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I found myself standing before the throne of God and suddenly I could hear the sound of rushing waters. It was such a beautiful sound. Such peace, such tranquility, such expectation and life. As I looked up I saw Papa sitting on the throne and this waterfall was pouring out of His heart. He smiled and spoke “It’s time to dive in” .
People began to come from far and wide in all stages of their journey. Some broken, some wounded by the battle, some weary, some disappointed, some joyful, some expectant, some crying. As they got close to the waterfall His beautiful presence was so overwhelming, they began to sing praises to Him. 
“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. You are the perfect definition of love. You are the glorious demonstration of a good Father. You are so perfect in all of your ways. You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. You are my Papa. You are my Daddy. You are my safe place. You are my best friend. You are the lover of my soul. You are my all in all. You are my everything. You are my life. You are my love. You are never changing. You are faithful. You are always loving. There is no darkness in you. You are so beautiful!”
As praises exploded from within their hearts they moved underneath this waterfall and revelation that was flowing from the heart of Papa God was unlocking and awakening the DEEPEST crevices of their hearts. They were being awakened to life, awaked to love, awakened to peace, awakened to joy. This awakening was happening at such a deep level attacks, lies and strongholds were falling off. Melting away. 
Those that were weary, disappointed, wounded, weary, crying were beginning to stand up straight as life filled their hearts and souls, as they began to see as He sees. They went from being able to barely stand to jumping and splashing around in the waterfall like little children. Waters of refreshing were entering their wilderness. 
“Then the lame will leap like a deep, and the tongue of the mute will shout for joy. For waters will break forth in the wilderness.” – Isaiah 35:6
He is bringing His people back to the place of childlike faith in Him. FUN with Him, joy and deeper peace, all in the place of KNOWING HIM as a GOOD Father. He is taking the stress away, the anxiety that is suffocating many, the fear that is crippling many, the pressure many are feeling, He is melting it away in the rivers of His refreshing love and revelation. 
I saw for many in this battle where they have become weary, wounded and discouraged and begun to align themselves out of ‘weariness’ and ‘discouragement’ with lies of the enemy about who they are and their situations, scales had been placed over their eyes. The enemy had placed scales over their eyes to stop them from seeing what the Lord was really doing, really saying, where He was leading and bringing upon them a deep confusion and attempting to place a deception upon His people. The enemy has been working hard to hinder your vision, because as you see as He sees, courage rises up within you. You become fearless knowing who is with you. Nothing can stand against you and you move from believing for breakthrough to BECOMING BREAKTHROUGH because you know who you are in Him. You move from letting your circumstances walk all over you until you see breakthrough, to walking ON your circumstances because you know WHO is WITH YOU!!!
One of the greatest seasons of alignment of awakening is upon the people of God, that is seeing the people of God come further into the overcomers that they already are. The Lord is TRAINING YOU in your circumstances. Training you to live as an OVERCOMER and live contented because of Him and not your circumstances. What you are walking through now is shaping you, qualifying you and preparing you for the increase that is upon you.
As the people of God delighted in these waterfalls flowing from His heart as they worshipped and spent time before Him, they were being awakened to truth, the scales were falling off. Deep repentance was taking place and truth was taking over.
I heard Him say “SEE AS I SEE” and suddenly the eyes of God’s people were awakened. Pinpoint accuracy of sight was being released upon the people of God to SEE as He is seeing. Divine revelation, insight and clarity was being released with such accuracy into situations, trials, pressures and their future that they began to grow taller. I realised as they were being aligned to see as He sees, they were growing further into who they are in Him, sons and daughters of God and their authority in Him. 
Suddenly, before the people of God I saw all the waves that have tried to overtake them. The wind and the waves trying to swallow them up, areas where the enemy had placed scales over their eyes to hinder their seeing, they were stepping upon these waves and WALKING ON WATER. 
“Seeing Me as I am, seeing Me as a GOOD Father is settling the storm WITHIN YOU, so now you may SETTLE THE STORMS AROUND YOU!!!!” 
A new realm of authority, tangible peace in who He is and His goodness was overtaking them, that was seeing them crush the head of the enemy and tread on impossibilities in Jesus name. 
Don’t let the wind and the waves, the discouragement, the fear, the weariness keep you from the throne room, from the secret place and keep you out of the Word. Stay DEEP in the Word!!!! FEAST, FEAST, FEAST on the Word as the winds howl and the waves crash around you. 
The Lord is working deep on your heart, releasing upon you greater sight as you align yourself with Him, to SEE the breakthrough that awaits you in KNOWING WHO is with you. You don’t need to be overwhelmed, because as you delight in the waters flowing from His heart, you are being awakened, and going to walk on water like never before.


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