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“Oh weary one, I have seen your tears, I have seen your fears and I have seen the weariness in the waiting. Know that I am drawing close to you weary one. I see how your heart and how you have been feeling that weariness has infiltrated and felt like it has defined every area of your life. I want to say to you today, that circumstances and the enemy may have labelled you the weary one, and at times, you yourself may have labelled yourself ‘the weary one’, but I say to you, I am CHANGING your name. I am CHANGING your name. I am CHANGING your name. WARRIOR! WARRIOR! WARRIOR! I am making a declaration over you today that your DESTINY is at hand. You are destined to be “WEARY ONE” you are destined to be “WARRIOR, VICTORIOUS ONE”.
There is coming a rumbling, there is coming a rumbling, there is coming a rumbling, in the Spirit that is going to shake things up.  A powerful move of My Spirit that is going to change things. You will feel it coming, you will anticipate it coming in the distance as you can smell the rain and see the dark clouds before it storms. A heavenly expectancy, excitement and stirring is about to be birthed forth from the very areas that chained you with weariness and SUDDENLY you will arise. SUDDENLY you will arise and moving in greater authority, power of My Spirit and moving to the rhythm of flow of My heartbeat like you have not known before.
The wilderness has surrounded you, but it was your very training ground to ARISE OUT as the WARRIOR that you are. Where weariness has stolen clarity, and confidence, ask of Me, partner with Me, and you will see a MANIFESTATION of My heavenly wisdom over your life. You will arise not only with boldness that you have not had before, a fearlessness you have not experienced before, and a fierceness in how you love Me and others, you will arise with a greater conviction of the weapons of warfare in your hands and fighting FROM victory. Not only will you move forward carrying a breaker anointing to see things shift and shake and break more suddenly, but you will carry the WISDOM to know HOW to move forward and which ground to take.
Weary one, no longer! My WARRIOR STRENGTHENED WISE ONE, ARISE. You have been in the valley, and have found Me, we have connected more deeply in the sighs and the pool of tears, and you know Me now like you have not known Me before. We have forged new ground and uphill battles together, and it’s time to go to the MOUNTAIN TOP. It’s time to move to the MOUNTAIN TOP where you shall find encounters with Me and My power that are going to pour over you like a waterfall and bring life, strength, energy and your heavenly ROAR BACK to the surface. In the valley you learned DEEP intimacy, you were being birthed. Now you shall learn what takes place FROM the place of deeper intimacy with Me. Where there has been sighs, you will see signs and wonders. Where there has been fear, you are going to move in radical love. Where there has been the feeling and pressure to give up, you are now moving forward into intentionally taking ground and going after injustice and seeing heavenly justice established on the earth THROUGH YOU as you partner with Me and move in My flow.
Weariness in this season has attempted to threaten and abort your destiny, but oh my beautiful warrior, you are arising now to TAKE YOUR DESTINY. To slay the giants that stood before you and have authority over them. Land that was stolen from you, you are now claiming back and ownership over with greater interest.
I am changing your name, I am changing your name, I am changing you name and through you and the sudden turnaround and breaking of weariness, you shall spread My love and goodness and my fame and name be known all across the earth. What you learnt in the valley has prepared you for the mountaintop. Thank you for not rushing the process. Thank you that you continued to stand. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for continually giving me your YES. Partner with Me now in faith, take My hand, WARRIOR, we are moving into a new adventure where your destiny will be greatly displayed and the ROAR of VICTORY shall burst through you and the ripple effects of that ROAR, MY ROAR through you, are going to break chains and shake nations with My love bringing some of the greatest atmospheric shifts you have EVER seen and powerful demonstrations of heaven coming to earth.
You have contended and contended and now many shall see that you have ascended into higher realms of encounters with Me, revelation of My Word and FIERCE RADICAL LAYING DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR ME AND OTHERS TYPES OF LOVE that you have not seen before.
Stand with Me, look out to what is before you. The mountain awaits and look at the name of the trail leading up to the mountain “YOUR BEST DAYS!!!!!!”. Your best days are just ahead!!!”


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  • Joyce

    What an awesome uplifting word from God. I have been weary in waiting and waiting and waiting and just now this word came forth. Thank you so much for the perfect timing of it.

  • Rae Graber

    What an encouraging word of hope:) For the past couple of months, I have been hit repeatedly with a cloud of discouragement and confusion and it has really made me very, very tired and weary. I have at times felt so very, worn down and out, but by God’s grace somehow, I am still standing. The Holy Spirit has led me to pay attention to Ephesians 6 recently and so I’ve been praying for revelation of the weapons of our warfare and how to use them skillfully.
    I’ve also been asking for Wisdom a lot lately and the Lord showed me a 313 crown. This is a special crown of wisdom God has made available for those who are called to restore David’s fallen tabernacle. It is the Spirit that filled Bezalel which gave him the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship to make the tabernacle. (Exodus 31:3)
    One of the attacks I’ve been dealing with came against a couple of the horses I care for. They came down with pigeon fever which is a bacteria/virus transmitted by infected flies. It’s called pigeon fever because their chests balloon out like a pigeon and it can be deadly if it’s not treated properly. The vet had to come up and lance their chest so the pus can drain out. It’s been a nasty thing to deal with and this has added to the weariness, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The horses are getting better.
    When I told a friend about the horses, she said she thought it was prophetic in a sense that God was working in my heart so that any infection would come out. I sensed this was right as I believe part of the weariness I’ve been dealing with is coming from the enemy trying to resurrect the “old man”. Rather than praying for a healed heart, I just asked for His heart in me so I have the same heart beat and the same affections instead of infections.
    Blessings to you!

    • Naomi Kaiga

      Praise the Lord, this word has meant so much for me too as it seems as if I have been going from one battle to another. I have been feeling so weary but now the Lord is changing that to Warrior. Hallelujah.

  • Rhonda Beeland

    Thank the Lord for the prophetic vision and truth of His Word to you Lana. This speaks powerfully to me. I sense the birthing and anticipate with joy His move. My expectation is in Him. Thank you for boldness.

  • Heidi

    Thank you Awesome Father God, Yes I have been so weary, so very weary, yet I kept the Faith. I praise your name on High for this awesome word this day, for it is a sure word for me, and many other’s who are in the same boat as I. i love you Father God, bring it on, am so tired, do a quick work I ask in Jesus name for me in this season. Amen

  • Grace Bellomy

    This word: Weary One to Warrior is so timely and perfect! God’s faithfulness is indescribable! I receive every word, every breath of the Holy Spirit, in this prophetic word. Praise God!

  • Nana Attob

    Oh how sweet this Word is ! I kept shouting praises to the Lord while reading this. This very word speaks directly to me, and I’m going to treasure this as a testimony. I will show this on platforms to the crowd when I crossover into this long-awaited exciting destiny. God is extraordinary, though His ways are unfathomable sometimes, He always works things to surprise His children. How sweet You are Father God.

  • Beverley Estes

    God couldn’t have given us a better word to give me hope. I was in Africa and got Malaria,died and HE raised me from the dead. Medical air lifted out to Wichita, KS. I have had 7 years of fighting all kind of medical problems. The LORD ask me to eat anything GREEN and I knew that was a new learning assignment. For the last 7 years the LORD has given me such a hunger for HIM that I have studies, talked to HIM, some call it prayer. HE now has me praying for others healing and HE is healing them for HIS Glory. But yet there is a cost, I guess, as I never feel really good in Body. That is wearing me to the point of weariness. Thank you LORD for a much need word and YOU meeting our needs. When I pray for others the LORD blesses them and I get sick. Right now my right side of my face is all swollen, along with my eye. Every thing I do for it seems to make it worse. Thank you for a word that the timing is right on target.

  • Cari

    Lana the Lord always uses your words and visions to speak directly to my life and circumstances. I’m a single mother and am undergoing a completely unexpected job loss. For twelve years now, through the turmoil of a loveless marriage, divorce and annulment, and now this loss of financial security for my boys and me, I have been so weary. I have been so embattled. I have been in the valley and pressed close to Him time and again when all was lost. I thought for certain the tide had changed as He brought a wonderful, godly man into my life to live me and my children, but then this job loss hit. It has been difficult for me to understand, it does not make any sense, and yet what He has spoken to me in prayer, that the best days are ahead, sudden abundance and provision, I then see written here on your page. This entire week of your articles and visions perfectly chronicled my life as it played out, and you and the Lord working through you have given me such hope and encouragement despite everything seeming to be dark from the perspective of the world. Please pray for me as I wait and seek His open doors, that His way for provision will be swift. Please pray that I hang on to the hope He has given me. Thank you for everything you do for Him and for the Body of Christ. God bless you and yours.

  • Annette Skeete

    Thank you for this word, less than an hour ago that I am so tired. God is truly good. May blessings always be your potion.

  • Paul Reeves

    This is like water to a thirsty soul.This year has been very hard for me.I have been without a job for the entire year and I have fasted and prayed about my situation and it seemed nothing is happening for me.I have been encouraged by the last several posts that you have made.I know these have been words fit for the season and I am confident that the Lord will turn around my circumstances for His glory.He has been preparing me for greater things.God’s continued blessings and guidance on you always.

  • Brad

    There is a typo. You typed, “You are destined to be ‘weary one”… I know what you meant, but… 🙂 Merry Christmas

  • Lidia

    O’ Holy God, Mighty God, Awesome God!!!
    There is no one else like You!!!
    No other name under the Heavens, but Yours, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!

  • 4sparkle

    I hope you miswrote this, “You are destined to be “WEARY ONE” you are destined to be “WARRIOR, VICTORIOUS ONE”.”

  • Christine G.

    Not that long ago, I think I actually spoke out loud to myself, how I was so weary. And not just now, but over years…I have thought of how the Scripture tells us NOT to be weary, for in due season, we will reap if we faint not. Then, I feel troubled that I feel weary! We depend so completely on the joy & strength of the Lord to keep us standing. Yet we have His promise, that stand we will, for He is able to make us stand. (Romans 14:4) Going forward, we all look for this great & powerful release from weariness!

  • CBL

    Typo altert – You are destined to be “WEARY ONE” (did you mean NOT destined?). Just a head’s up. Thanks for these words lately that are so accurately describing my experiences. So many of us seem to relate….

  • Dennis Daniels

    Thanks for the prophetic message. I thank God for you and what God is doing through you to speak the mind of God to His people. I am pleased to be a part.of His move upon your life in this way. Thanks

  • Dianna

    Thank you Lana, for your obedience in giving these words from the Lord. I wept through this entire Word. God bless and keep you !!!