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“What I am doing with you and in you behind closed doors is preparing you for the open, public breakthrough. Trust Me in the process. Trust Me in the refining! Trust Me in the fire!! For what I am speaking to you about, what I am leading you into, what I am revealing to you, what I am bringing up, healing, cutting away and pruning behind closed doors in not a sign of failure. It is a sign of ADVANCEMENT. Don’t allow the enemy to tell you that you have missed it. Don’t let the enemy tell you that the process you are walking through right now is a sign of defeat. You are not a defeated one, you are an OVERCOMING one. You are overcoming in ME. The VERY process you are walking through behind closed doors with Me now, is YIELDING your heart to Me more than ever before. You are being positioned in the yielding for a more powerful move of My Spirit in this season. More fruit, more revelation, more breakthrough and ground taken is going to be released out of the ‘”yielded’ place than what you could attempt to build with the work of your hands. There is a lot in this season fighting for the yielding of your heart. I am calling you to “draw away into the cleft of the rock” with Me, to be yielded to Me in deeper ways than before.
“Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with me. For you are my dove, hidden in the split-open rock. It was I who took you and hid you up high in the secret stairway of the sky. Let me see your radiant face and hear your sweet voice. How beautiful your eyes of worship and lovely your voice in prayer” (Song of Songs 2:13-14 (The Passion Translation)
The paths you are walking may be ones that you understand, but you are finding your greatest treasure.. ME!! I am stripping away, cutting away, pruning, but not for your harm, for your good, and bringing you to that deeper place of yieldedness that is going to bring you into a greater public demonstration of fruitfulness. Do not put ‘fruitfulness’ before your yieldedness. It will cause you to run ahead, out of pace with Me. There is a deep level of your trust of Me required in this season, but take heart, I am leading you into something bigger and greater than you have imagined, but the preparation process must come to complete fulfilment. Do not rush the preparation process, for what I am doing in you in this is going to ‘keep you’ in the breakthrough.
Going deeper in Me as your “FIRST LOVE” is what is going to cause you to “SOAR ABOVE”.
I am raising up faith in you from the deepest places. I am deepening your trust in Me. I am teaching you in greater ways how to be one with Me. I am moving powerfully behind closed doors in your heart, preparing you for greater levels of breakthrough and how to remain “in step” with Me when there is a storm raging all around you. As you partner with Me in all I am doing in you and through you, I am deepening and strengthening your foundation in Me. Your roots going deeper in My love, SO you can STAND in the breakthrough. So you move INTO the breakthrough with longevity.


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  • elena

    Wow, minutes before this showed up I was speaking to Pappa how alone I was feeling. Knowing He’s purposed this for a greater work, my Spirit is settled…its that Grace thing!!

    • Heidi

      Awesome Father God for speaking into my heart this day, be it unto me. I too was in prayer asking the Father things pressing upon my heart, only he knows, for I know my brakthrough is at hand, will come into full manifestation as I keep pressing into him, for it is my set time for promotion and Favor. Glory to God, for I thank you ever more awesome wonderful Savior, precious reedemer and friend. Amen

  • Traci

    This is one of the most important words for my life this year. A love letter from God through you Lana, thank you! I am thankful for your ministry.

  • Kay

    Wow Lana! I emailed you last week to say thanks for your prophetic words spoken just for me. In the past week every word you have posted again has been so specifically for my situation. It’s like you are reading my mail! Such great encouragement! Thank you so much. If we connect in the spirit like this I’m looking forward to meeting you in person one day. Please let me know when you are coming to New Zealand..I would like to host you & bless you as your words have blessed me in a most astounding way..

  • Lidia


  • Kathy Woriax

    I couldn’t help but cry when I read this word. I have really been struggling with loneliness this Christmas Season. I know ABBA has not forgotten us. He is a good God. I so look forward to reading the words Father gives you Lana.

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Bill

    Hi Lana,
    In the last two emails, the one about the name change…it said that we were in the wilderness (place of trials, pressing, etc) then it said it’s time to raise out. In other words it’s then time to be set into our place for which the preparation was purposed.
    But then in the most recent email it said, no, there is more wilderness, fiery trials, etc. The preparation is not finished, don’t raise.
    Confused here!!! Which is it??????? Is it finishing(arising time) time or not?
    Nothing but love. Looking for insight.
    Take care, God bless.

    • lanavawser

      Hi Bill
      We all walk different seasons, and sometimes God calls some into the wilderness while others are being released. In reading Lana’s words with her there are many that speak to me exactly where I am at that time, others words I know are anointed, but meant for someone else. (Then again some words are just for everyone). I guess reading scripture is often the same, a passage that you pass by one day may change your world the next.
      My (our) hope is that as you read a word (from Lana or anyone) if it doesn’t feel that it speaks to you then let it pass you by.
      In the wilderness circumstance, if you feel that you have endured the wilderness and you feel the Lord rising up in you when you read about the time to arise, then I hope you hold onto that word. If you are just tired but don’t feel the same connection, still hold onto it with hope for endurance, it may yet be your time. I hope that helps. If you like to chat more, send us a message through the contact link on the website, I will be happy to chat more if you have any other thoughts. Blessings – Kevin Vawser

  • Khrystina

    What a yielded vessel of honor & mighty woman of GOD you are, Lana. PAPA GOD has used you greatly & culmination of word that HE has spoken through you over the last few days has been almost too wonderful to take except my husband & I bear witness with all the processes & signs of manifestation enclosed in these precious writings. Go in HIS peace woman of GOD.

  • Nicholas Kurt Erasmus

    What a wonderfully WOW!!! experience… To be woken up before 2am in the morning so that I can come here to read this totally inspirational message… After over 2 years of intense and deeply painful and utterly torturous purification.
    I am so grateful for this WORD meant specifically for me in my circumstance. I know my breakthrough is close at hand. I receive it in JESUS ALMIGHTY and ALL MERCIFUL HOLY NAME! Amen and AMEN!!!

  • Belin Sanderson

    Thank you for sharing this word I need this because I am going through this i needed to know that God has me in this place.

  • Dale Wright

    Hello Lana,
    I was following you for about one year now. I always question how do I do this prophecy is for me. Lately I was just feeling so discouraged like nothing is happening. I am a christian I play piano and lead worship in church. Sometimes I don’t want to lead worship. I’ve any prophecies and have not seen any come to pass as yet so just waiting is sometimes discouraging.

    • lanavawser

      Hi Dale
      There are many things you can do to develop your prophetic gifting, some good books by some great and reputable authors may be a start. There are prophetic schools too. We do not have the resources at the moment to host something widespread (at this point of time) however there may be some ministries nearby to you who is? In my experience, and I’ve heard Lana say the same or similar; the most important keys are being available (through intimacy) and listening with faith that He will speak. – from Kevin.

  • Dana Guy

    Lana I want to tell you about the dream I had last night. I looked online for dream symbols and came to find your Slipstream. I want you you to hear of my dream. Please email me.

  • Stephanie

    Merry Christmas Lana!! And may Jesus fill you up, overflowing to the brim, and spilling over with states of peace, clarity and strength in Him this year. Your ministry has helped me believe and see that Jesus is going to answer a deep prayer for breakthrough I’ve been crying out for and can taste and sense but tell it’s not quite yet. 2014 has been one of the most painful years spirtually in my life. Very trying and toiling and the testing and fire has been relentless. I am waiting and looking forward to the lords answers and reading your blog every morning helps me see as a signpost that I’m on the right path. God bless you sister and thank you so much for hanging in there and going through. !!’m

  • Robrrtsine Israel

    Thank you jesus, im understanding the reason for the heartbreak I was feeling, and the things i went through in this year ,i thank you! Lava this powerful word.

  • Jason Schiffner

    Yes, this is exactly where I’m at right now with the Lord. This word is very encouraging. I found Lana’s ministry via stillsmallvoice on youtube. I can see how the Lord is connecting and weaving His bride together.