surrender entered into to see the greatest SHIFT in the body of Christ in Australia and then the nation BURST FORTH!!!”
 I kept hearing Psalm 24:3-4:
 “Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in His holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god.”
The Lord was speaking to me about the move of His Spirit in Australia right now, the encounters with His fire, and the move of His fire, the fire of His love, the Lord coming as an all consuming fire to purify the Church and purify the nation. A deep purging, cleansing and purifying to see us enter deeper into the greatest move of the Holy Spirit in this nation like we have ever seen.
We must examine our heart motives in this season. We must examine what we are teaching. We must examine what we are believing. We must examine what we are speaking over our nation and into the heart of our nation against the Word of God.
We are on the brink of a mighty explosion of the Holy Spirit across this nation and the enemy is trying to hinder this next wave that’s about to be released into the nation that’s going to bring about the greatest healing, cleansing, revival, restoration and redemption we have ever seen. To see the greatest shift in this nation towards the prophetic declaration over this nation “The great southland of the Holy Spirit.”
As I have sought the Lord more and more on this word, I felt the Lord highlighting the issue of compromise and moving forward in repentance and closing those doors, but I also saw many intercessors have come off the wall.
I saw many intercessors who were weary, disappointed, discouraged, burned by the Church, and many prophets in Australia have been withdrawing and going into hiding. I saw many have left their ‘position’ and ‘come off the wall’ and I saw a BREACH in the Spirit.
As I looked at the word BREACH in the dictionary I was blown away by the definition:
The Holy Spirit fell on me strongly after I read that definition and I could hear the heart of the Lord crying out…
“Intercessors that have come off the wall, STAND UP!!! TAKE YOUR PLACE AGAIN!!!!”
I then heard the Lord speaking to the intercessors that have continued to stand in the gap, to UP their INTERCESSION to cover our nation.I sensed the need for PROTECTION over our nation right now.
As the intercessors took their place again, as they increased their intercession, as the leaders examined their hearts and lives for compromise, I saw a GREAT UNITY OF PURITY taking place in Australia, and I could hear the sound of DOORS CLOSING in the Spirit in Australia. Doors that have been opened to the enemy SLAMMED SHUT.
I then saw the word over the nation “BATTALION” which is defined as “a large body of troops ready for battle;  a large organized group of people pursuing a common aim” (
The Lord is rising up His Church as a BATTALION and I saw a BATTALION of angels standing with them.
The Lord then showed me the word BATTALION again and I  saw the word change to BATTLE LION and instantly I heard the Lord saw “BATTLE WITH THE LION!!! BATTLE WITH THE LION OF JUDAH”.
The Lord is drawing us into a deeper place of intimacy with Jesus and revealing Himself as the Lion of Judah that is about to do WAR in the nation of Australia against all the enemy is doing.
As the intercessors arose and increased their intercession, and the COMPROMISE was being dealt with, I saw the BABY in the nation (what God is birthing and doing in this nation) come back into position.
There needs to be a RETURNING to the FIRST LOVE, JESUS CHRIST as the HEAD and LORD!!!! A returning to the FIRST LOVE by humbling ourselves, trusting Him, moving forward without agenda but simply seeking Him. The pure in heart shall see God (Matthew 5:8).
I heard the Lord speaking over Australia “Australia, My PURITY NATION!!!!!!!” The nation that would be known for her PURITY. In this great cleansing and turning God is wanting to do now, I saw the orphan, competitive, compromising spirit and stronghold over the nation behind melted away by love and the entire nation set on FIRE with the FIRE OF HIS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Marguerite Hogan

    agree and confirm Lana. I dream every night and have often been in a spiritual training camp in my dreams lately. One recent dream I joined a squad for an assignment and I suddenly saw gap filler everywhere. I was told I had a gap filler anointing for this assignment. The call to intercession is stronger again. I also believe God has highlighted the need for purity. Especially our youth who have been fed a mixed message of “it’s ok” to entertain and embrace everything of the world. Unfortunately they are not wise enough or mature enough to see the dangers in this lifestyle. There are “goat” events happening And the butting of “heads” that we are at war and battling great deceptions. Let Truth arise. Let His sheep hear His voice…

  • Rhoda

    Woke up to God saying “The Book of Remembrance” not ours for Him (though we need recount the many awe inspiring deeds daily and as they so lovingly accumulate) but His for His faithful servants (He sees the heart). He says that He has seen and will reward their pure hearted service and devotion and keep them in the day of evil. You said you “saw intercessors who were weary, disappointed, and discouraged.”
    “BREACH” – yesterday’s Chareles Spurgeon on Biblegateway: Shall your brethren go to war and shall ye sit here. Numbers 32:6
    God also led me to Nehemiah 4:14&15
    And the book as a whole – repairing breaches.
    Galatians 6:9
    God is reading His book of Remembrance and is getting ready to reward, stand fast. Lots of love to you.

  • Yahna Greyeagle

    I will do battle in my prayers for Australia. While I live in the United States, I sense this word also applies to our great land as well. I have been praying for this to happen here, as many intercessors have crawled off the wall because of the intensity of the fighting for rights to share about God and the upcoming election might not go God’s way due to the lies about being above board very undermined. We appear to be heading down the road to a police state. I am praying God keeps us from that. I will pray for Australia as well. God bless your home country with the faithful intercessors regaining their place on the wall so no breach will be found.

  • Alaine Harrison

    Thank you for this Word of prophecy. It really spoke to me has a few years ago the Lord gave me a prophetic song that speak of lighting his flame in this country that will burn so bright it will melt the cold heart of this nation and turn many to me.
    It goes on to say my people get ready and prepare you heart for it is time …

  • Eleanore Hurst

    Lana our intercessors are praying along with you. Australia is very very close to our hearts. We have a “daughter” in Adelaide. As I was praying one day, I heard the song “Holy Visitation” from Rita Springer. As I cried out to the Lord, He showed be a tsunami starting in South Australia. It was the Glory of the Lord filling that land. Demon forces were being swept away and strong holds could not withstand the Light of Gods glory. WHAT GREAT HOPE we have for your country! We stand with you in intercession! GODS GOT THIS!!! Be blessed!

  • Rose

    I felt the Spirit of the Lord increasing as I read,
    “As the intercessors took their place again, as they increased their intercession, as the leaders examined their hearts and lives for compromise, I saw a GREAT UNITY OF PURITY taking place in Australia, and I could hear the sound of DOORS CLOSING in the Spirit in Australia. Doors that have been opened to the enemy SLAMMED SHUT.”
    I also am in a unified spirit of prayer…

  • Sam Paschall

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you for this word over Australia. Yes, the Lord is calling forth purity and holiness in His Bride. Jesus will present to Himself a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
    My wife Pam and I enjoyed so much hearing and meeting you in Torrance California on Tuesday. We also loved meeting Kevin and seeing your boys too. It was a true blessing.
    I woke at 2:20 the other day and felt from the Lord to read Revelation 2:20. There Jesus says he has against me that I tolerated Jezebel, which is the compromise. Before Him I had to go through a process of repenting of toleration so the blessing’s to the Church of Thyatira may be mine.

  • Marilee Alm

    Minister Paul explains how God wants us to close the portals cern in opening– B/c we are spiritual beings we can close spiritual doors. He has given us the keys to the kingdom. Satan will try to open doors in our lives that should not be opened and we need to close them. Jacob’s ladder dream explained as a picture of Christ as the Cornerstone. Jesus Himself opened that portal and that’s why Jacob saw the angels going up and down.
    This will help you pray. “My 37 angel dream”

  • Theresa

    I was meditating and praying about Australia when suddenly I saw an EAGLE burst up from nowhere and soar upward to the heavens!!! That was it but it was significant, wonderful and powerful. I never saw anything like that. I ask the Lord what it meant, if I should share it. I will continue to seek His face ~ we love your people, and, the ministries which have come from your nation!

  • Janet Sangha

    We need to be very careful of considering thoughts that come into our mind , are indeed ‘prophesies’.
    The Cults were so formed!
    Australia as ‘purity’ is far from what the scriptures say for these last days.
    We need to be like the Bereans & check everything out daily with scripture, & to pray for the Spirit of Discernment.