Prophetic Words


Dear Reader of Lana Vawser’s Prophetic List,
This truly is a personal email from me to you.
If you’re like me, you REALLY enjoy Lana’s almost-daily prophetic words. And if you’re like me you’re amazed how accurate and timely they are!
Am I right?
Lana has a rare gift from God! And because her gift is so rare . . . .
I asked her permission (She did NOT ask me about this. I asked HER)… I asked her if I could write a short note to all her readers. Lana’s list is not huge but it’s potent, because it has YOU on this list and you’re a follower of this WOMAN OF GOD.
I’ve watched as Lana and her husband packed up the whole family, at great personal expense and personal sacrifice of leaving family behind, to move to Brisbane, Australia in order to be obedient to God and live near others in the prophetic ministry so she could be accountable and helpful in their ministry as well.
She would never tell you this, and that’s why I asked for her permission to write you. This move was very expensive and Lana’s ministry, while new, is going to be one of the big ones. One day she will have many thousands on this list. Right now, it’s less than 200. Will you help me with a gift TODAY at the link below that Lana has set up.
If you’re benefitting from these Words from the Lord coming through Lana, Please help her right now, if you’re at all able. If not, that’s ok BUT IF YOU CAN, PLEASE DO.
If you don’t need to read another thing, go to:
I plan to be sowing into her ministry the moment I finish this letter! Let’s sow into the future. And trust me when I tell you what I’ve tested over and over and over again. If you sow the prophets like LANA, you WILL receive a prophet’s reward… and what that means is that God will make sure that revelation begins to flow to you from many sources.
God always says THANK YOU! You can literally expect to be blessed by things you don’t expect!
Try, if you can, to support Lana’s ministry by selecting the monthly donation when you go through this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAY PAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE THROUGH THIS PAYPAL LINK. JUST USE YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD! At this link:
Then go with God’s special blessing and thank you FROM HEAVEN TODAY (OR TONIGHT) FOR YOU!
Love from
Steve and Derene
Steve and Derene Shultz
Albany, Oregon USA
P.S. This is how you sow personally into Lana’s ministry. She is worthy of our support. She works with her ministry night and day, I’ve witnessed it myself! Go to:


  • Cheryl Taylor

    Amen! She has been a blessing to me! What a wonderful gift from our Lord! Please…I would love to send her a Money Order…can I have the address, please? What a blessing she is! A prophet! It is easier for me to send a money order…. Thank you Lana! A Godly Woman of the Most High God! Thank you Lana!Cheryl. 

  • Terry

    This is so awesome and a little funny how God works. Just yesterday I was talking to Jesus at the lake wondering how does Lana support her ministry and if you even had a financial need. I want you to know how blessed I was by Steve’s email. It confirmed that God was wanting me to sow into your ministry and how he was speaking to my heart. Love it.
    Thanks for what you do for God it’s has been very helpful to me many of days. Freedom!
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356

  • Joanna Morgan

    Thank you for letting us know. I SOOOO appreciate your Words, Lana, and can’t begin to tell you how confirming they have been. Spot on! I will contribute this week from our next paycheck. Thank you for your sacrifice. Such a Blessing to your readers! Joanna Morgan

  • Lynn Gordon

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sow into Lana’s ministry. The Lord just recently led me to begin reading her posts and I have discovered that her words “hit the bullseye” every time! It is as if she had a direct line into our household! I am thankful to the Lord for leading me to her and for the wonderful gift Our Saviour has bestowed upon her. Just Tuesday I had thought about “sowing into the words” she had just released! A practice I learned about three years ago from Dr. Chuck Pierce from Glory of Zion Ministries, Intl. in Corinth, TX. SO, confirmation, OK’d!!! Lana, I will keep you in my daily prayers and offer to you to email me if you have any prayer requests for self, family, ministry, etc., if you feel at peace doing so. Blessings to you and all aligned with you!