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 “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons..” (Daniel 2:20)

I saw many feeling ‘uneasy’ with things that seem to be shifting and shaking. The anticipation and expectation of “change” but also the uncertainty and nervousness of what it is going to “look like”. 
I saw what looked like a sheet and on this sheet was different areas of people’s lives. From work, to family, to finances, to housing, to ministry, to His promises, to provisions.. and as they were all laid out nicely, I saw Papa God come to His people and ask them again to lay it all down, for Him, to live in that place of “all my life is Yours forever.” Coming to a deeper level of surrender, going lower, a deeper realm of consecrating lives to Him.
With expectation, excitement and anticipation in His face, Papa God grabs the sheet and He throws it up in the air. As this sheet goes up in the air, all these “areas” are “moving and shaking”. The people of God begin to get nervous, worrisome, anxious because nothing is in “place”. Everything looks and feels “up in the air” but the look on Papa God’s face is that EVERYTHING is EXACTLY as it SHOULD BE. 
He looks at His people, and grabs their hands one by one, with a HUGE smile on His face, He speaks “Trust Me, this is going to be great!!!!! It’s the great REARRANGE….PREPARATION THAT IS USHERING IN GLORIOUS CHANGE!!!.”
As all these various areas of life were swirling around in the air, Papa God places His hand on the hearts of His people. I then saw a “rearranging” happening in hearts. A recalibration. Things in hearts that are out of alignment with His nature, with His goodness and truth were being rearranged and healed. In the “waiting” of these areas of life “swirling around”, the Lord was healing and aligning hearts to greater intimacy with Him, and wholeness. 
He smiled and spoke “RECALIBRATION TO LIFE AND LOVE!!” Things in hearts that were not calibrated to the truth of His Word and the glorious LIFE we have in Him, were coming into alignment. Areas of the heart that were dead, hopeless, caught in lies, despair,  anger and frustration were being dealt with as His people remained in that place of surrender. The heart surgery was painful, but His comfort was greater than the pain. A recalibration to life and love!!!! 
He then stepped back and rubbed His hands together in pure excitement and spoke.. “WATCH THIS, this is going to be great!!!”
Suddenly, everything began to fall from the place of “rearrangement” and fell into perfect place. Everything on the sheet looked different, bigger, more alive, extended, increased. 
The rearrangement had happened to usher in great change. To make room for the NEW. To make room for something GREATER. The swirling of the rearrangement had been leaving many anxious, unsettled or in fear, but the Lord was simply making room for something better, birthing the NEW DAY that was dawning upon lives.
There is a shaking that’s happening right now, where a lot of things are “up in the air”, but you KNOW it’s God, it has His HAND ALL OVER IT, but fear, anxiety and worry are attempting to ‘creep in’. Keep your eyes on Papa! Trust Him! For the rearranging is happening to usher in great change. He is also awakening hearts to Papa’s love, to His truth, awakened to life and love at new levels.
Get excited! Glorious change is upon you!


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  • Patti Adams

    I praise God for you and your continual and encouraging words. I have been waiting for over 10 years now for the fulfillment of a dream that I believe God gave me for my business. I have had much disappointment as one year goes into the next. God has grown me to complete and utter dependency on him through the wait. I see the kingdom picture for my business…influence and the salvation of souls… bringing his kingdom to the hearts of the people that I will serve through my design business. I have been hopeful and sensing that break though into His dream for my life is coming very soon. All your words resinate in my spirit, but this one does especially! It will be nothing short of miraculous! I am so hopeful!
    May God continue to Bless you as you continue to be His mouth piece.

  • Pam

    I pray God’s continued blessings on you , your ministry and your family. Your words are clear, powerful and profound. I have receive many words over the past twenty years that confirm and encourage me in the promise I am standing for. Frankly, I am coming to the end of my rope. I am 67 and lonely. Never married, no children, both parents dead and no social life to speak of. God initiated this word and promise and I surrendered and believed him. It hasn’t been easy. It’s a big promise and just these last few months I am feeling stretched beyond all measure. I need to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I need to see the fulfillment of his word to me, I am fighting to stay in joy but fast falling into apathy and depression. Your words are so uplifting and directive.
    He smiled and spoke “Trust Me, this is going to be great!!!!! It’s the great REARRANGE….PREPARATION THAT IS USHERING IN GLORIOUS CHANGE!!!.” Makes me want to cry because I want it to be so very badly. I love your gift, heart, and ministry. I have become a little monthly partner but want to support you and pray others will as well. Thank you and God bless you!!!

  • Dean Dierksen

    Lana, I have received your prophetic words for quite a while, didn’t know I could reply to them, sorry about that. I thank God for you and the way God speaks through you, I have been so Blessed and encouraged by your words and I look forward to them everyday… we all need encouragement…the Word says to heed the word of the prophet and you shall prosper and that God first speaks through His prophets, then brings it to pass…..thank you, thank you, thank you.. you are truly a blessing to the Body of Christ. God Bless you over and over….God Bless you my precious sister in Christ….Dean Dierksen

  • Sandra L. Betancourt

    Thank God for such a timely word, Lana! It has stirred my spirit. This is EXACTLY what I have been experiencing and now I am hopeful again. The Lord has given me so many promises that have yet to come to pass. I have taken sreps of faith to begin doing what I sense He would have me to, however, I have been in a “whirlwind” for years and took some hard hits. This Word has inspired me, once again, to keep the faith and surrender it all to Him. Blessings… ?

  • Heather

    Peace be with you, dear sister in the Lord.
    A Roman Catholic priest friend sent me a link to your site a few weeks ago. thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirits calling forth of your gifts. The words you have given have been powerful and timely. I testify to the Truth and efficacy of them, praise His Name.
    God bless you and protect you,