Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
This morning I heard the words "Reset, Refresh, Reboot.. FIRE" and I felt strongly that the Spirit of God is bringing about a RESETTING, REFRESHING and REBOOTING of vision. I had such a strong sense that the Lord is releasing REVELATION and CONFIRMATION of the VISION that He has given His people. I felt so strongly to watch over the next few weeks how the Lord will RESET the vision. It was such a STRONG sense of the Lord CONCRETING the vision.
I saw many suddenly having the vision God has given them UNDER ATTACK. Suddenly fear, confusion, doubt, naysayers and unexpected occurrences were coming against the vision, and leaving many in anxiety and doubt concerning the vision that God had released. I felt the heart of God decreeing "THE VISION HASN’T CHANGED". Many are carrying a vision right now that is completely new to what they have done before, they are carrying a vision for this new season that is "against the grain" in some ways, and full of change, and an attack has come against that vision leaving many feeling like "Am I moving in the right direction? Have I heard God right? Am I doing the right thing?"
I prophesy over you right now in the name of Jesus that there has been an attack that has come against the vision, because you are moving in the right direction. Fear will tell you that you are being attacked in the vision because you are moving in the wrong direction, but the truth is, the enemy sees the NEW VISION that the Lord has given you and he is trying to stop you from moving into the new land and new vision the Lord has given you.
God is especially CONCRETING VISION for 2018 right now and especially over the next few weeks.
God is and will continue by His Spirit to bring about a great REBOOTING. He is REBOOTING the vision through supernatural confirmations of His vision. He is REFRESHING the vision. The Holy Spirit will continue to bring about supernatural confirmations to bring a REBOOTING so you can remove the "bugs", the "lies", the "attack", the "fear", the "doubt" that the enemy is attempting to put on you. The VISION the enemy is attacking, is the next area of significant increase, revelation and favour in the vision He has given you.
The Lord is calling His people to "come away"and in that place He is refreshing, rebooting, reseting, concreting and confirming the vision, because of the new vision that He is bubbling up within His people, the enemy is attempting to bring great fear and death to the new vision, but as you stay close to Him and decree what He is saying, trust and obey Him, you will see major increase in the vision. I saw FIRE falling upon the vision. In the "come away" place, the fire of His presence and love is going to fall upon His people in a new and fresh way.
The revelation He is going to bring from the Word of God concerning the new visions He is releasing, is going to come with such fire, the Word will be like FIRE IN YOUR BONES (Jeremiah 20:9), the fire of His heart and His Word will be SO STRONG within you, that you will not be able to contain the joy and revelation that has come through His Word and the revelation released to you concerning the vision He has given you.
I saw a specific attack against "family" right now and the vision that God is releasing upon families. Stand against the attack that is coming against "family". Rebuke the lies the enemy is speaking regarding family. The Lord spoke to me a few months ago and I heard the words "2018, The Year of Family" and there are layers of revelation concerning that word, but in a dream recently the Lord showed me an attack against "families" and the family unit right now, because of what God is doing and about to do IN family. The enemy is attempting to steal, kill and destroy and hinder what God is doing in family, so PROTECT THE VISION. Protect the promise of what God has told you, showed you about your family, for your family, for the family of God, for other families. Protect it with your faith, prayer and trusting God. Family is VERY KEY in what God is doing and ABOUT to do. Increase, multiplication, revival, restoration, favour, healing, freedom is falling upon family. Watch and see what God is going to do through families and the family unit especially in 2018!


  • Sue

    I receive this word for healing and restoration in my family. Trusting God the Father that my children have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Peace and rest in our home and as a family unit.
    Also believing for the vision of our church body. That God will bring it to completion.
    Thank You Father.

  • Sue Robb

    I believe and trust our Lord for this!! He is the Author AND the Finisher!! To God be the glory!!!
    Praying for you all … Grace! Grace!!
    Thank you , precious Lana!!

  • Tim

    I am currently separated from my wife and family. Your Vision and Words of encouragement about Families give’s me Hope for 2018
    I Thank the LORD for the Vision Lana.

  • mackeysback

    Lana writes: I saw FIRE falling upon the vision. In the “come away” place, the fire of His presence and love is going to fall upon His people in a new and fresh way.
    This is where the Spiritual attack is taking place in the “Come Away” with me place. Yes we are to be Set Apart and we “MUST” Keep our Inward Eye of His Understanding upon the Grace that’s Coming to us at the appearing of our Great God and Deliverer the Lord Himself Jesus Christ. Wait for Him “Endure” and continue to Fight the good Godly Fight of your most genuine Faith as He is Coming to be Glorified “IN” His Holy Ones who are set apart in themselves as having “Come Away” In and with Him Amen!

  • Ford

    I believe and receive this Word in Jesus’ name. My husband is under attack right now with his job. Please pray for him. He is getting so close to his dreams and destiny. I rebuke this spirit of frustration and discouragement right now on W. and command the spirit of joy, peace, and rest in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen. God Bless you and your family, Lana.

  • Lea

    Oh my goodness! How right on! I am in a place of needing a serious reboot as I am exhausted from serving the Lord in missionary work and I know that there should be a new vision coming forth. I have constantly been dying to our vision and waiting and waiting and waiting upon the Lord. But it seems that there’s no end to the waiting so I’m very weary and very discouraged right now. Thank you so much for this word. I am praying for that baptism of fire and for a release of much joy and a fulfillment of the vision and family involvement.

  • Dori Westrick

    YES! WE MUST BELIEVE! I PRAY that the Holy Spirit remove all UNBELIEF! We must BELIEVE in the AUTHORITY GOD has given us as believers in HIS POWER ! We MUST BELIEVE on Earth as it is in Heaven! GOD is the PROVIDER! HE HAS ALREADY PROVIDED! WE must look at Him as the “PROVIDER” and not the problems we are having! WE MUST STAND and focus on HIM! ENTER His courts with THANKSGIVING and PRAISES! WE must GET above The CONFUSION, noise, distractions! We MUST BELIEVE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! BY HIS SPIRIT! HIS MIGHT! HALLELUJAH! IN GOD WE TRUST! I BELIEVE what GOD says about me! I BELIEVE what GOD says about my family! NOT WHAT MAN SAYS! GOD LOVES ME! GOD LOVES THEM! IN GOD I TRUST!

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    YES my testimony begins in 1993, which I had dedicated to the YEAR of Family. In God’s mercy He rescued us for His process of making us NEW so that one day we will be revealed in the nations as part of His Bride and NEWS. During a LVM 7 Day call forth in August The Lord revealed a planned attack by the enemy – Terror of the Night – and as I pressed in The Lord revealed the dream and strategy to overcome. Ps 91 has become DAILY bread. And YES confirming that The Lord had told us 2018 was The Year of Family Destiny. Grace, grace, GLORIOUS GRACE to all who partake and drink to the last drop for FULLNESS THAT CANNOT BE OBSTRUCTED. ABGB

  • Rozanne

    Thank you Lana the second night home from UK where I have been for 9 months working/studying prayer ministry, I had a dream where I saw Elijah, I seemed to be an observer only…then I awoke and asked the HS what did this mean? He reminded me of Malachi 4:5-6 and then I pondered on this and realised I’d been commissioned to the next generation because Abba is looking for sons (and daughters) for His family who will grow into great fathers and mothers of family. Nathan Shaw also said just a few weeks ago there’s a pouring of mantles of Elijah in this season. Would welcome any further comments please.

  • Adeline Kane

    Dear Lana, I have always been blessed by your Word but there is one sentence here that bothers me ie where you prophesy the enemy’s attack..2nd para. is there a mistake: prophesy against the attack instead?? We are called to speak Life over us not death ie the enemy’s work? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • Ann Brown.

    Hi, Lana. Your words make a lot of sence to me at this time. As I can feel the coming quaking that has already started to happen. It’s like a pregnant pause. The weight of it was on my head today. I know that sounds strange, but it was very weighy.And we prayed and it was gone. It seemed something in the spiritual was happening. Even though we could only feel it.We prayed protection for our selves ,properties and family members.

  • L. T. A.

    When we came out of bible school, God spoke to my heart that our new family we were starting were a godly team. Our biggest fight to keep it godly & together came from wordly relatives, the secular churches, & social media promoting occult as vampires, pokemon etc. Then I had a padtor & his elders tell a daughter to cut me off from miscommunication. Yep there is a fight for the restoring, the honoring & caring of parents or kids or grown adult children. Messages are given to move on , leave, blame, don’t need them etc. For all ages.
    We need the godly praying mother’s prayers to be answered. There are many godly single & married parents that are being cut off. My heart goes out to them, God you are able to bring back to them their kids & grandkids. This repentance & true recognition of value is needed to restore the families.

  • Steph

    Thank you Lana for bringing this word from God. God had been revealing something to me that He is going to be doing through my family, and two nights ago He revealed a very similar dream to my 13 year old son. I believe that this dream He gave my son was confirmation.

  • Meshack Baloyi

    I receive this Word and open my heart for its full manifestation in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Kay

    These words are so accurate. On the 23rd. I had a moment where I was just flooded with fear and doubt on whether I was moving in the right direction or if I heard correctly. Of course the Holy Spirit quickly countered those lies, but it’s such a blessing to see your words. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Terri Jack

    God Bless You sister Lana for this most timely, profound confirmation, to my prayers from just the day before. Had just spent a week of warfare with my family that is under attack, and had ask the Lord in desperation for a quick rebooting, and refreshing (exact words) from the ground I felt I had lost. He truly directed me to” come away” when returning home to complete His Vision, even taking a sabbatical from work for the week! When seeing this on Mon. am I was ecstatic and overjoyed for His encouragement through your obedience ! I am forever grateful for our Fathers gift that He has given you to share with we, His Body of Believers. Continued prayers for your ministry! God Bless You & your family!