Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord is releasing WISDOM to the WEARY right now. The Lord showed me many in the body of Christ are still SO WEARY and feeling discouraged because of circumstances surrounding their promise/s.
These "out of left field" events that have come and challenged the promise, shaken the promises, has left many in such a deep place of weariness. Yet another fight for hope, yet another fight to continue to stand, yet another fight to continue to keep believing and keep hopes up. The Lord showed me many feeling disorientated again, like their heads are spinning and questions are bubbling up again.
I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly for these weary, disorientated ones, and I heard Him say "WISDOM is coming to the WEARY." He is releasing divine wisdom, insight, clarity, discernment and encouragement for what is going on right now.
There is a deeper level of revelation coming to the weary ones regarding where the Lord is leading them, what the Lord is saying and what is before them, that is going to heal their hearts. It is going to heal the weariness.
I heard the Lord say:
"Many of these weary ones have been battered, they have been bruised, they have been beaten around in this season, but they have remained faithful. They have remained in the place of intimacy with Me, where their hearts are continually leaning into Me and open to Me. They have not turned their hearts to another, but they have continued to seek Me in purity, worship Me in the mystery and continue to lay themselves before Me again with their hearts crying out to Me …"Lord, I don’t understand, but I love you! Your will be done, your will be done, my life is yours." I have heard these cries, I have heard the sacrifice of praise, I have seen the obedience and My heart is moved by the weary ones that have continued to remain faithful to Me in the discouragement, in the ferocious battle and in the pain. I say unto you today My beautiful ones, "Come to Me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." There is a rest coming upon you My beautiful ones, that is going to rejuvenate you, refresh you and fill you afresh with joy, expectation and vision for the future. Disappointment, weariness and discouragement in the battle has stolen so much of your joy, so much of your passion, so much of your vision for the future. Many of you have been targeted with an assignment from the enemy to steal the promises and the seed of breakthrough that I am releasing to you, and you have been unaware. The weariness has caused an exhaustion to not be able to fight much more, but today I declare to you my beautiful ones… the truth is.. "YOUR HARVEST TIME IS UPON YOU" and the adversary is attempting to take you out through exhaustion and weariness before you enter your HARVEST season. I say unto you today My beautiful ones, that you WILL see the seeds of promise, the seeds of obedience, the seeds of praise, the seeds of declaration, come to fruition and faster than you realise."
"Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go. Don’t think for a moment that you know it all, for wisdom comes when you adore Him with awe and wonder and avoid everything that’s wrong. For then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit long for." (Proverbs 3:6-7 – The Passion Translation)
My heart was full of the pleasure of the Lord how many of these weary ones have become intimate with Him in the weariness, in the waiting, in the discouragement, in the pain. They have laid down their lives recognising more and more that they do not know it all , and have simply adored Him with awe and wonder in the darkness, walking with integrity following His voice.
Healing and refreshment is upon you!!!!!!! I heard the Lord say:
"Where there has been great weariness, you shall now carry greater wisdom of My heart."
Through the battle, through the journey, you have continued to seek His heart and cry out for His wisdom, even in the places where you don’t understand. The Lord has heard your cries, and you shall now carry greater wisdom and insight of His heart concerning your circumstances, your present situation and future. In the fire, you have found His heart more than ever. In the fire, you have found Him in a whole new way, and He is increasing your eyes to see and ears to hear, to carry the wisdom of heaven for your own life and to encourage and edify others.
"As wisdom increases, a greater treasure is imparted, greater than many bars of refined gold. It is a more valuable commodity than gold or gemstones, for there is nothing you desire that could compare to her." – (Proverbs 3:14-15 – The Passion Translation)
I saw many of the weary ones, nervous, anxious and almost fearful about what is coming next, or whether they are moving in the right direction, whether what they heard was God or not, because the battle and the ‘out of left field’ hits have left them feeling so disorientated.
The Lord’s heart sees your anxiety, He sees your fear, He sees your nervousness, and He sees your heart crying out "LORD I WANT YOUR WAY".
I heard the words "RECEIVE HEAVEN’S KISS" and instantly I saw the SEAL of the Lord’s FAVOUR upon directions and hearts desires.
You are about to see HEAVEN’S KISS OF FAVOUR UPON THE PATHWAY!!!!! God is about to confirm to you in such a beautiful, deep way, with great favour, that you are moving in His direction, you have heard His heart, you have seen correctly and He is watching over His Word of Promise to you to perform it and fulfil it. There will be great joy in the increase!
A deeper bubbling of praise and adoration for our beautiful Jesus is going to explode out of you. He is taking you into depths of revelation of His heart and Word that will leave you undone, and you will know weariness no more. You will see the springs of refreshment from His heart bring those weary places of your heart back to life again.
He whispered…
"Weary ones, you are about to see with your eyes, the reward for your faithfulness to Me."
Get ready to dance with Him in the rivers of wisdom’s refreshment!!!!


  • Nancy White

    This one really spoke to me. I am so tired. Five and half year of grief, death, and sorrow. Enough is enough. I don’t know how else to seek Him. I have done all I know to do.

      • mackeysback

        Yes Nancy I agree with Patricia as I copy a portion of the Lords “LIVING WORD” For you Amen……The righteous person may have many troubles,
        but the Lord delivers him from them all;
        he protects all his bones,
        not one of them will be broken.
        Evil will slay the wicked;
        the foes of the righteous will be condemned.
        The Lord will rescue his servants;
        no one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.
        May He Himself Avenge all your enemies making them to bow at your/His feet as a place of REST Amen.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Really love the Words The Lord gives you Lana, truly is beautiful and encouraging the least I can say. I really hear and see The Lords Heart a lot by The Words He gives you. So beautiful so encouraging, definitely a strengthrener when your going thru alot.It’s always good to hear that The Lord knows each of our situations personally and is sensitive to our pains. Thank you again, for delivering that beautiful love letter of The Lord to us. God bless you.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for that beautiful encouragement Lana, that Jesus hears our cries and He is sending His healing and refreshment upon us.
    I say YES to Jesus, He is my everything and I will keep holding on to Him and His promises, believing Him to send His healing and refreshment and His kiss of favour upon me.
    Thank you Jesus, You are Lord of all!!!

  • Derrick

    I read a lot of the words on Z3 news. Words that make me feel anxious, like i need to get up an do something or God is mad at me. But thanks be to God, this word was literally released as i woke up from a deep sleep feeling like i got punched in the Spirit by Mike Tyson. I woke up and it felt like a huge cloud of darkness was covering me and immediately i went to Z3 news, and there are some propecies on there, but they convinced me i was feeling terrible because God was mad as that’s how my mind perceived it, because most posts on there are about God’s judgement. But i did not feel the Holy Spirit while reading them, so thank God, they were not for me. When i read Lana’s post, i felt the Holy Spirit, AS ALWAYS when i read her posts, and i’m being refreshed, and the dark cloud are being fanned away a i type this. Thank you Jesus and Lana.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive This Right On Time Word! Praise Father God, and Thank You Lana! A couple of days ago, an “out of left field” event came, challenging the promise Father God gave me. However, I keep seeing 10:23 … Hebrews 10:23! I’m Resting in Him, Holding to Hope, and Trusting our Father God Who is Faithful to keep His Word <3

  • Claire Carradice

    Thank you so much. Your words by Him mean so much to me, more than that, they encourage me to keep going. I thank the Lord for you and your ministry, for without His words through you, I would surely feel more discouraged than I so often do. Thank you Lana, for being His servant and for being willing to serve people like me. Whenever I see your emails, I get excited because I know my Saviour is going to speak to me. And He touches my heart in the deepest of places, through you.

  • Gavin

    Lana – this word is so accurate to the season I have been in. My cries to God to be all that Christ paid for on the cross. It has not been without low lows, facing giants and fighting for my sanity, but God has been so close in this time. I have been in a pit for 3 years, but never been closer to the Lord. Gal 2:20 has become my life message. God is good, He is faithful. I thank God for the prophets in this season, there have been days when these words give you just enough hope to endure another day. I have such an expectation of the new season of the Lord and such a hope of His moving in power in the kingdom. God has lit the fire that cannot be put out. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  • Tina Burrows

    Lana this word has come at a time when we have needed to hear it more than you could imagine. In the last paragraph you said “A deeper bubbling of praise and adoration for our beautiful Jesus is going to explode out of you. He is taking you into depths of revelation of His heart and Word that will leave you undone,” these words rang so true to me as when we have been in Praise and Worship I have felt myself drifting closer and closer to my Father God. We have been struggling with where we fit in, with our children being so far off God’s path we could only put them in our dear Fathers hands and leave them there believing He could sort it all out, we lost our home and have been like nomads going here and there not knowing what is happening and our healh has been so bad, as for our finances all I can say is what finances. Still we keep on believing God has a plan for us that we will find out in His timing not ours so yes it has been a long time of downs. After reading your message it has hit my heart and I know God has it in control. Please pray for our breakthrough.

    • mackeysback

      Even though “you” have and are going through that valley of a deeper ‘DEATH” IAM with you as we/you “Sojourn” Out of this Worldly realm in the more and more into my resurrected Life. My soul Hears your cry remain Faithful to the end continuing to purify yourselves even as I am Pure prospering you as I will restoring you to a good as in Godly Health even as your soul as Promised must Prosper in me as Iam in her/you presenting her to myself without spot or wrinkle so the two become ONE Amen…..

    • Kay Cunningham

      I pray, Tina, that God will give to you all the wisdom you need for your health, and if His healing includes doctors, I pray He will show you where to go and provide the finances you need. I pray He will give you phenomenal wisdom for using the finances He provides for you and strength to follow His path for you. Proverbs 3:5-6!

  • LightWriters

    Thank you dear faith listener, Lana. Psalm 116:7 spoke to my heart last night, and this word you shared from His heart today affirms His outpouring of bountiful blessings as we come up from the desert, battle-weary and leaning on our Beloved One…Praise Him!!

  • L.M.

    Amen I receive Heaven’s Kiss and this Timely Word . It’s what I needed to hear. Thank you Abba,Papa, for this Timely Word. My Heart needs refreshing as I wait for Your Promise to Manifest. Glory to you Lord. I was meditating on Psalm 18 ,and this confirms it. Thank you Lord for your Heavenly Wisdom, Strength and Joy. Thank you that Joy is coming into my Life again and that Restoration is Truly indeed Imminent. Thank you Lorrd for No More Delays and No More Hindrances. I look forward To Full Manifestation and Deliverance and Thank you for your Favor. I’m looking forward to leaving this dry, desolate, place, and moving into the Promised Land. Lord, Help My Weariness.

  • Susana Oquera

    Amados, estoy muy agradecida por la palabra que entregan cada día y me permito preguntarles si no tiene material en español?

  • Robin Grable Zakrzewski

    This prophetic word is so encouraging Dear Lana! I have been in such a place trusting yet not seeing the harvest that has been promised to me. I have renewed faith to continue and I am so grateful for your obedience to encourage the body. I can’t tell you how badly I needed this today! I’m holding out for the dance with my Lord! I love Him so!!!

  • Robearh

    Awesome to me Abba Daddy, Wow, in such awe with anticipation of your Words, this day. Thank you Jesus !!!! Hallelujah !!!! This is so Awesome !! Great Words
    from the Father, Yes it is time Now, Hallelujah, as i will be singing and dancing with shouts of adoration, abundance of joy, joy, joy, to the Father, who has promised
    Glory, Glory, Glory, for I have stood faithfully throughout the storms, with all knowing that God, is faithful. Hallelujah !!! Thank you Awesome Father, for your love,
    kisses from Heaven to me, this day, am so excited, for it is here before me, ready to be manifested into my life. Amen !!! Thank you Lana, for sharing the Father’s
    heart to me this day. Blessing upon thee this day. Hallelujah !!!!

  • Ford

    Thank you, Jesus! The enemy has been trying so hard to discourage me and my family. This Word confirms that all of my cries to our Father are heard, and He is showing me through signs that we ARE on the right path. I surrender to You, Heavenly Father. Guide me and my family down your path. Thank you, Lana. Amen and Amen.

  • patricia

    Thank You Lana for this beautiful encouraging word! I needed to hear this today! Been so weary and tired of waiting and the battle and trying to hold on and believing but God is good to give a word like this to help me move on and believe again and not to give up! When I opened my bible this morning the verse “You will arise and have compassion on Zion, For it is time to be gracious and show favor to her; Yes, the appointed time has come. Psalm102:13 God heard my cries and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4 Taste and see that the Lord is good! v8!

  • Nancy Klintworth

    These words were spot on. I have been discouraged being the strong one with my husband being ill. Our children do not call and I am so lonely. Thank you for this encouragement.

  • Paula

    Thanks Lana for this timely word. Over the last two weeks the enemy has struck some devastating blows to my children. It has been frightening. I am trusting that God will intervene in a mighty way to crush the enemy and His diabolical plans. This word tells me that God is aware of all our troubles.

  • Jackie Battle

    Oh how I love you Jesus oh how I love you so!!! And you made it possible because you first loved me and will forever more!!!
    Thankful for your promises and prophetic message by your servant Lana❤

  • Sonflower

    I am so very grateful for this word today. I felt it was so written for me as it exactly 100% describes me at the moment. The Lord gave me lots of prophecies and revelations 2 years ago and He graciously confirmed them by so many signs and His messengers. I’m feeling so weary and nearly afraid to get my hopes up again as things look the opposite to what He said, but there’s a battle going on right now and we know who is going to win it. “He who promised is faithful. ” Yes, Lord, we want to believe and be strong in You.

  • Jack wheeler

    Lana, God made a Gem when he formed you.
    I have always moved in encouragment but you encourage me more than ever. I have told many about you. Keep going you have wonderful gifts
    Palm Desert ca

  • sonflower

    A wonderful wonderful wonderful word, so very timely. I am amazed. The Lord truly knows the Ones that are His and cares! In the battle for quite a while, but especially this past week has been very hard as many attacks came. But the Lord did speak, He did prophesy over me personally with many words, revelations promises (nearly exactly 2 years ago now). In His grace he sent messengers and many signs to confirm things. I am so glad the Lord showed you, dear beautiful sister in the Lord Lana, what is going on right now. He will come through. We must believe. We owe Him this, our dear Father and his precious son Jesus. Thanks so much!!!