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Over the past week, I have been hearing the same phrase going over and over and over in my heart and my spirit “I AM GOING AFTER YOUR HEART”.
There is a great shaking that is happening right now and many of God’s people are feeling it. There is pressure coming from every side, many are feeling the fire, but the Lord is going after hearts.
In the shaking and in the fire He is revealing heart motives and areas of the heart that are keeping the people of God bound. The Lord is moving powerfully in “heart surgery” in many lives across the body of Christ. The Lord is bringing His people to greater levels of purity of heart. The Lord is bringing heart healing, heart change and heart shifts as we cry out to Him in the fire and the shaking.
The Lord has been highlighting Matthew 5:8 over and over in this season:
“What bliss you experience when your heart is pure! For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God” – Matthew 5:8 (The Passion Translation)
Don’t despise the heart surgery, don’t despise the shaking that is exposing heart motives and lies that have kept your heart bound. The Lord is exposing these things so that as we as the people of God move forward in repentance and renewal of mind, His Word is penetrating our hearts. His Word is cutting our hearts open to bring us to a place of greater ‘separateness’. A greater place of walking in holiness and righteousness that is ALREADY ours. We are walking it out in greater ways. The fruit of the heavenly reality of what is already ours, and who we already are, is being seen more and more in the ‘cutting away’ that the Lord is doing.
Do not be discouraged by the testing of the heart. Do not be discouraged by the cutting away, for the Lord is positioning you for a greater encounter with Him and a re-alignment.
Many prophets are facing intense fires right now. The Lord is going after the hearts of the prophets and there is an INTENSE purging happening in the hearts of the prophets. Many have been feeling like the Lord is giving them more ground to step out, but at the same time pulling them back into a cave of hiddenness of the secret place all at the same time, so He can deal with any impurity of heart and any wrong beliefs of their identity and how they see the Lord (His nature). The fire has become 7 times hotter over the prophets in this season and prophetic voices, BECAUSE the Lord is wanting to bring a greater level of PURITY to the prophetic. Prophetic messages flowing with great purity, great accuracy and to be like the sons of Issachar that know the times and the seasons. The Lord is inviting the prophets deeper. Don’t fight the process, for the Lord is purifying your heart, and your messages so you may partner with Him to move in greater levels of prophetic accuracy and move with greater purity in the prophetic, even in the midst of the truth that we see only in part. (1 Corinthians 13:2)
As the prophets emerge out of this purifying fire AS they have partnered with Him through their permission to Him to do what He needs to do, not only will there be a greater level of accuracy and purity in their prophetic words, but a new level of SIGNS AND WONDERS.
Many prophets have been feeling despair that they have done something wrong.. hence the fire. Do not look at the fire that way. Look at it as the very place of preparation for greater promotion.
In this cave of hiddenness and intimacy I saw the Lord rooting out any roots of religion and issues of heart that are causing words to be released that are void of love and honour. The Lord is birthing a new level of revelation of His love to the prophets in the fire that is going to see the true prophetic voices arising with a sound of love of the Father, speaking truth in boldness, correction when needed but ALL out of a greater realm of LOVE.
As the prophets say “YES” to this process and lean in, a whole new level of purity and power is going to be seen to be released through their prophetic words. New levels of clarity and accuracy that are going to be entered into.
The Lord is going after “mis-alignments” in the heart of God’s people, where there may be wrong motives out of brokenness, where there may be lies keeping the people of God bound, where there may be sin, the Lord is doing a great clean out by His beautiful blood and the power of His Spirit bringing a GREAT RE-ALIGNMENT.
There is a great re-alignment taking place all across the body of Christ right now. The shaking and the fire is bringing a ‘stripping away’ of hindrances and things that are not being built by the Lord to bring the people of God BACK to the FIRST LOVE.
There is such a beautiful, glorious invitation in the atmosphere in this season to “COME BACK to the FIRST LOVE”. This great re-alignment is actually positioning the people of God for greater effectiveness, greater manifestation of fruit, greater revelation of LOVE, loving Him and BEING LOVE to others.
This RE-ALIGNMENT MUST take place for the people of God to step into their destiny. It is breaking pride, it is breaking striving, it is breaking perfectionism, it is breaking vain works, not from the heart of an angry God, but from the heart of a GOOD GOOD FATHER, who is bringing His people to a place of such purity, that will usher them into the greatest blissful encounters of SEEING HIM like they have NOT experienced before.
The other day as I sat with the Lord, I felt Him say.. “The greatest heart cry first and foremost I love to hear from My people is “Lord, I want to SEE YOU. I WANT TO SEE YOU! EVERYTHING stems from that place. EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I am bringing My people back to that place, where their greatest hunger and desire is to SEE ME. To dance again with Me as their first love, without the distractions that have so easily entangled and taken their focus”
The stretching and the stripping is bringing the people of God to a place of hungering, aching simply FOR HIM above all else BEFORE anything else. New levels of hunger, new levels of surrender, new levels of crying out for purity of heart to see Him and NEW WAYS He is going to meet you.
This cutting back, stripping away, purging fire is leading you to the greatest promotion of all, the greatest reward of all.. JESUS!!!! He is leading you back to that place in deeper ways of “ALL I NEED IS JESUS. I JUST NEED TO SEE YOU! I AM DESPERATE FOR YOU”
The desperation of His heart to connect with you in new and fresh ways, that new invitation of intimacy, is meet with your desperation to SEE HIM, blossoming in you, purity of heart, that is going to take you higher, further and wider than you have ever been before.


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  • Mariek Wols

    Dear Lana yes and amen to that. I feel that Gods fire have
    Been burning upon me for a long time. Obvious many issues
    He has to deal with..
    The other day in prayer I saw an old vision of at least 10yeRs ago with lots of little fires all over Australia. Felt there is coming a revival. All my love to you and family. Mariek.

  • Kelli Kozicka

    Thank you Lana! Thank you for your dedication and humble heart as you are continually bringing such amazing revelations to us all with an accuracy that can only come from the Father ! These words are so encouraging. God bless you and your husband and ministry !

  • Tvos

    This is so spot on. We send our love and thanks from Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. Keep it coming LANA. God bless you and your family.

  • Martin Maulidi

    I had a dream in which I saw myself being done surgery and my old heart was removed was removed and a new heart was placed in its place. the new heart invigorated me. The Holy Spirit told me that God had removed my old heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of fresh.

  • Soughtafter Emmanuel

    Thanks for Your obedience Lana but when will it end o God of mercy! Rest from adversity you promised o Gracious Lord,
    I never envisage the possibility of such tests on in a life, all for the inability to say no to Him Jesus. Just cut it short in righteousness for Your glory and name sake please Master.

  • Lana

    God never ceases to amaze me when He gives you a word how accurate you are as well as a solution to my questions. I thank you for your sacrifice and continuous “Yes” to our Father. I pray He gives back over 100 fold in ALL the areas you’ve requested and in other’s you’ve not expected. Thank you again!

  • Chaplain Nelson Colon

    This really hit home with me…yes it hit me in the home of my heart…thank you for your faithfulness in sharing what He has given you to share. I was just praying that I wanted to “SEE Him and His glory!” even felt led to anoint my eyes w/ oil, early this morning before reading your prophetic insight.
    I do feel like I’ve been going through the fire and extreme purging process. I say, “Purge me Lord! Purge away!!!” Thank you once again. You truly blessed me with this Right-on-time word. God bless you and keep using you in your area of gifting powerfully for His Glory!

  • Carol

    Greetings to you Lana.
    I praise God for your sensitive ear towards Father’s voice. Such an accurate Prophetic Word in season.
    The Lord Bless you…
    2Chronicles 20:20 Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in His prophets, and you will succeed.
    I Bless you Lana with Numbers 6:24-26
    Carol Matthyse

  • Naomi Knight

    Dear Lana,
    AMEN!!! Hallelujah to the greatest LOVE of ALL, JESUS CHRIST THE KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS.
    More power yah, as you declare His word and heart with boldness.

  • Pam Rice

    This is such confirmation to a vision I had when in intercession a couple of days ago. I saw a big heart that was made out of thick bronze or iron. As I continued to pray I saw a huge Iron nail, like the one that may have been used to nail Jesus to the cross, and a heavy antique hammer pounding it into the iron heart to break it open. The hammer of God’s word breaks the rock – Jeremiah 23:29.The protective shell was broken to release a heart of tender compassion able to love like God loves. Your word helps me understand this vision and confirms what I felt the Lord was showing me!!! Awesome! Thank you for your gift and faithfulness.

  • Carolyn Watkins

    I’m there!!..
    I totally hear this as well…see this and Wholeheartedly agree & receive this message directly from the Heart of Our GOOD GOOD FATHER!! It’s Very interesting & Significant to me , that this Song by Chris Tomlin, has Been Playing over And Over in my Head, Now for Days now, as I sing Out!…he is A GOOD GOOD FATHER, that’s who he is….And I’m LOVED by Him, that’s who I am”…….!! Love This!, BUT Love Him More.

  • Lidia

    Lord God, my Heavenly Father; here I am Lord, and I am in great need of Your Mighty manifestation in every area, every turn, every corner of my life, Lord I am so desperate to see Your hand working in my life, in a Supernatural way, Lord God, I need to see You, Lord God I need to know You are working in my life, Lord God please forgive me for what I’m asking You for but Lord please give me a sign, send me a confirmation that You are in total control of everything that is happening to me right now, and most of all Heavenly Father, please do not let me lose heart for so much, and I feel like I cannot take this any longer, Lord God, take away all selfishness, if You detected, take away all insecurity, take away pride in me, take away, disobedience, rebellion, stubbornness, Lord God please take away everything that is in me and that is not from You, and do not honor, nor glorify You, Lord God, give me a fire of revival within, divine healing in my soul, healing from the inside out, Lord God I need that purification from You deep from within my heat out, take away all impurity, all that stinks from my inner most and out, Father God, I cannot do it by myself, Lord God I need Your divine intervention deep within my heat; I need an open heart surgery, and take away every bad seed that is within me, make me clean, for Your name sake, in the name of Jesus Christ, Your precious Son, Amen!!!!