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“You build Your balconies with light beams and ride as King in a chariot of clouds! You fly upon the wings of the wind! You make Your messengers into winds of the Spirit, and all Your ministers become flames of fire!” (Psalm 104:4)
I believe the Lord has really been releasing greater insight in this season across the body of Christ into angelic activity. There has been a greater increase in seeing the messengers of the Lord being released and their activity in the lives of His people and across the body of Christ.
I saw the Lord releasing angels of fire and they were hurtling towards the earth with great speed and intentionality as they were released into the lives of His people carried on the WINDS and WINGS of His authority and command to bring PERSONAL REVIVAL into the lives of His people. These angelic hosts were so engulfed in the fire of God that you could hardly see their form.
These angelic hosts are coming towards the lives of His people crying out to know Him more and to go deeper, and I saw them hit the ground of the lives of believers with such force and power that the lives of His people SUDDENLY BROKE OPEN!!!!!! It was like watching a fireball hit the earth, but there was NO PAIN, NO DAMAGE but INCREDIBLY BREAKTHROUGH, a BREAKING OF GROUND, a breaking open of hard dry places, a breaking open of fruitful places. These angelic hosts were breaking open new levels, releasing His fire that was igniting PERSONAL REVIVAL on levels the people of God have not experienced before. The fire of God carried by these angelic hosts was burning up hindrances whilst igniting hungry hearts, eyes and ears to new levels. Where something has held the people of God back, it was suddenly burnt away, and increase upon increase upon hunger and gifting. Spiritual senses and especially DISCERNMENT is going to a whole new level.
Your hunger has positioned you for the greatest igniting of personal revival you have yet known. Your hunger has positioned you for seeing the fire of God consume you in such a deeper way and ALL THINGS established by Him in your heart and life are receiving radical increase. This personal revival that is taking place will not only see dry bones come to life in your life, but revival and breakthrough released to those around you as you are moving out of greater overflow.
Your God is an all consuming fire and encounter with His fire will bring you more awake than you have ever been to knowing Him and His love. From this place, some of the greatest releases of increase and extension of borders and boundary lines will come upon you. A great breakthrough is going to happen IN YOU and then be released THROUGH YOU!!!!!!
These angelic beings are also touching the hearts of those who have lost their passion, and lost their hunger and thirst but have kept their face towards Him as a flint awaiting the breakthrough. Your HEARTS are about to be SET ON FIRE.
In the encounters with the fire of His love, you will see Him..the King of Glory before you and great changes will envelop you.
He is commanding the winds from all the four corners of the earth to usher in His glorious changes in your life. As you feel these winds enter your life, look up, and you will see Him riding on these winds. These changes are going to reveal Him to you in such a new and fresh way. His fire bringing revival and the winds of change establishing a greater alignment and demonstration of His government in your life. It’s an exciting time to be alive.
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