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This morning the words were running over and over in my heart “Things are not as they seem, pay attention to your prophetic dreams”.
There is a deep level of heavenly insight and clarity being released in prophetic dreams right now that are rising up the sons of Issachar, those who know the times and the seasons.
“Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do..” – 1 Chronicles 12:32
The Lord is releasing pure messages from heaven in prophetic dreams right now that may be opposite to what you are seeing manifest in the natural, but look not to your natural circumstances for the message or the answer. Look to Him, for He is releasing revelation of His heart through prophetic dreams that are being given to you as weapons of intercession to begin to pray into, they are purity keys, that are going to see the pure divine message from His heart bring a shift, a change and a turnaround. He is not only releasing the revelation, but the wisdom to know ‘what to do’.
The Lord is releasing these keys in prophetic dreams that as they are prayed into are bringing the shift and change of a season individually for many and the body of Christ.
I felt many were feeling anxious to the ‘meaning’ of their dreams, and I felt to encourage you to continue to press in and ask the Lord for the interpretation and seek wise counsel for the Lord is going to confirm like ‘neon signs’ for many His message of the dream. He will make His message undeniable.
Some of the greatest revelatory weapons and keys the body of Christ have received are being released now to bring one of the greatest shifts in the body of Christ we have seen in this season. These keys, these weapons, these dreams will reveal HIS HEART to you concerning your situation and the season we are in, in the body of Christ. He is drawing us deeper into Himself through the glorious richness and beauty of the revelation pouring from His heart.


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  • Brad

    When Job went through his trial, he was restored after he prayed for his friends.
    They were forgiven and Job was restored, and he had twice as much as before.
    Maybe that is a key to being released into the things of God: pray and don’t give up.
    “After Job had prayed for his friends, the LORD restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.” Job 42:10 niv

  • Marilee

    great confirmation!!
    The Father says today go out and irritate the enemy. It is not My plan for you to walk gingerly around the enemy so you won’t rouse his anger. Let the enemy do his worst for I will do My best and at the end of the day you will be seated in victory with the spoil of My blessing in your hand. My presence in you is an irritant to the devil says the Father. Your faith maces the devil in the face. When you get around people who cover their faces with pretense and lies you know the devil is hiding behind them. Pay them no mind – simply keep on obeying and keep on doing the things I am telling you to do. When you refuse to be distracted you will suddenly find yourself elevated to a higher level of glory that you haven’t experienced before.
    Come up higher says the Father. Come up higher where the scars of the past are soothed and disappear. Come up higher where your life takes on My image and not the marred visage of past disappointment. At this level of glory your mind becomes as pure as a newborn baby. What do you think being born again is all about? This day I give you the gift of unlearning the things you need to unlearn of religion and darkness and pain and betrayal. I am healing your backslidings and I am healing your betrayals when others who once stood by you have turned aside. Be well says the Father. Be healed. Be restored. This is your portion this day.
    fathersheartminisitries 12/17

    • Eldona Little

      Thank you for posting this. When one who once stood beside you turns aside,especially one of your own household, it is devastating!! Jesus is The One Who will Never turn His back on me, even through all pain, He has been there, through all my shortcomings He has been there. When I remember that,I remember the feel of being
      wrapped in Love that the pain of betrayal cannot penetrate. May God Bless you! All of you on this site. Merry Christmas

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Thank You Jesus!! The Lord brought to remembrance a dream I had a few days ago of a newborn baby sitting on the bed. I saw from behind a baby boy. His hair was black and two of our sons who now live in the city were right by the bed looking at the baby. The baby was sitting up looking in the direction of our two sons. I just had a knowing that it was two of our sons. I saw the baby with more clarity than anything else in the dream.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    “Instead of your shame, you will have double honor, and isntead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double.” (Isaiah 61:7)

  • Jane Flack

    Bless you, this speaks so into my heart. For some time I have heard the Lord saying Things are not as they seem. I have prayed for that wisdom and discernment that i may discern the times and I sense so strongly the revelation of God that is being given for the times we are living in. bless you for your love for our Lord and your heard to hear what He is saying. May we all open our ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.

  • Rose

    Brad, yours was a comment filled with quiet humility and wisdom… It heals my heart after some of the things I’ve been reading today, and speaks into them. Thank you for this.

  • Sharon Fuller

    Lately, I have had vivid dreams on what is about to happen to America, and especially about the president. Some of the more recent ones have left me feeling very anxious. It is hard for me because there are very few people who I can share these visions with, and may not understand if I did. It is my desire that GOD would send prophetic people into my life who could help me understand what is going on and how to work through it. Oh yes, I always ask for interpretations from GOD, some answers come right away, others can take time, even years. I have had dreams and been a seer since I was a young child. GOD Bless you for this post.

  • Lidia

    Amen Lord God, tonight my prayer is: Please Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son, Father God I ask You now for the gift of interpretation, of dreams, and visions, Lord release upon me the Spirit of revelations, discernment, knowledge, wisdom of You, Heavenly Father, I know You have visited me in my dreams, but I don’t know what exactly they mean, I know these dreams are from You, with a purpose so Lord please help me to understand them, and put them in action as they keep coming, thank You Lord my God, my Father in the name of Jesus, Amen!!!

  • Marcia

    I couldn’t believe it when I read the title of this email! On Dec. 5 of this year, I had 5 dreams in succession, all with the common theme of radical muslim terroristm. 4 of them involved the same woman. In one of the dreams this woman looked directly at me and said exactly, “things aren’t always as they appear.” Then she turned away briefly, turned back to me and I saw that half of her head/face was black/demonic. So, Lana, your title of your email and its content, affirms so much that God is, indeed, calling His Body into the Secret Places of intercession regarding current events. Thanks so much for your ministry!

  • paul

    Several months ago I had a dream I saw two groups of people out on a battlefield each looking for a holy grail. but this grail was each was looking for the great dragon satan to kill him. the group to my left look like a band of crusaders. dressed in medieval chain mail and red crosses on there chests but worn the other group to my right was a band of people mostly men. Neither group knew what the great dragon looked like as no one had ever seen it. But they both looked. Then suddenly they came upon each other on the battle field and raised arms and fought against each other. The crusaders fought and finally ran some of the other group off but one valiant female crusader fought hard and knocked one man to the ground and stood with her foot on the mans chest. The man on the ground was Obama.. the woman was the church of Christ. He screamed terrified thinking the great dragon would kill and devour him. To him the body of Christ is the great dragon. As she stood there with her foot on his chest . her body transformed into a great dragon with a long chiseled protruding jawline. And she forced her tongue into his mouth He screamed as if terrified of death and a horrendous death. But then she pulled her tongue back out and on it there were pearls and lying spirits. Obama came to his senses and said I am free . Lying spirits had been removed and divinations. He got up and walked away realizing that the great dragon the church of God was not there to destroy him but to deliver him.