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Today, as I sat in His presence and enjoyed just being with Him, I was taking back into a vision that I had a month or so ago where I saw forefront leaders, forerunners and the five fold ministry being hit with arrow after arrow after arrow. There was a full fledged attack on many on the front line that was attempting to knock these leaders out of position. One thing after another continued to hit them, and many were weary and wounded in the battle. 
As I saw this scene again, I saw SUDDEN change and turning coming over them. From taking ‘cover’ in the Lord and allowing Him to be their shield and being in a place of simply ‘standing’ so not to be taken out, I saw suddenly the Lord began to pick up these forefront leaders and put them into what looked like a human size bow. The Lord pulled these leaders, forerunners and five fold ministry back, like arrows and suddenly let them go.
I saw these ones go flying in rapid acceleration and as they flew forward they were being carried by His Spirit and ground was being broken at DEEP levels, deeper levels than they had ever seen. So “breaking ground” was going SO deep that water started to spring out of the ground.
All of a sudden I could see water flowing in what looked like ‘roads’ that were being carved out, and suddenly fire was following where this water was flowing. The thought crossed my mind of how water and fire could co-exist and the thought came into my mind very clearly “Impossibilities are being removed wherever these ones are taking new ground, a whole new realm of endless possibilities of all things are possible in Me is opening up. The living water of My Spirit is going to break forth from deeper levels than they have seen before, new tangible demonstrations of My power and the fire of My love. For the enemy has attempted to keep these ones from this very release of taking ground further than they ever have before. There is a whirlwind of sudden turning and change over them where they are now being released in greater strength, greater revelation of their authority, greater revelation of who I am and My Word and greater acceleration taking back ALL the enemy has stolen and taking new ground.”
“These frontliners are moving forward carrying a BREAKER ANOINTING that has been FOUND IN THE FIRE and intensity of BATTLE!!”
There is a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT, a SHIFTING OF GEARS happening right now over the frontliners. New levels of DESTINY are being entered into through DOUBLE DESTINY DOORS. (Isaiah 22:22)
“It’s the time of RECOMPENSE for these ones. For all the “hits” they have taken to continue to lead the body of Christ forward, I have seen it all. I have strengthened them, I have protected them, My grace has been with them, I have comforted them, I have drawn them closer to me and the line of “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” has been reached. These ones are now being released powerfully into new levels that is going to see the enemy run screaming in fear for the damage they are going to do to his Kingdom and the levels of breakthrough, increase, and seeing heaven invade earth as they partner with Me. These ones are going to begin lighting revival fires wherever they go that will burn bright, usher in greater moves of My Spirit and levels of breakthrough, signs and wonders than they have experienced before. Where there has been “sighs” because of the constant attack, the constant battle, they are now moving into becoming a “sign and a wonder” with testimony that they are carrying coming out of this intense time of battle that is going to create such tremendous breakthrough as they minister and release their testimony that will see the ripple effects of this breakthrough spread in the spirit all throughout their cities, their nations and the world. My forefront leaders, forerunners and five fold ministry are CROSSING OVER, they are MOVING THROUGH A NEW THRESHOLD. Where the enemy has attempted to HOLD them back, they are moving into new levels of revelation, new levels of impartation, new levels of wisdom, new levels of provision. Even though for many, they are feeling much as been lost in the battle, be encouraged for you are now moving into gain that will far exceed and outweigh the pain. Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, breakthrough upon breakthrough for the pressure the enemy put on to attempt to break you. Greater levels of anointing and giftings are being moved into. Areas of battle and drought many of you have faced are now turning and you are positioned on mountains for greater encounters with Me. The very mountains that attempted to crush you, you will stand upon with great authority and see breakthrough released across My body. “
“Forefront leaders, forerunners, five fold ministry, the battle has been so intense because you are now moving into your greatest days thus far. You are leading My Bride into a place she has never before Me. You will see Me flow through you to see her come into the alignment that I desire. You will see her eyes opened, you will see her heart awakened as you flow with Me. Well done My faithful frontliners. For you have stood faithfully, contended, believed and battled for those you are taking with you. Not only will they move into great breakthrough and increase that you have fought for, but you are crossing over the threshold into much of what you have been dreaming about with Me and upon your heads are crowns of wisdom that have been found in the wilderness and the midst of battle. You are a key in My Bride unlocking one of the greatest shifts My Church has seen. You are being vindicated, restored, refreshed and ADDED TO!!!!!!”
“Get your baskets ready my frontliners! You are moving from the intensity of battle all around to greater harvest!!!”
“Who is that coming up out of the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?” – Song of Songs 8:5


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  • Sharyn

    Such a needed word for those who sacrifice that Jesus may have a complete Bride.
    Lana precious to God, may your continue to know His strength and encouragement.
    Much blessing.

  • Susan Rose

    Lana, you must be standing under an open Heaven. God’s beautiful voice through you is watering the hope of many. Your accuracy brings added confirmation to me, and I’m sure to others. I KNOW great things will be happening in the body of Christ very soon. Many of us ARE coming up out of the wilderness, leaning on our BELOVED JESUS.

  • Debra Pritchett

    Lana , you are such a blessing .This last post was you reading my mail. I am expecting .Praise God for you. Every day I look forward to your posts. Thank you

  • Veronica

    Thank you so much for this WORD from the LORD, it came at such a divine timing to affirm so much that the Father has been speaking to me and my soul was made to rejoice again as the waters ran over me causing such a refreshing. I can not thank you and Father enough for your obedience and timing. God
    Bless you.

  • in.whom

    Friday, August 14th I remembered this dream: A white sailboat at the end of the driveway acted like a person with it’s own will!! It had been parked behind a white vehicle in the driveway. The white sailboat saw the GIGANTIC WAVE coming from behing it as it sat in the driveway, and turned around SO FAST and DIVED DIRECTLY INTO THE WAVE and sank there in the deep waters!! I went to go tell my Mom what had happened as I was a daughter in this ream. The giant wave was not as tall as the tallest buildings, but it was higher than the small buildings. The sailboat did a turnaround so quickly knowing that the wave was there, that I hadn’t see until it had made the turnaround and dove right into the wave!!!

  • Pamela Grisham

    Please send all new emails to my new email address :[email protected]
    Also I am interested in going on the cruise in March send all info and itinerary, please and thank you so much Pamela Grisham
    I’m tired of not seeing miracles DAILY . We are meant to live in the Glory and to walk in divine health.