Prophetic Words


Many are being hit by one thing after another that is now turning to “torment”.
Keep standing, keep looking in His eyes because you are going higher!
I saw many darts from the enemy flying fast towards the people of God and suddenly Jesus appeared in the darts part and caught it in His hand.
There is a SMOKESCREEN attempting to stop you from moving into your destiny.
Much is coming at you and much may be swirling around you that “threatens” to be big, “threatens” horrific outcomes, can I encourage you… TRUST HIM!
For a lot of what is coming against the people of God is simply a smokescreen because IT WILL NOT TOUCH YOU as you remain in Him.
Remain! Remain! Remain! This is your key! You are HIDDEN IN HIM!!!
You WILL move into your destiny and the darts have increased because of your RELEASE!
YOU ARE PROTECTED and HE is for you and fighting FOR YOU!
Don’t give into the lie that He is not good or that He won’t fight for you, that is a lie to keep you from flying high!
You will SEE with your eyes these darts FALL to the wayside!!!!!
Especially in the coming weeks and months you will see your stumble turn to a confident STRIDE in Him and then a FLYING HIGH!
You are about to see in VICTORY the very reason the enemy has attempted to keep you from your destiny. Powerful encounters and opportunities await!