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I felt the Lord say that many are being surprised and almost taken ‘off guard’ by a “NO” from the heart of God. Whether it’s a door closing, or a boundary line the Lord is setting, or a completely different direction being established by the Lord in many lives, and many have been felt surprised and shocked by the Lord’s “NO”.
There is an encouragement that I felt from the heart of God that we must pay attention, close attention to His leading and not “assume” a YES. There is a “no” that many have heard from the Lord in this season and are left in a place of confusion.
I want to encourage you, the Lord has not said “no” because He does not want you to have the desires of your heart, He has not said no, because He does not have good plans for you, the Lord has not said no and “not now” because His timing is wrong, His timing is perfect and He is actually leading you to a GREATER YES.
This is a time to trust the direction and wisdom of the Lord. The unexpected “no’s” are setting you up for a greater path and opening of the plans that He has for you than you could imagine. (Jeremiah 29:11)
I feel He is teaching us in this season to really press deep into His heart and listen to the boundaries He wants to establish in our lives even they are ones we don’t understand. He is setting  us up for the increase that He is releasing.
He is leading His people into a place of purity, in the sense of being in step with the leading of His Spirit and not mixing in areas that He is not leading into. It doesn’t mean the other areas are bad, not at all, they are good.. but are they GOD? I have been feeling a stirring in the heart of God, do not settle for GOOD even as good as it looks, move by the GOD whispers for they will lead you into promised lands that are bigger than the ‘good things’ could offer.
Even in the not understanding of the Lord’s ‘no’ to certain things in this season, or unexpected boundaries He is setting up, or the ‘good things that are glistening’, look for HIM. KNOW that even though the “no” may have been a shock, the FRUIT of the GREATER YES is coming. Trust Him! He is leading you into something bigger, greater and more amazing than you could have hoped imagined or dreamed. (Ephesians 3:20)
“The steps of the God-pursuing ones follow firmly in the footsteps of the Lord and God delights in every step they take to follow Him” – Psalm 37:23 (The Passion Translation)
“A person may have many ideas concerning God’s plan for their life, but only the designs of His purpose will succeed in the end.”  Proverbs 19:21 (The Passion Translation) He has GRAND DESIGNS for you!!!!
He is working for your good and the plan He is unfolding in and through your life is about to be seen on a grander scale than you have imagined. The “no” you have faced, is simply leading you to a greater YES of increase, favour and provision. There will be GREAT JOY in the YES! He is a GOOD Father and you WILL see His goodness and faithfulness displayed. He is working for your good.
You may have faced a ‘no’ from Papa with a closed door or direction, but a door will open that will see it rain and flood a heavenly “YES”.


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