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“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14
I had an encounter with the Lord yesterday. I heard the Lord say the words “The vault of travel opens” and instantly I was taken into an encounter with Him.
I saw Jesus standing before a vault and He took me by the and and invited me into this vault. The Lord then spoke “This is the vault of travel for those who are called to the nations to minister and to those who are moving geographic locations by the leading of My Spirit for new assignments. This vault is also opening wider for those who are already moving across the nations and geographic locations on assignment providing greater increase to them.”
The atmosphere was filled with the sense of “confirmation” for many that the Lord has spoken “NOW” was the time to go to the nations. The tipping point had arrived and doors would FLY OPEN.
I began to walk through this vault and I knew that this vault was in the heavenlies. It was a place in heaven, a storehouse for the people of God. It was a place that the people of God access through the secret place. Coming into this place with Him, through faith and prayer, withdrawals were taking place.
ENOUGH GRACE: I looked to the left and I saw a sign on the wall. The words on this sign were ALIVE. I could FEEL the impartation being released from these words and it said “ENOUGH GRACE.” In Him, there is grace to fulfil the call to the nations, to move through the transition, to move locations..whatever the challenge, whatever the cost, there is ENOUGH GRACE.
BAGS OF PROVISION: I then saw bags on the floor and they were full to the brim and on the front of the bags was a dollar sign. The Lord looked at me and smiled and said “This is the provision needed for My people to move out of this vault of travel into the nations to extend My Kingdom and My Gospel to reach the ends of the earth.”
KEYS: I looked to the part of the vault wall near the opening and there were keys hanging on “nails”. I looked to the Lord to ask Him what they were and He said that these were the keys to the nations, to UNLOCK the nations and bring revival. Different keys for the nations for each one that as each one uses the key given to them, when all the keys are used together a great breakthrough happens in that certain nation. These were the KEYS that can be accessed through prayer and seeking Him for divine strategy to see moves of God break out all across the world. These keys were available to the people of God as they interceded and stewarded faithfully what the Lord had given them. I was ‘struck’ that they were hanging on “nails” and then overwhelmed with the sense of His love, His Gospel, the glorious revelatory truth that He paid it all, that everything is “hinged upon” Him and His beautiful sacrifice at Calvary to set this world on fire with His love and as they say YES to Him, they are led back into relationship Him free and forgiven and they receive the free gift of eternal life. Salvations were exploding all around as the glorious good news of the Gospel extended farther and wider than ever. The good news of His love and demonstrations of signs and wonders following the people of God erupted.
RHEMA: I then looked to the right side of the vault and I saw scrolls upon scrolls of revelation. Scrolls the Lord was releasing of such deep revelation, pure truth founded in Him, that would act like a “plumbline. It would bring people into heavenly alignment, it would bring breakthrough, it would break false teachings, it would break deception, bring freedom, healing, awakening and revival when released. As I looked closer at these scrolls I saw what looked like little “fireballs” in the middle of each one. The Lord then explained that these “fireballs”, was the impartation of the fire of God released when these rhema words were declared across the world. POWERFUL moves of His Spirit and explosions of His love. Demonstrations of the FIRE OF HIS LOVE on the earth like it has never been seen before.
STAIRS: I noticed in the middle of the vault were stairs going down to what looked like a basement. It reminded me of a “bomb shelter”. The Lord led me down into this ‘deep place’ and suddenly there were walls of water all around me. I felt like I was in an underwater obsevatory. The sense surrounded me that this was a new depth of intimacy, a new realm of seeing into His heart, a new revelation of the moves of the Spirit and an awakening to Him as the LIVING WORD. I felt like I was on the ocean floor and there was beauty all around, and I could breathe easier than I have ever breathed. He then spoke “Many have been contending to go deeper in intimacy with Me than ever. There has been a divine restlessness that has landed in the hearts of many of My people who have been contending for more, that has stirred new levels of hunger within them. This is a new depth of intimacy with Me before those who are moving out into the nations for the first time, those who have been moving out and now with greater increase and for those who are believing for and in the process of moving geographical locations for more. For the increase and opening that this travel vault is releasing from My heart, a new depth of revelation and intimacy is required. In this place, the enemy can send attacks all around, but protection is found here in Me. Peace from the noise is found here. Refreshment is found here. This is a place that I am leading My people deeper into, that they can learn to pull back into, no matter WHERE they are, and draw from.”
The peace that filled me in this place was glorious as I enjoyed the communion with My Beloved.
I then saw these walls of water, the four walls around me come crashing upon me and joined into one. I was overwhelmed, overtaken and completely immersed in these waters and the joy, peace and strength that flooded through me was indescribable. These HUGE WAVE flowed OUT of this basement, up the stairs, through the vault and out into the world. I was being carried by the waves of His Spirit into places I could never imagine and in the MIDST of shaking and destruction in the world all around, the darkness that was covering the earth, the Lord was moving POWERFULLY by His Spirit bringing life, healing, breakthrough and revival. It ALL FLOWED from that deep place of intimacy with Him.
As we rode the wave together, He smiled at me and said “Remember, EVERYTHING you My people need for the nations and geographical moves before them are found in Me. The VAULT OF TRAVEL AND INCREASE has been opened. By faith, make your withdrawals. Everything will burst forth and open from intimacy with Me and the point of NEW DEPTH has arrived.”
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  • Thankful reader

    Thank you for the word, Lana. I’ve been praying for a move to a new location for about two years now. Very thankful and excited about what is to come!

  • Diana Mujica

    I read this last night before turning in to bed. This morning as I was sitting outside on the gazebo reflecting upon the Lord and His goodness, all of a sudden things began to change. As I was drawing closer to Him for His help I was in my own belly, so to speak. The only way to describe it is to say, I was a fetus in my own body. Then, I saw Him as my body and He began speaking over me, the child in His womb. It was as if He was calling all heaven and earth to the birth of His new child. He was announcing my birth to all I creation. He just gently took me over and found myself speaking in tongues, but understood what He was doing and saying. I believe the Newborns of the Holy Spirit are about to burst forth. Even as I write this, I am still in this place with Him.
    Lana, I believe this is where you were when you described being under water in the observatory. I didn’t get it when I read it, but after this ongoing experience I’m NOW in, I SEE MYSELF IN THE WOMB OF GOD THE FATHER and the water has broke! Yes! Yes! Yes! Born again of the Holy Spirit of God! Blessings to you and your family and ministry, Lana Vawser. Love ❤ you!


      Hi Diana….
      I was impressed by your experience as well as Lana’s. You think that both of your experience may be the same. I think so too. After one hour of reading both I heard a teaching from a Pastor in Honduras and started reading and explaining from an Italian version bible BLIT Psalm 110:03 translated as: an army of saints are born from the womb of GOD. I now this reads very different from any version I read in English, Spanish and even Italian. I just wanted to mention it since I DO NOT believe in coincidence but confirmation. Just yesterday I learned about Lana…. No late but just in time with the word I needed. GOD BLESS.

  • maria

    Thank you Precious sister,
    This is a great confirmation to me,
    both about the confirmations (of revelations)
    that have been given to me and the recently
    unexpected money to make it possible to
    do the nessecary great geographical move.

  • Khan Househam

    Hello Lana,
    Your words are revelation to me. I from the Golde but living in Germany good to see Aussies bringing the words from heaven.
    If by any chance you could give me a prophetic appointment on skype I would be very blessed.