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Tonight the Lord randomly dropped an encouragement on my heart for those who have felt the Lord leading them into a geographical move. Those also, who are waiting on the provision, those who are in the process of the move and those who have just moved. 
I felt the Lord saying that in these God breathed geographical moves there would be a threefold blessing and breakthrough:
1. YOU WILL RECEIVE KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH – No matter what part of the journey you are at, I saw the Lord handing the people of God “keys to breakthrough”. These were keys on a chain, and they were keys for whatever was needed for this move. “Finances, housing, relationships, favour for employment” I felt the Lord’s encouragement to not give up. As He has spoken and confirmed this geographical move to you, He is giving you the keys to breakthrough to see everything taken care of and a clear path paved out before you to move into your “new promised land”. These keys to breakthrough are being given to you and the giants in your land will be defeated. Where He guides, He provides. He will be faithful to His promise. 
2. NEW LEVEL OF INTERCESSION AND STRATEGY – I saw these ones at whatever part of the process of geographical moves stepping into new levels of intercession and strategy as they seek the Lord for the area. I felt the Lord saying tonight that these moves are not by ‘accident’. These moves are strategic and the Lord is positioning His people right now, because what you carry is going to bring change to the area you are being placed in. Even if you don’t understand why a certain place, trust Him, for He has amazing things to release through you and your giftings.
The Lord is going to release strategies of heaven and what is on His heart for these ‘new lands’. Prophetic dreams, visions, encounters, revelations that He is calling His people into partnering with Him to see an unlocking take place in these new geographical locations. be seeking the heart of the Lord for the new place before you, for He is going to release divine strategy that when prayed into and outworked is going to see signs and wonders and revival begin to be released in those places. The Lord will bring key people around you, a great networking, to join together in deep unity to usher in new moves of His Spirit all across the planet.
3. YOU WILL BE A KEY – I saw hundreds upon hundreds of people all across the body of Christ making geographical moves prompted by Him and He was positioning them in these places and they were going to bring a great ‘unlocking’ in the area the Lord has assigned them to. In little and big ways the Lord is going to be using His people in these new moves to see cities impacted for by His love in new ways. City shifts taking place! Don’t underestimate what the Lord is going to do through you in this new place. There will be greater stretching, there will be bigger steps of faith in some ways, but the encounters with His heart that await you are going to be more glorious than you have experienced before and out of these encounters will your heart and giftings be awakened at new levels, that you will see the Lord move in and through you more powerfully than you ever have. New giftings will arise over your life and new levels of creativity as the Lord begins to move through you more powerfully than you have experienced before AS you press into Him in the secret place.
You will be a KEY to the cities and nations you are stepping into as YOU are awakened and these geographical moves are thrusting you further forward into your destiny. Great opportunities, favour, destiny doors and increase await you in these geographical moves that will see cities set on fire by His love through you. YOU ARE A KEY amongst many! You have been called by the Lord to this new geographical place for such a time as this. 
It may have felt like a mountain climb to get to these new geographical locations, but mountain top encounters and experiences await you in these new places. 


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  • Shirley

    Thank you for the encouragement. We are being called to the Gold Coast and in the natural it is impossible but with God all things are possible!

  • Margie

    Great word. We’ve been called to go back to my husband’s hometown, we’ve been feeling like it’s going to be soon, and this is confirmation for us!!! 🙂

  • eli trust

    thank you very much for these great encouragement! i’m looking forward to move! but i don’t know exactly the time, place ect. but it will be soon.
    worship the lord with all my life it’s the greatest!!
    much love to you!

  • Nick

    Thanks Lana, I have a plane ticket in hand to move back home to Ohio this Saturday after a year in ministry school at bethel. Certainly, looking forward to loving on my hometown, just made the decision after praying over the last few months, great timing!

  • Phyllis

    Confirmation!! I listened to a podcast last night with the same prophetic word spoken.God is awesome and perfect in all His ways.

  • Syd

    Thank you Lana. The Lord told me is was “time to pack” and then confirmed it in a dream where I was packing and had to be at the airport. There was a man helping me who seemed to know exactly what time I needed to be there. I am moving back to LA after being in the desert (Vegas) for about a year. I saw a vision of a mountaintop that we illuminated with yellow light. The Lord also whispered that “change is coming”. This word among many of your posts are major confirmations! You truly have laser beam spiritual vision. You are a gift.