Prophetic Words


I saw a battle going on for many over the nature of God.
Circumstances were attempting to put God on trial in many minds and hearts.
A real battle over the goodness and faithfulness of God. Previous disappointments and struggles screaming in minds and hearts that God isn’t as good as He says He is and disappointment will reign again!
Do NOT listen to these voices and thoughts. They are from the enemy. Take your thoughts captive. No matter how things look right now HOLD ONTO THE GOODNESS AND FAITHFULNESS OF GOD!
Even though you don’t understand keep holding His hand.
You are about to be exposed to the goodness of God on a whole new level!! The enemy is attempting to disqualify you.
I declare over you right now… You will NOT be disqualified! Hold His hand, hold onto the TRUTH of who He is and His Word!!
You are entering a new land of being exposed again to His goodness. YOU will SEE with your eyes the GOODNESS of God MANIFESTED and DWELL in the land of the living and KNOW what it means to be TRULY ALIVE!!!
The spoils that were taken from you, WILL be given back to you!


  • tompia47tpiasecny

    Thank you Lana. Unfortunately this has been me. I repent God and ask for the grace to see God clearly in the midst of these prolonged testing. I’m shocked I’ve accused you and questioned your goodness even a little. Surprised I’ve been a little offended at you – I know it shows how much I think this Christian walk is all about me. I want it ALL to be about You and what you went thru, not about what I’m going thru but I need help as I don’t seem to know how? I’m asking for help, revelation and breakthru. Thank you that you’re showing me where I have been ruled by feelings, where I have made decisions on my own without You and what and who I have had as idols. Right now, I apply your blood that atones for my sins. I ask to be forgiven and cleansed, I realize I have sinned against you alone, your sentence is just, but I’m asking please don’t take Your Spirit from me please. I ask for the Spirit of Truth, give me truth in my inner man, wash me and cleanse me, create in me a clean heart filled with right desires and clean thoughts through and through. Don’t banish me from your presence! Don’t take your Holy Spirit from me! Restore to me the joy of YOUR salvation and MAKE ME willing to obey you so I can help convince sinners, like me, to turn from their sins, repent and return to You! I know you are always good and you always love me. I don’t understand your ways. I know you love to rescue and save. May my lips be unsealed thru forgiveness and sing of your goodness. A broken and contrite heart is what you desire most. Make my heart right within me Lord – I want you to rejoice in the good that I do for your Kingdom. Papa, I pray this in Jesus name.
    Appreciatively, Tom
    Cell: 1-704-564-3496

  • Kim

    Lana:I am fairly new to your blog and I wish I could convey what a blessing it has been! I am an American, living in Dallas, Texas. My husband is an American football coach with a calling to the NFL. We were coaching for 11 years, and the Lord did a deep, inner work in both of us last year. We had a Job-like 6 months, and He brought us out in victory! In November, He spoke clearly to my husband ‘You will be a Head Coach this year. Everything is in my hands…’ The NFL off-season, when teams make coaching changes, is in January and February. In the natural, there are no spots left. It has been prophesied to us to wait on Him…this is for HIS glory! As you know, many lose the battle during the wait. Your words of encouragement have helped sustain me during this very difficult time.I appreciate you and hope to encourage you!!Thank you,Kim and Mike Singletary
    Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 04:03:48 +0000 To: [email protected]