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As I have pressed into the heart of the Lord for the next year, 2016, I felt He showed me one of the themes He wanted to focus on this year.
I kept hearing the words over and over "The year of the slipstream". 
SLIPSTREAM: "the airstream generating reduced air pressure and forward suction directly behind a rapidly moving vehicle."  (
2015 has been a year of intense pressure, intense stretching, intense opposition and contending. I believe in 2016 there is an invitation into a divine 'slipstream'. The wind of the Spirit moving in great acceleration but the Lord calling us to a 'positioning' of greater rest. It seems completely opposite and 'illogical' in the natural, but many things the Lord is going to ask His people to do or not do in 2016 will be a great surprise, but MORE is going to come out of divine rest in whatever form that looks like for you (physical, emotional/mental healing, release of striving, settled heart in His nature and ways etc) in 2016.
I felt the Lord say that 2016 would be a year THE GREATEST demonstration of DIVINE REST of heart, mind, soul and body for many, but also THE GREATEST demonstration of ACCELERATION that they have ever seen. 
A place of shaking off the shackles of driving and seeing Him break off and bring deeper healing to any parts of the soul that would cause a 'pushing forward'.
This invitation will require a greater trust in the Lord and His timing and ways. These "slipstreams" are going to go in different directions in some ways to how many have anticipated He is going to move and 'when', but as the people of God allow the wind of the Spirit to carry them in this slipstream, there is going to be greater ground taken, greater manifestations of His power and Spirit, greater fruit for less effort. 
This "divine slipstream" is going to see many get a "rest" from the hard "toiling" of 2015, where things will begin to "FLOW" in 2016, as the MANIFESTED  winds of grace land in lives in greater ways. Abundance, provision, and manifested blessing are going to breakthrough in 2016 in exponential ways. 
In this slipstream, great acceleration will come into the lives of God's people, but it's coming from a deeper rest in the Lord's timing and ways. There are divine surprises that are going to come in the slipstream, there are dreams that will be awakened in the slipstream, there will be giftings that will be activated in the slipstream, there will be new horizons to see and mantles to receive. Because of the acceleration and harvest season we have entered into and are entering deeper into, there will be a temptation in 2016 to move out of the slipstream and begin to run ahead. I felt the Lord specifically encouraging His people in 2016 to "stay in pace" with Him, and be intentional in seeking the Lord on doors and opportunities that are placed before you. For not all doors and opportunities will be a "YES" but the doors that He is leading His people to and through (Isaiah 22:22) are going to produce greater fruit, greater territory taken, greater favour displayed and greater harvest received with less effort and huge demonstrations of His grace. In the acceleration of 2016, the enemy is going to attempt to get the people of God "busy", but "busy" doing things that the Lord isn't breathing on. They are "good things" but not necessarily the things God is breathing on. Where as the people of God move through the divine doors HE is breathing on, they will get busy doing greater levels of the Father's work as Jesus did in Luke 2:49, and with great ease and joy.
I saw mighty rushing winds coming into the body of Christ in 2016. His winds that are going to begin to bring the people of God "UP and OUT" of places where they have felt stuck, weighed down and no forward motion. Areas where the enemy has hit the people of God so hard and troubles and trials have surrounded the Lord is going to bring greater deliverance and moving into the divine slipstream of rested flow.
"He soared on the wings of the wind. He made darkness around him his canopy, thick clouds, a gathering of water. Out of the brightness before him coals of fire flamed forth. The Lord thundered from heaven and the Most High uttered his voice. And he sent out arrows and scattered the; lightning and routed them. Then the channels of the sea were seen; the foundations of the world were laid bare, a the rebuke of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of His nostrils. He sent from on high, He took me, He drew me out of many waters. He rescued me from my strong enemy, from those who hated me, for they were too mighty for me. They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a broad place; He rescued me, because He delighted in Me." (2 Samuel 22:11-20)
Where many have felt like they are facing onslaught after onslaught, hit after hit, trial after trial, and never seeming to get "their head above water" are going to see radical demonstrations of deliverance, divine 'payback', restoration and retribution. The Lord began to be release this in the latter half of 2015, but they are about to go to an accelerated level in 2016. "Get your baskets ready, it's harvest time. Not only will I restore to you tenfold what the enemy has stolen, broken and destroyed, I will add to you with greater increase, acceleration, and ABUNDANT restitution." (The act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost –

I also heard the words "2016, THE YEAR OF THE PIONEER". The Pioneers this year have been through intense trials, opposition, weariness, hardship and fire. There has been so much "sowing" yet 'little' breakthrough for many. 
2016 a great vindication is coming over the Pioneers. That like Joseph, there was great favour over His life and it was evident that the Lord was with Him as all He touched prospered.
"The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man. And he was in the house of his master, the Egyptian. Now his master saw that the LORD was with him and how the LORD caused all that he did to prosper in his hand. So Joseph found favor in his sight and became his personal servant; and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he owned he put in his charge" (Genesis 39:2-4)
Favour is going to be poured over the Pioneers in 2016 in greater ways, especially as they have sown, stewarded and forged forward when no one is looking, no one is cheering, no fruit is manifesting, but continued obedience to Him and to the vision the Lord has given them, they will be rewarded and many openly and publically in 2016 and put in charge to oversee much more. Much more will be added to them and placed into their hands as they have stewarded well and served the Lord faithfully.
I saw the Lord moving the Pioneers into the divine slipstream as they stepped in through their YES, and I then saw the word "SLIPSTREAM" change to "SHIPSTREAM" and I saw a HUGE Ocean Liner gliding peacefully on peaceful seas and
rough seas. A new level of peace that surpasses all understanding is coming to the Pioneers. (Philippians 4:7) 2015 has been a year where the Pioneers have had to learn that PEACE is found in Jesus alone. They have weathered many storms, and as they held onto Him they now have a greater anchoring in Him and strength. Moving forward in 2016 with a greater authority and peace to SPEAK to storms and see them silenced. 
"It's time for UPGRADE" 
There will be a divine UPGRADE in the lives of the Pioneers in 2016. Greater empowerment, greater impartations, greater encounters with His heart, moving into deeper levels of authority, that will see the very things that threatened them in 2015 and almost caused them to give up and going to be steamrolled in 2016. The Pioneers are going to move forward with greater ease, greater flow and take MORE GROUND than they have before. 
I saw the Lord "changing the time" on a clock over the Pioneers in 2016. He was accelerating time and a season of DOUBLE DIVINE SUDDENLIES is being ushered in over the Pioneers. In the testing of the heart, testing of obedience and the strengthening of character and intimacy with Him, the Lord is "adding to" the Pioneers in time, resource, breakthrough and refreshed vision.
Pioneers, don't give up, 2016 will see everything fall into place and an extension of time and space for increase, divine suddenlies and turnarounds. The Lord is going to do things in a 24 hour period in and through the lives of the Pioneers in 2016 that is not humanly possible that will restore, refresh and fill the Pioneers with renewed hope, expectation and new levels of faith and they will bring the body of Christ to a whole new level of faith and hopeful, joyful, confident expectation in the timing, ways, vision, goodness and provision of the Lord.


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  • Rina

    Amen and Amen Lana, thank you! The ‘Pioneer part’ is so amazingly accurate and huge confirmation! I am grateful. God is good and you are a blessing!

  • Kim Duncan

    Feeling so excilerated by this 2016 vision and prophecy, 2015 has been a tough one, I am so glad to see the next thing God is preparing for me, and all the Saints. Bless you Lana, Kim x

  • John

    Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL God!!!!!!!!!!
    Praise HIS Holy name!!!
    We have been struggling for so long, but this is the best Christmas present ever. Bless you Lana xxx j

  • John Bell

    Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL God!!!!!!!!!!
    Praise HIS Holy name!!!
    We have been struggling for so long, but this is the best Christmas present ever. Bless you Lana xxx j

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Brenda Davenport

    Yes Lord. May it be as you have said,weary but ready for Harvestime and dancing shoes. In Jesus’ name.

  • Marilee

    Pioneer, Pioneer
    Keep pressing onwards beyond your fears
    And only your Father goes before you to your own frontier
    You”re a Pioneer
    [Verse 1]
    Uncharted wilderness stretches before you
    And you thrive on going where no one has gone
    Still it gets lonely when darkness rears
    So sing by the fire until the dawn
    [Verse 2]
    You travel light and you travel alone
    And when you arrive nobody knows
    But your Father in heaven, He is glad you can go
    Cause those who come after you will need the road
    [Verse 3]
    And what you have done, others will do
    Bigger and better and faster than you
    But you can’t look back, you gotta keep on pressing through
    There’s a wilderness pathway and it’s calling you
    Calling you, calling you
    Keep pressing onwards beyond your fears
    And only your Father goes before you to your own frontier
    You’re a Pioneer

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Lana so much for this beautiful vision. I accept this vision for 2016 in the name of Jesus Christ! I have been so weary, so tired, it has been battle after battle, fight after fight trial, after trial, excruciating pressings and hear and often times scary terrifying attacks and oppression from the enemy. This vision is so hopeful, I have almost lost my hope, holding on has taken everything out of me and I’m in desperate need for the lord to reach into my soul and deliver, heal and restore. Thank you for using the word “toil” bc that is exactly how I felt this 2015 year has been. It has been one of the most intense years I’ve ever been in and I am looking forward to 2016. And I will get my basket ready, for answered prayers and direction! Praise the name of Jesus, he has seen our hardships. Thank you for being faithful to the lord Lana and being a signpost to us all and assuring we are on the right path. The lord is going to do it!! Thank you Jesus because I’m out of energy and life. He sees us and this ministry confirms that!
    God bless you Lana!!! May this year be a tenfold for you also!!

    • Marilee

      Is Righteousness Important? from
      Here, the problem is when we don’t understand our righteousness in Christ. Imagine you are in debt to a bank and owe a lot of money. Then imagine you have no way of paying off the debt. Then the bank comes along and forgives the debt. That would be great, right? Your debt is paid, you no longer owe anything, and you are starting with a zero balance—sounds wonderful!
      The problem is that you still have a zero balance, which means you either go to work to make money or fall in debt again. While the forgiveness of debt is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t solve the problem because debt is only half the issue. The other half is that without money, you are still poor.
      This is what it is like for the believer who only understands the forgiveness of sin. We are in incredible debt and helpless in repaying it. The good news of the gospels tells us that Jesus came to forgive sin, which means our debt is paid in full. This is a wonderful setup! Sin is taken care of, and we are forgiven for this debt (Heb. 8:12; 9:26; 10:10, 18; 1 Pet. 3:18). However, if that is the only part of the gospel we understand and start with a zero balance with God, what happens next is off to work we go. We are saved by grace and forgiven, but then we start doing and trying to stay ahead of the issue of poverty because we are starting off at zero, while still feeling like we either owe something or need to start paying our own way.
      What if, in the same gracious act, the bank not only forgave your debt, but then announced that the resources of the bank fully belong to you? You then have access to the fullness of the bank’s riches, and you can use whatever you need at any time. That would solve the issue of poverty. You wouldn’t need to go off to work to earn a paycheck, you would own what the bank has and gain access to it.
      This is an illustration for understanding the second half of the gospel. Jesus graciously forgives our debt and still gives us His very own righteousness. This means we are not starting at zero with God; instead, we do not need anything. In this way, we are starting in the fullness of Christ’s perfection that brings us into a right relationship with God while owing nothing. It gives us equity with God. In Christ, His righteous gives us all that God requires us to be, but what we could never in ourselves be. In Christ, we start perfect and end perfect with a righteousness that is by faith from first to last.”
      Within this gospel, we are forgiven and imputed with righteousness. Today, I pray this truth starts to sink in and changes the way you encounter God.

      • lanavawser

        Very true Marilee – but in my reading of the bible it is my understanding that we also need to walk out righteousness, albeit a righteousness that is walked out through faith in action. (Gal 5:6, Eph 4:17-32) (from Kevin)

  • Rae Graber

    Last week a dove got caught in the netting over our chicken pen. The more it panicked, the more entangled it because. Finally it just stopped and laid still. I think it might have been exhausted. It stayed that way for about fifteen minutes, but somehow the rest reoriented it and it was able to get free.
    This incident spoke to me about the fowler’s snare and how the enemy often uses reasoning, worry, and the fruit of the tree of knowledge to cause us to succumb to vain imaginations which sow fear and panic in our hearts. The more we eat of the “tree of knowledge” the more fearful, fretful, and unbelieving we become and the further we drift from God’s peace. This is the wiles of the devil at work. As long as our carnal mind is reasoning, our heart will become troubled and we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of God’s rest. His Kingdom is within us but in order to enter it, our hearts must be in peace. There is great power in peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and the Door and the Way. He is the Divine Rest. God says, “Enter My rest.”
    I’ve been asking the Lord about Enoch because I want to know how he learned to walk with God. The Holy Spirit led me to Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
    The Lord said when we submit to His yoke, we are joined to Him and we learn to “stay in pace” and walk with Him. This union pleases Him and allows Him to “take us” as He did Enoch. There is so much He has to show us, but if we run ahead, fall back, or drift, we “miss the boat”.

  • Heidi

    Glory, Glory, Glory, to our awesome Fathe God. I thank you for 2016 and beyond. 2015 has been tough to go through Praise God I made it through, kept the Faith, looking to an exciting year of advancement into the Kingdom of orabundance supernatral Favor, overflow,promises, more
    than enough, suddenlies, all which is to come in this new season of change, growth, and prosperity in Jesus name.

  • Marilee

    The Father says today that you are not helpless. The outlook is not bleak. You are not without a helper for you are not without My presence and My power. The glory that I have placed within you is the glory that raised Jesus from the dead. My glory within you is that resource that Jesus called upon when He descended into hell and came back with the keys of death and the grave. Though the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy I have empowered you to put your foot in his neck and take from his mouth the prey that he has stolen. The righteous are bold as a lion because they know Me and they know who I am on the inside of them. This is who you are and this is your entitlement before Me says the Father.
    This day I call upon you to realize that you are not beyond the ability to affect change. I call you an initiator. I call you a fire starter. I am a fire from My loins up and a fire from My loins down and that fire is being directed into your life by your faith filled words. Transformation is possible. Transformation is available. The shift comes now. In every situation remember this – love never fails. Love is who I am and love never fails to produce more love. When the enemy distracts you with the unkindness of others around you do not react in fear or amazement. Step up into love. Love is what causes the mountain moving faith on the inside of you to become active and come online in your life. This is the hour you have longed for says the Father. This is the time that change comes. Embrace the change and be a part of it as you partner with Me and enter into ruling and reigning at a whole new level!

  • Brittney

    Thank You Lord! ?. Some things o was hearing is tied into this word and is confirmation. Father God is awesome. May we remain faithful to Him

  • Monica Sing

    Your word from the Lord is truly a blessing. Looking forward to 2016 and Declaring with the Authority the Lord has given me.

  • Natalie Wright

    Is there any place that you have this on audio where people can listen to it? And your other prophecies is there any videos