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This morning I kept hearing the words over and over “The dam is about to break and the enemy is going to shake”. I felt the Lord saying that the enemy has come in this season and he has stolen so much and he has brought a ‘terror’ over the people of God in many ways. There has been a huge battle for many with the spirit of fear and dread in this season which is sending anxiety levels for many through the roof.
I felt the Lord saying again that HE IS COMING AS THE DREAD CHAMPION!
“But the LORD is with me like a dread champion” (Jeremiah 20:11)
That He is releasing such abundant BLESSING, FAVOUR, INCREASE, AND HARVEST over the people of God as they continue to stand firm EVEN IN the terror that has plagued them by night and the arrows that have flown by day, the enemy is going to be TERRIFIED by the BREAKTHROUGH and the BLESSING that he has tried to stop being released over the lives of God’s people.
“Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day.” – Psalm 91:5
The Lord is teaching us as His people to make HIM the Most High our dwelling place and nothing else. As we continue to make Him our dwelling place PERFECT PEACE, STRENGTH and LOVE will surround. Perfect love WILL cast out all fear.
The blessings that are going to be released in your life in this season are going to make the enemy SHAKE IN FEAR as he sees the resources, the breakthrough, the increase, the favour the Lord is releasing over your life, that surely IS LONG AWAITED, this acceleration of the dam breaking, is going to cause a sudden RISING AND BUILDING of the Kingdom of God in many places where the enemy has occupied up until this point personally and corporately.
The Lord is raising up warriors who know they are POWERFUL not in their own strength or ability but because of WHO is with them. As the dam breaks, so will you feel a new birthing of yourself take place. So will you feel yourself cross over through a threshold of grace to arise awakened in new ways to your authority and under showers of breakthrough.
“Showers of breakthrough, showers of breakthrough as moving you from ‘just making it through, to “a place with a view.”
I felt the Lord saying that the VERY AREAS where you have felt like you have only just scrapped through by the skin of your teeth, the Lord is lifting you to a high place of promotion and favour where you will SEE with new eyes, and HEAR with new ears and FROM that high place both in the Spirit (new levels of the prophetic/accuracy and clarity) and in the natural (a new level of favour and resources) you will begin to release blessing, gifts and abundance upon those around you. That which you receive in encounters with the Lord, shall you release and others shall feast upon and be drawn into encounters through the impartation released in your revelation, but also there will be a release of physical blessing from your hands to others, that will release a breakthrough anointing upon their life to see the momentum of a string of glorious divine events begin to unfold in their lives. God is placing much in the hands of the people of God who have remained faithful and stewarded well. Those who are seeking Him with a pure heart, a heart knowing it’s all about Jesus and His Glory and seeking not to build their own kingdom. This is the moment where there is going to be such significant increase of breakthrough in building the Kingdom of God that the Lord is looking for those to which He can entrust much to.
It’s going to rain! It’s going to rain! It’s a new day! The dam is going to break and the enemy is going to shake. Warrior, you are moving forward and you will TERRORISE the enemy through what He is going to do IN and THROUGH YOU. What He is going to release TO YOU and THROUGH YOU.
New depths of His heart await you, friend!
“In the DEPTHS you will FIND REST… Out of rest will come GREATER impact..”
The rest many of you have been crying out for is going to be found in a new depth of His heart, a deeper place of INTIMACY, and from that place, bigger, more juicy plump fruit is going to be seen, as you partner with the Great Gardener in all He is planting and harvesting upon the earth.


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  • Phyllis J.

    To God be the Glory!! God has been revealing to me as well the concept of a dam breaking resulting in been overtaken by His glorious blessings. May the Lord God Almighty be with and your family.

  • Beverley Estes

    Thank you LORD for your encouragement through Lana. I want you LORD first and foremost. I always have but I feel like Satan is trying to take you away from so many of us. So if he is scared that means OUR GOD will win again and again. Thank you for never leaving us or forsaking us. We need our KING or KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. Rule and Reign for ever. Be3

  • Nana Attob

    I’ve been shouting, and shouting with cries of praises and exaltation to the Lord reading this message. Oh what an extraordinary God that we have! You are GREAT Lord, yes You are more than extraordinary! It’s going to be JOY with this gushing out of the waters of this mighty BREAKTHROUGH. What a Season! What a Season. All to Your Glory Lord.

  • Heidii

    Awesome Father God, Thank you I receive your words this day. Thank you evermore for breaking forth this day
    this is my time to receive all, as I shout the Victory and praises to you. I love love love you evermore.

  • Judy

    80% of the Church’s testimony is “Still Standing” – That needs to stop.
    Next, people just want progress. They want change. “The very fact that you are praying is an indication you are trying to change something.”
    Second, circumstances are the enemy of good.
    I once heard a man say “all I need is a job, a car, and a place to live, I can return to the joy of my lord”. It was piercing
    90% of the problems we face are circumstantial.”

  • Tuulahannele Halsey

    So accurate prophesy. I can feel it. I receive it, every word of it. God bless you, you woman of God, Lana, and your entire ministry. Soon, soon I believe, I am able so sow a seed into this powerfull ministry. Thank you!

  • Son


  • Marilee

    Today when I was driving the Lord dropped this thought in to my heart: Any emotion that consumes us will block us hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord. I was so grateful for this.
    Thank-you for posting this. HEY God!

  • Marilee

    This is from Matt who lives in FL. Just part of his word today about testing coming to the body.
    Your primary goal is to win souls.
    I am tired of people who claim to serve Me, and can’t even take five minutes out of their day with Me, yet they want what others have who have spent multiple hours a day with Me. Many people say they love Me, but they spend no time with Me. Many talk about tithing, but tithing is giving your first fruits, which should also include your time. I want My portion of My time due to Me. You can make time for your TV’s, Smart Phones, and computers, but you won’t make any time for Me. I don’t want five minutes. I want real quality time. I am the Lord your God.

  • Lidia

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Lord God, Heavenly “ABBA”, our Father in Heavenly places Lord You know how much I am needing to hear straight from Your own heart, and into mine spirit, for is then that I feel that Heavenly connection with the Mighty Power of Your Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus thank You so much, Lord You know how much I need You, how much I long to know You more and more, deep, personal, intimately, have communion with You Lord, for is then that my soul rest, and is nourished, strengthen by You, Lord God, I praise You with all my heart, my mind, my soul, my strength, and all that is within me, in Jesus precious name, amen, amen, amen!!!

  • Jimmy Little

    Wow! What a Word! Amen Amen Amen! I receive this Word! Thank You Lord thank You. Im so ready for the dam to break. I’ve had about all I want to take of fear and dread and i mean serious dread! I’m so ready for a Breakthrough of abundace of Blessings increase and abundace, favor and harvest. I receive this Word with all i have. Thank you Lana! Bless Bless Bless you!

  • Melvin James

    This confirms the dream I had on 1/11/16 Where I saw one of the three dams in my area being exploded. In my spirit I knew all three had been torn down. The devastation will be incredible. The dams represent the enemy, the water represents the Holy Spirit. The devastation is to the enemy, and his forces. Also the Holy Spirit told me that I had come full circle! On this day 1/11/16, 7 years ago we had been released by God from a religious setting in a church, the later that year my wife and I both were filled radically with the Holy Spirit, many spiritual gifts and impartations took place, our lives changed. This word has inspired, excited, and encouraged me! Lord God may we prepare for the drenching!!

    • Carolyn Watkins

      I agree. I’m Happy for you as well that you moved forward. I Find Your comment, itself, quite encouraging. Thank you for Sharing it.

  • Carolyn Watkins

    Wow…wow!! Lana, these 2 words of Prophectic Insight Released on 1/28 & 1/30 are Mind -blowingly Accurate for me.
    I Can see this as well. I wholeheartedly believe & Receive this. I pray for Your continued growth & Ministry expansion into the States…However, All in God’s Great timing!
    You are greatly Needed for such a time as this!…most appreciated & Loved!
    Thanks, Lana
    Outrageous Blessings to You & yours!