Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Last night I had a dream and this morning I felt the Lord tell me to share the declaration of this dream as a prophetic word for many who have faced incredible battles in this season and currently facing huge battles.
I saw the intensity of the battle that many have faced and are facing, but the decree of the Lord right now is that He is going to show Himself stronger than the battle.
There will be incredible recompense. There will be more fruit than you have ever seen. There will be greater increase than you have dreamed. There will be greater demonstration of the power and creativity of God in your life. There will be restoration of what was taken, what was killed and stolen, the Lord is restoring by His resurrection power.
You will be even more convicted and burning with the revelation of the power of God and how great, how big, how strong, how mighty your God is. He is working for you and NOTHING can stand against you as you stand with Him and hold His hand. The enemy is going to run scared because of the demonstration of the power of God that is about to manifest in and through your life.
The enemy has stolen many of your voices, he has stolen many of your dreams but here comes the Lord in power, a deep encounter with His heart that will RESTORE your voice, RESTORE your sound, RESTORE your song, and you will carry and release greater revelation than you have in previous seasons.
Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! He is about to step in and show Himself strong. It’s not a long way off, the Lord is upon you, the Lord is about to move. He is about to ignite in a whole new way and the way He shows Himself strong to you with place a fire, His fire in your bones so strongly, so powerfully, the fire of conviction of the truth of His Word that will leave you forever changed.
For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward him. " (2 Chronicles 16:9)
Stand up and watch! Stand up and watch! God is about to display His strength.
"Display your strength, God, and we’ll be strong! For your miracles have made us who we are. Lord, do it again, and parade from your temple your mighty power." (Psalm 68:28-29)
Friends, He is about to do it again! He is about to break through for you! He is about to move for you! He is about to show His faithfulness again. He is about to blow you away with what He is going to do. The enemy thought he had "won" a battle in your life, but that’s a lie. The enemy is defeated, you are victorious in Jesus and you are about to see the triumph of God unravelled before you YET AGAIN in the demonstration of His power and strength.
The WAY that the Lord is going to show Himself strong is going to FAR OUTWEIGH the battle you have faced.
I saw the Lord coming as a mighty warrior and as He moved in power, I saw wombs in the natural and in the spirit FULL of fruitfulness. Whatever has attempted to HINDER the birthing, the Lord is coming in power and bringing a TURNING!
The strength and power of God is turning the SOUR TO SWEET!
I declare over you today..


  • Robearh

    I receive your Words, this day Father God, for it is at hand close so very close, for soon and very soon
    I shall declare the Greatness, Awesome Testimony of the what the Father, has done for me. Hallelujah !
    I thank you Jesus !! you are faithful and true, your words, shall not return unto me void. Hallelujah !!

  • Cheryl

    I receive it in Jesus’name! The struggle has gone on since 2002, no more! Pour out you’re blessings Lord, Restore what the enemy has stolen! PRAISE YOU GOD!

    • Ashwen Gibson Blake

      YES. I know what you mean. It must be a HUGE GLORY TENT in that heart of yours Cherie of Lord. ABGB

  • Patricia Davis

    God does not make mistakes, I heard the lord say to me my former will be greater than my latter, get ready, get ready, get ready.
    The amount of sickness I have endured won’t even come pare to all that he has in store, my dreams were never lost, for behold he’s doing a new thing, a true thing.

  • Sonia

    Lord, I am waiting for you to help me with this battle for my soul and mind, so many things have been stolen from me. Even in the midst of the battle, I believe You when you said, You will never leave me or forsake me. I will not be afraid any longer. I do believe You!

  • Lorie Phillips

    I agree with you Lord. Show yourself stronger than the battle. When I am weak you are strong amen. I know it is the thief and the father of all lies that has to return 700 fold of what he has stolen and the bad turned to good and the lies turned to truth. Thank you my God and redeemer.!! Bless the name of the Lord forever! Thank you God for you sweet wisdom, revelation and knowledge of your resurrection power is working now.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Thank you again Lana for another wonderful and true Prophectic Word from The Lord. i had previously written a comment to your post but when I sent it something happen where the comment didn’t go through. Totally feel it was a move from the enemy, that never happened to me before when trying to send a comment on your website.Anyways to tired to write comment all over , but I do want you to know that there was a song The Lord brought to my attention the beginning of this week by Elevation Worship and it’s called ” Do it again” . First time that I could remember hearing song and I fell in love with it. I decided to look it up on youtube because i only heard a little part of song on tv. Well Lana if you haven’t heard song already you may want to look it up because its a confirmation to The Prophectic Words The Lord has given you. I have been listening to it iver and over ever since The Lord has brought it to my attention this Sunday. Such a beautiful, encouraging song. Anyways, thank you again Lana for your service to The Lord. GOD bless you.

    • Nahomie Riche

      I just wanted to add when a Prophectic Word is given to a group of people it usually speaks to each person differently for which it was sent.The ” Do it again” song I had commented on earlier I believe confirms a part of The Prophectic Words given to Lana by The Lord. I just wanted to add that because I feel theres different things you can get out of it.☺

      • Aundrea Hernandez

        Your reply shows it went through at 4:44 am! “Open door, creative miracles, creative opportunities opening, invitation to encounter fresh intimacy with God, Come up higher, fresh perspective and increase of vision, breakthrough season of victory.” (Jodie Hughes post Ms Lana shared)

      • Nahomie Riche


  • LightWriters

    Alleluia!!! Thank You Jesus for all of Your great and precious promises bring fulfilled over us!! Thank you, warrior Lana for hearing His heart and for sharing the beautiful declaration of His restoration turnarounds and LIFE. What the enemy had tried to abort, our awesome GOD IS bringing to LIFE!! Amen!!! shalom and xo in Jesus?????

  • Zaida

    I felt as if this message was directed at me and what has been going on in my life…….I trust God with all my heart, yet there are times I feel scared, confused and uncertain about life and I just cry and sob, sob and sob…I cry about anything and everything…..I am a very positive person….I know it’s the enemy and believe me when I tell you that I use my Christian authority, and I fight the good fight of faith. but something is not right…..I was a pray about everything, worry about nothing, HIs will, His timing person…. Once I prayed things in God’s hands! I would not talk about it cause The problem was now God’s and I trust Him to take care of it and me talking about it was pulling it out of His hands and taking back, what now was His…..just sharing!!!!❤️????

  • Winnie

    Amen, Father I receive this word in your precious name, the struggle has been too long and hard but today is a day of victory!

  • Sheldene

    Hallelujah.. Praise be to God. Thank you thank you thank you Lord. Victory belongs to You..My excited… May God richly bless you Lana

  • L.M.

    Amen Lord! Bring it soon! Crush the enemy of lack , hindrance and sickness in my family’s lives in Jesus Name. May I see fruit in abundance that I will be in awe. Show yourself Strong God for you are Mighty and Glorious to Save. Thank you Abba, my Soul cries and awaits your Glorious Recompense for The Years That The Enemy Has Stolen in My Life. Only Glorious Abundance, Restoration and Recompense. Bring Fullness of Life and Joy To My Life. I also want to Thank You for The Boaz That I have been praying For That I Know and Believe with All My Heart that you Will Bring Into My Life. Thank You for your Kindness and Faithfulness in my Life In Jesus Name. I love You Father, Abba. I love You Jesus. My Soul Awaits. Soon, Very Soon. I Hear The Sound of The Abundance of Rain. I wait Expectantly and Joyfully. No More Delays!!!! In Jesus Name. Amen!

  • Debbie

    Wow I have just woken up and this came in on my phone. Praise God! He is mighty and the battle does belong to the Lord!
    I am holding on to this word and praying it in. Thank you Lana for sharing this word.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Thank You Father God!! We Receive and Believe The Word of The Lord!! I’ve been Delaring Exodus 14:14 after seeing it twice in a matter of a couple hours. Today, it’s been 12:34 …
    “Alignment. Divine alignment and positioning. God is lining things up for you with ease. God is watching over you. You can trust Him.” (Jodie Hughes post Ms Lana shared)

  • John Miller

    Yes, we Thank You Lord, we Bless You Lord, we Praise You Lord, we Love You Lord, and we receive you powerful word and your powerful manifestation in this world and in our own lives, as well as in the lives of all those aligned with us. Come Lord, pour out your Spirit on us and in our lives and guide us to move fully in all you have for us in this great new season. Thank You Lord.

  • Rosette

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you for the word! Indeed it is encouraging. But i get the sense the promises have taken far too long with many twists. I started reading your posts in 2014 and the word has been consistently promising for things to get better but seems like the enemy keeps fighting and God keeps promising that things will get better… When you have a moment of dialogue do you ask God why this is the case for some people? Is it they need to abandon the promises altogether or pray harder….

  • Rozanne Saunderson

    Awesome – positioning to Encounter Him again I long to see His eyes and face again and experience being overwhelmed by Him strengthened for His purpose in this next season. Hallelujah!!!

  • Anna

    Such despair in my heart when I woke up this morning…the enemy tormenting me all night with “what are you going to do now?”
    Then I read your post and danced !
    It’s nit my job to know how the money will come!
    My God is able and has unlimited resources!
    Thank you?

  • Gabriel Hanson

    Perfect timing ….we are facing many battles I know are sent to destroy us. Father, I receive this beautiful word from you today! May You be honored and glorified and show yourself strong in the situation we are facing. I pray that all would know it is You and that You are a good good Father. . . whatever was meant for evil will be turned around for good and much Much fruit be the result!!!

  • Jeanette Lewis

    I Jeanette Lewis, receive this manna of word from the mouth of My Father God Almighty. Who is and Who is which to come. Amen and Amen

  • Jacob C. Norman

    Really praise God for this word, praise God for you Lana, have really been under attack lately and agree with Lana that God is going to show himself triumphantly strong in this season and quickly!!!

  • Shelley

    Lana, thank you for this word from the Lord. All the way through reading it, I was yes, yes, that is what is starting to happen and going to continue in the months or years to come.


    Thank you for being obedient to God and declaring what you’re hearing. Very encouraging – abundant life and blessings to you.

  • Marno

    Thank you, Lana, for this timely and wonderful Word from our Heavenly Father. After I read your prophecy and let is fill my spirit the other day, we received an unexpected gift from God! I know that it was a sign that the enemy is getting very weak in the battle. I believe God is giving us beauty for ashes! I declare RECOMPENSE in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen. God Bless you and your family, Lana.

  • Jean Foley

    Amen!! Such a timely encouragement from the Lord! 4 1/2 years ago a small group of people in a small town in Iowa said YES to the Lord and began a ministry called Wings of Refuge where we have served in one way or another 15 precious, beautiful women rescued from sex trafficking. We currently are believing God for some pretty major finances! But He is a BiG God – and this is HIS ministry – and those are HIS precious daughters He has entrusted us with. I would so appreciate any and all prayers on our behalf! XO

  • Meshack Baloyi

    Thank you Lord for the fulfillment of Your word in Numbers 23:19 ” God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said,and shall not do it? Or hath He spoken,and shall not make it good.

  • Thelma Goszleth

    Thank you, Lana, for your faithful sharing–with detail like arrows of Life that hit definite marks. Words that confirm exactly what we thought–or hoped–God was saying about our situation. And, because of the long wait, and delays, we need to hear often! I wish you could know how many times I thank God for you. And, it sounds like there are MANY of us out here.

    • sonflower

      Yes, you speak from heart. I am one of them. We must press on and not give up, for He who promised is faithful 🙂 God bless you.

    • Rev. Connie Sue

      Prophetess is always right ….. with God’s words .
      My seed is sown in her field.
      Rev. Connie Sue

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    Ps 84: 11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
    The Lord bestows grace and favor and honor;
    No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.
    12 O Lord of hosts, How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation].
    10 For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else];
    I would rather stand [as a doorkeeper] at the threshold of the house of my God
    Than to live [at ease] in the tents of wickedness.
    SOON AND VERY SOON they are going to see OUR LORD.
    I just had a thought today – as I praised Him for yet more that the enemy wants me to think has been taken away. (IMPOSSIBLE – nothing is stolen from within Christ! And that is where I abide and hide all God has given me to treasure as His which includes MY FAMILY Ex-tend-ing beyond his reach!)
    Thanks Lana and Family Extending.