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I saw the Holy Spirit doing a deep work in the hearts of many mothers with children and spiritual mothers in this season.
I saw a company of mothers who were on their knees and they were crying out to the Lord. There was desperation in their prayers, cries of hunger to know Him more, for greater encounters, cries for breakthrough in family and restoration and healing in the lives of their children. Many tears were cried over children both young and older. Many were also crying out from a place of deep weariness over the busyness of life and the pains of this season of stretching.
PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH: In this vision Jesus approached these mothers one by one and with such tenderness and love, He caressed their cheeks and spoke “I have heard your cries, I have heard your prayers and great breakthrough is before you. As you have positioned yourself before Me, with a heart of hunger and surrender, I am meeting with you. I am taking you into depths you have never known. In these deep places of intimacy you will be strengthen, you will be refreshed and much will be restored to you. You have been faithful in your mothering and have given much. I have seen the sacrifices, I have seen how you have loved. I have seen the cost and the pain and tears at times that no one sees. As you have released a mothers blessing to your children (also sons and daughters of the faith) great blessing is coming to you. An honouring, a celebrating, a refreshing from My heart to yours. Man may have not noticed your faithful sowing, but I have noticed and mothers are coming into great harvest in this season as I bring restoration to those mothers who have felt like they have lost and sacrificed much. Heavenly quakes of breakthrough will surround you, that will break open spaces and areas where deep encounter, breakthrough, provision and healing will come to you. As you press into Me and allow My Spirit to lead you into deeper realms and encounters you will no longer feel like you are running on empty. You will no longer feel you are scraping from the bottom of the barrel. Where you have felt you have been stretched for time, I will release double to you in shorter amounts of time. I am going to meet with many of you in prophetic dreams and much will be released to you. You will begin to feel you are living out of the overflow that is found in Me, than out of “just enough. A shift is taking place over you!”
HUGE HARVESTS: Huge harvests are coming to mothers in this season. What you have sowed in obedience, what you have sowed in faith, I saw an abundant harvest coming to you. The Lord is bringing great favour and blessing over you. Your baskets will be FULL and OVERFLOWING.
HEAVENLY HAMMERS: I saw mothers beating hard ground over and over again through their prayers. Their prayers for their children and their own lives. They had not given up in their faithful intercession, and the Lord was now bringing great increase and mothers as they pressed in were breaking new ground. Moving in greater authority in their intercession. Heavenly hammers were being picked up all around that was going to SMASH through the hardest of hard ground and see living water spring from the driest places. The mothers have paved the way and their prayers have etched wells for the miraculous to spring forth.
INSIGHT INTO GIFTINGS AND CALLINGS OF KIDS AND YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN: The Lord highlighted to me mothers with young children to young adults, and I saw the enemy coming against many of these children attempting to kill their dreams, squash their creativity and hinder their giftings. The warrior mothers were arising in prayer fighting in the spirit for their children and the Lord was releasing greater insight into the calling and giftings over their children’s lives. As they prayed and declared that which the Lord was revealing, I saw children to young adults all across the body of Christ being positioned for encounters and prophetic dreams where THEY SEE His heart and plans for their lives and they are beginning to move into greater heavenly understanding and encounters with Him in this season.
BREAKTHROUGH FOR CHILDREN: The Lord is honouring the prayers of mothers. Many have been crying many tears of their children, many have felt like they have come to a place where they don’t know what to do anymore. In this season as the mothers continue to press in, I saw the Lord releasing STRATEGY to mothers for their children that is going to bring specific and long awaited breakthrough into their lives. I saw children being healed in the multitudes. Freedom was coming their children from young children to adults. Freedom and healing was exploding all around, sudden turnaround miracles were occurring as these mothers implemented the strategies of heaven, strategies of His heart and MIRACLES were beginning to take place in huge unexpected ways. I felt the Lord’s heart of encouragement for mothers to not give up. Do not give up praying for your children. The Lord is honouring your prayers and there is a point of breakthrough for mothers right now as they keep standing. Prodigals are returning home in the multitudes.
SUPERNATURAL CONCEPTIONS: I heard cries from the hearts of women who were longing to be mothers and for whatever reason were having issues conceiving. I saw angels being released all over the earth carrying babies. I have felt the Lord’s heart for those trying to conceive on and off this year but no breakthrough being seen. Today, I felt the Lord encouraging these women to not give up. Those who are about to throw in the towel, do not give up. There are supernatural miraculous conceptions taking place.
COMFORT, NURTURING, HEALING OF GOD BEING RELEASED: I saw mothers arising all cross the body of Christ, with refreshed strength, greater clarity, fresh vision, a greater boldness, yet a deeper compassion and tenderness of God carried in their heart. I saw the Lord specifically positioning mothers in this season to begin to release His comfort, His nurture, His healing and His truth at deeper levels. There is a beautiful move of the Spirit being released through mothers right now as they press in and live surrendered in their families and all across the body of Christ.
The Lord is doing a great work in the fathers all across the body of Christ right now and He is bringing deep healing all across the body of Christ as the fathers rise up.
But today, I felt the emphasis of the Holy Spirit over mothers. That the enemy has stolen much from many mothers, he has worked hard to hinder the mothers, but NO MORE. There is a freedom, breakthrough and strengthening happening right now into mothers all across the body of Christ, that not only will bring great breakthrough into households but right across the body of Christ releasing a new impartation and demonstration of the comfort, nurturing and healing of God.
Warrior mothers are arising. Warrior mothers are arising fighting for their children in their prayers. Warrior mothers who are standing in the One who fights for them and their children, and the mothers have and are paving the way for some of the greatest demonstrations of His breakthrough and supernatural restoration and healing to the children they love, care for and future.
Mothers, it’s your time to arise!
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  • Christine

    Thank you Father God for your Love and Faithfulness ???? Praise your Beautiful Name.
    Thank you Lana for your faithful diligent dedication, in listening and I am so deeply encouraged and excited to receive and go forth more and keep on praying without ceasing in faith for my children & grandchildren & the children of the body of Christ??

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Anneline

    Thank you Lana for encouraging with words from God. My husband and I are trying to conceive for the past 7 years and after reading this we have increased our faith even more yes we believe and know that our Lord Jesus Christ will fulfill he’s promises. Awaiting our babies in great anticipation. We Love you Lord.

  • Elena

    Lana, Praise God!!! I know this is for many hurting moms out there..I feel it is for my son E. Thank you so much and I receive this word of the Lord! I am believing and will continue believing for healing over him and also his heart has been crying out to God and just tonight I read this and I know, because I know, this is answered prayer!! blessings e

  • Pearl

    Thank you so much for thay prophecy Lana! It spoke directly to me! I woke up with an intense desire to pray in the Spirit. Soon the prayer turned into intense intercession for my 4 year old son’s manifest healing and the fulfilment of God’s calling upon his life. I prayed for a divine strategy to nurture him into his prophetic destiny. As I put my head back on my pillow, the Holy Spirit reminded me to pray for the twins we are still trusting God for after various miscarriages and finally giving up going to doctors because of the gloomy reports we have always received from them. Concerning conception, we are at a place where we know that only the miraculous power of God can bring them forth, only through divine intervention can I concieve again and are trusting Him to make His promise and Word good. Finally as I went back to sleep, I asked for a visitation from the Lord. This prophecy was God’s answer to that prayer of intercession this morning. How great is our God! Thank you Jesus for loving us and for your thoughts about us, to give us a future and an expected end! Thank you for your obedience Lana! GLORY TO GOD!!!!

  • Kiwi Mum

    Thank you Lana for your continued faithfulness to seek the Lord for His words of encouragement for His people. So many of your words have been timely. I am persevering in prayer for healing for my daughters and this word encourages me that the answers might be closer than I think.
    God bless you and your family.

  • Edey

    This has been the most immediate answer from the Lord I had in a long time …. I was spending time with the Lord praying for my young adult children and I felt very discouraged and guilty of not having prayed enough for them in their younger years because we were soooooo busy ‘doing ministry’ …. Thank you for this word, I feel the Lord has heard my heart and ministered to me His perfect love and amazing grace ….. Many blessings Lana

  • Colleen

    I feel like wailing in joy after reading this. I have only been following you for a couple months now, but it is absolutely divine. Everything you have been posting is spot on for me. Confirmation/affirmation and revelation as to what is coming. It is and has aligned for me in every way. Today’s word has been such a matter of the heart for me for so long now. I’ve been sensing a huge breakthrough is coming with what is currently going on and because I still believe the promise He gave me years ago for my daughter. Thank you, Lana, for being my watchman! There is so much happening and coming that it is hard to contain what’s inside me right now.

  • Debra

    Thank you for this incredible and timely word from Yeshua! The Lord had me read Malachi 4:1-6 after this. Confirmation!

  • Grieving heart

    I wish I had seen this over a year ago. I kept getting the word that I would have children, even some said twins. I cried out to God. I thought back in 2009 when, after so long, my husband opened his heart to wanting to be a father. We began our journey, expecting a miracle. I was told my eggs were bad and that would never have a child with my own eggs. But we believed. We even opened our hearts after the anguish of trying and trying to conceive to be open and flexible and we sought donor eggs but there was no pregnancy. There was a heart beat at 5 weeks and then silence. After two to three very long years I threw in the towel. I could not continue to be continually hurt and grieved. So I said, God, if you said I would be a mother then its in your hands. I knew it was in his hands anyway but began to question if it was really him that said I would have a child. In 2011 my husband and I suffered that tragic loss and the loss of his brother and father three weeks apart. Everything came crashing down around us. Our hopes, our dreams, everything. Then God would occasionally whisper or speak through a book, a devotional, the pastor or incidences that I knew was God telling me not to give up. I am 48 years old now. I know God is a magnificent and powerful God where nothing is impossible to Him.
    When you mention that the Holy Spirit said those who were trying to conceive this year not to throw in the towel, what about last year or the year before that? What about a promise yet fulfilled and time doesn’t matter? Or does it? Maybe like many other things in my life lately where promises have been spoken over my life and the total opposite seems to be occurring, I do have faith in my heart and will never give up believing, even when the pain, the despair, the sadness, the heaviness in my heart, the exhaustion in my body screams otherwise.
    Wish I could be like so many other positive Christians and have a humongous well of life that is constantly available…….but God.

  • Judylynn

    Oh how I thank God for your ministry in sharing this word. I sobbed in travail and deep soul healing as I read. It has been 35 years on my knees. It has gotten darker, until I was completely thrown out of the family. In fact, there is my grandson getting married Sat., and I was not released to go. I was heartbroken. I feel hopeful now after reading this. My sons heart has turned to stone, toward God. Until I read this word from our Lord and Saviour.

  • Shiney

    Praise God
    “Thank You so much Lana for this message. It truly was “For Me”. Lately I was going through one of the dark moments of my life. I had been “Interceding For Healing & Delivarance For My Previous 11 Year Old Daughter Alvera Victory”. It has been a very painful time but “I Know Jesus Has Healed & Delivered Her Completely & Restored Her To Health”. “With God All Things Are Possible ~ Luke 1:37, Isaiah 53:5”. Thank You So Much For This Message. “Thank You So Much Jesus”. “I Will Forever Praise You”.
    From A Mother’s Heart,
    Shiney Alexis