Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I recognise this is another long word, but I encourage you to feast upon this word. There has been some opposition in getting this word out, and I believe it is going to bring breakthrough and release impartation to many of you for what the Lord is leading His people into.
I released a prophetic word recently titled “The snake is attempting to steal your stake in the ground.” I later did a Facebook live and as I typed the titled, my computer autocorrect changed it to “The snake is attempting to steal your STEAK” and the Lord spoke to me that the enemy is not only coming hard against the stakes in the ground that the Lord is having His people place in the ground decreeing the occupation of new land, but the enemy is also attempting to steal MEATY REVELATION from the Word of God and from the Father’s heart.
There is a significant attack that has been released by the enemy against many of God’s people and it’s intent is to keep you distracted, to keep you in a cloud of haziness, fog and confusion, because the Lord has released an invitation for you to move into a whole new depth of revelation of the Word of God and encounter with Jesus.
The garden place of intimacy with Jesus is ALWAYS SO important, it’s the place from where we LIVE. Our intimate, beautiful secret place where we fellowship and commune with Him. Where we walk with Him in the cool of the day and He shares the secrets of His heart. If the enemy can attack that place, then things start to go haywire.
The Lord showed me there is such a significant depth of intimacy that is going to be entered into by those who accept the invitation of His heart in 2018, He is going to be sharing greater secrets of His heart, so precious, so weighty, so significant, so deep, that are going to bring radical shift, change, impact in the lives of God’s people, their homes, cities, nations and the world. The divine insight, clarity, revelation and unlocking of keys in the Word of God that is going to be released will be so significant, all of hell is terrified, shaking in fear of what the Lord is going to release upon the earth through the body of Christ. That is WHY there is such a significant attack on the secret place right now for many of God’s people, ESPECIALLY prophets. The enemy is attempting to hinder the flow of revelation. He is attempting to steal revelation of the Word and revelation that has flowed from the heart of God through fear, intimidation, confusion, doubt and suspicion. The enemy is doing all He can to keep God’s people out of the Word and distracted from pressing deeper into the Word and attempting to prevent it from taking root in the soil. (Matthew 13)
The enemy does not want the Word in the hearts of believers because when it is planted and begins to produce, the byproduct pushes back darkness and advances the Kingdom of God.
It is crucial to recognise this onslaught that is taking place coming from the enemy, because one of the strategies of the enemy, is he is coming in as a slithering snake, whispering “there’s something wrong with you.” “God has withdrawn”, “God is far away” and the opposite is true. The Lord is close, and the Lord is inviting you to a deeper place than you have been before. There is significant outpouring of His Spirit that is about to be released in your secret place and all of hell is terrified of it, so they are fighting it. But friends, you are ALREADY victorious and the Lord is about to break through as you stand with Him in the strategy of heaven. The haze will suddenly clear. The fog of confusion will lift and the fear will dissipate revealing the true reality of what God is wanting to show you.
I had a vision yesterday and the Lord showed me HUGE TREASURE CHESTS that are waiting for His people in the secret place. Instantly when I looked at these treasure chests, I KNEW that they represented revelation, riches of blessing, insight and overflow that the Lord has planned to release to His people. Yet guarding these beautiful huge OPEN treasures chests were the most vicious black dogs. They were barking LOUDLY. They were bringing fear, confusion, terror, and doing all they could to DISTRACT. As vicious as they were, I suddenly felt the atmosphere shift and to see as He sees and it was clear, in the eyes of these vicious black dogs, the fear that was in THEIR eyes.
It was time to move deeper into the place where the Lord would reveal the hidden things. He would reveal things that His people do not yet know. There was such life, provision, and depth beaming from this treasure chest. He is revealing such deep secrets and keys of strategy, keys for breakthrough, revealing greater insight of the enemy’s plans so the people of God can use their authority and dismantle the works of darkness.
In the centre of this treasure chest was the WORD OF GOD. It’s not “extra-biblical revelation” that is contained in this treasure chest, but DEPTH of insight, revelation, strategy and wisdom found IN the Word and found in JESUS CHRIST.
“It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, And the light dwells with Him.” – Daniel 2:22
“‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.'” – Jeremiah 33:3
“He reveals mysteries from the darkness And brings the deep darkness into light.” – Job 12:22
I heard the Holy Spirit say “The enemy is attempting to hinder the flow of revelation because I am increasing revelatory flow”
The Lord showed me a few days ago that a key strategy right now is to stay in worship and stay in the Word despite how you feel and what you feel in the atmosphere.
As I sat with the Lord regarding this word I heard the Holy Spirit say “LOOK THROUGH WHAT I HAVE SHOWED YOU AND DECREE”.
There was such a strong sense to “GATHER”. GATHER all the things the Lord has told you up until this point regarding your secret place with Him, 2018, His promises and decree. Be intentional to LOOK THROUGH what He has shown you so far before this intensity hit. Stand on His Word, decree loudly your YES to His invitation to RECEIVE and meet with Him at whatever cost. Do not move from your decree.
I watched as God’s people stood on the truth, stood on the Rhema word and decreed, I watched as these vicious dogs of doom that were barking loudly, started to lose their ground and flicker. They were flickering like holograms and eventually dissipated.
I heard the Holy Spirit again “The enemy cannot stand against the reality of My Word, and the truth of My Word. The power of My Word. As My people decree HEAVEN’S REALITY, and what I AM SAYING right now, this attack WILL lose it’s hold. The whole point of this attack is to cause My people to give up, to pull back, to get weary of pressing in, and lose ground, but the truth is, standing on what I am saying and decreeing, is causing the enemy to lose ground, and an acceleration moving into the “NEW TREASURE” that I have for My people. My people are going to begin to see heavenly realities and insights that are not yet seen in the natural realm, but will begin to call them into being and call things forth that are have not even been dreamed or imagined as they live deeper in the place of intimacy with Me and deeper revelation.”
I heard the Holy Spirit say “The enemy has attempted to weary you with the battle in “coming away in the secret place” but here I come to supercharge you by My Spirit.”
“You satisfy my every desire with good things. You’ve supercharged my life so that I can soar again like a flying eagle in the sky.” – Psalm 103:5 (The Passion Translation)
There is fresh joy, refreshment, and restoration upon you. There is a fresh wave of His Spirit bringing greater empowerment and strength to you. You have been wearing by the battle to “come away in the secret place”, but He is bringing such significant empowerment and renewed strength to you, supercharged by His Spirit, that you will SOAR AGAIN.
I prophesy over you in Jesus name, where the enemy has attempted to weary you and has wearied you and caused you to feel like you are barely walking on the ground, the power of His Spirit is supercharging you, renewing your youth, and you will FLY! You will FLY like an eagle in the sky. In the rest of God. In the insight of God. In the wind of His Spirit and go further and higher than you have been.
Stand firm. Don’t move. Stand on what He has said and watch those vicious dogs of doom begin to disappear in Jesus name, and a whole new world of revelatory treasure and flow of prophetic revelation open up to you in your garden place of communion with Jesus.
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  • Nahomie Riche

    Can relate but I’m now at the end.
    Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Praise His Holy Name

  • Nicole Ollis

    I cannot thank you enough for this word. Right before I received the notification of it in my inbox, I had just been crying & told the Lord that I trusted Him, trusted Him completely, in every area, especially in the ‘unknowing’ of exactly what was happening in & around me lately. I haven’t ‘felt’ this kind of turbulence around me in a very long time. I’m usually pretty blessed to be able to identify the root or cause of any kind of disturbance. Or to hear from God explaining to me what’s going on. That hasn’t really been the case since a little before the end of 2017.
    Where I have felt confused & like I’ve been walking in a fog I’ve just been declaring truth & every good thing I can think of that He has done & is doing for me. The time I set aside every day to just spend with Him has felt so ‘off’ since the start of this new year. It’s been kind of crazy to tell you the truth.
    That’s why I also thank you for your word concerning worship. I noticed lately that one of the only times I actually FEEL (not that I have to feel to know) His presence is when I’m just alone singing along with a worship song (not that all worship has to in any way be with music alone) but that’s just been my experience lately.
    So, all that is to say, thank you Lana. This is the first time I’ve left a comment (sorry it was so long, lol) but you have no idea how many times the Lord has used one of the words He has given you to confirm things He has been revealing to me. Or like tonight, to help me understand what’s going on around me. I appreciate this ministry more than you know. Keep it up! And again, thank you.

  • Esther

    Thank you Lana for setting your face like flint so His blueprint is transparent for all to take hold of. Our King has come we knew He would and He is singing this new song over us revealing His light, unfolding His plan and releasing His glory to/ for us.
    No wonder the dogs are barking their confinement is upon them. Be blessed?Esther

  • Wendy Coad

    Bless You Lana
    Gosh, it’s been SO VERY LONG
    Thankyou for your words,they are my life-line

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    AMEN Ms Lana! STAND. I awoke this morning at Exactly 11:11, which is Transition. Right at that moment someone text’d me about God shifting them. We talked and when we hung up, i saw that it was Exactly 12:12!- Governmental Anointing/Divine Order, Apostolic Government and fullness. “Stepping into right order. An upgrade and shifting into kingdom, governmental order around you” – Jodie Hughes
    As I drove to work I saw the letters “DVL” on a license plate, then heard “devil” as my car radio was scanning – I thought, Ok, Lord, Here we go – Psalm 91 – My face is like flint. The next license plate had 5555 on it – 5555, ABUNDANT GRACE ON US, AROUND US AND WITH US. The enemy tried to raise his ugly head tonight at work, but to No avail. We Will Not Be Moved. When the enemy comes in like a Flood, our FAITHFUL FATHER raises a Standard against him. As I drove home. I saw 666, and started praying. As I did, I felt EXTREME PEACE, then glanced down at my distance miles, and saw 777! What flashed in my mind at that Exact moment was Pastor Adrian Rodgers once saying, “777 WILL TAKE CARE OF 666” – Stay Strong and Courageous Warriors! The LORD Goes Before us, and He is our Rear Guard <3

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I almost forgot this! Checked email when I arrived home, and saw a New Client needing Illustrations for their book! And i just noticed I sent the last post at 7:47!
    it was actually 1:47 am here! WOW. 747 Going Higher In The LORD – It totals 18, which is Abundant Life. PRAISE FATHER GOD <3

  • Charlene Elwood

    I love your long prophetic words. When I’m done reading them there is no doubt in the meaning .
    I, on the other hand, get ONE word or a sentence. However, they are equally powerful.
    This year the Holy Spirit gave me one word…SHALOM. HE said to SAY IT and PRAY it …In the name of JESUS. It means WHOLENESS…what a wonderful prayer.
    I suppose you could say this is the L-O-N-G
    and SHORT of it!

  • Jackieh du Toit

    Oh what an awesome word from the Lord. Thank you..this is exactly what has been happening to me!
    I will not give up..I will sit in the secret place with Him…I will decree and declare His promises. Wow!! Thank You Jesus!!

  • David Thayer

    Hi Lana & Kevin – I know your words are for many, but for nearly three years now, God has used YOU to be my personal counselors. I cling on to nearly every message that always seems to be exactly what I need. Whether you realize it or not, you are not just a personal resource for me and my wife, Rhonda, but also for the friends of Net2Church Global Ministries – who I constantly encourage to subscribe to your words from heaven. You have no idea how important your role is and has been to revival in the Northeastern USA. We love you both tremendously, and we look forward to becoming stronger financial partners with you as we grow. Thank you! 🙂
    David & Rhonda Thayer

  • JoAnn Kennedy

    I just want to THANK YOU AGAIN for your WORDS from OUR LORD…. I have been so drawn to PRAISE like never B-4 ! and so enjoying HIS presence more thru out my day. We haven’t been able to attend church for over 2 yrs. now after my precious husband of 41 yrs. literally died 4 times with A-FIB complacations back in 2014. He had been given a horrible prognosis for the future with the FACTS from the doctors BUT GOD has the final WORD of TRUTH! He has been doing better and better til 2017 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! He is now off of all radiation & chemo that came with another horrible round of facts !!! We STAND on the WORD as our final authority and just 2 nites ago my husband had a huge greakthru! We have God’s WORD on it that we both are EVERY WIT WHOLE.. HEALED, DELIVERED AND GOING BACK INTO MINISTRY. All GLORY TO JESUS !

  • Derrick L

    Thank you Lord, For your Word! My heart sets on fire when my eyes Lay hold of the prophetic rhama words, Always on time! Jesus thank you for using Lana ! May your people have eyes 2 see and ears 2 hear what the Spirit of God is saying!!! Selah!

  • Esther

    Thank you Lana, this is so apt! It HAS been an uphill battle this week, this year infact. I felt my strength begin to fail as my spirit grew weary & weathered. I didn’t understand the reason for this constant fighting. Every word you share is 100% accurate and timely for me. Thank you Jesus

  • Faith Evans

    I can’t read this as the print is too feint. Are you able to darken it for those of us with poor eyesight???

  • Maria Torrealba

    Amen recibo esta palabra porque realmente quiero ir más profundo y encontrarme con el Señor en mi jardín secreto y escuchar todo lo que el me quiera decir y de recibir esa plenitud de su espíritu para ser eficaz el servicio gracias


    Thank you, Lana, for such a powerful word!! My daughter and I are fed so deeply by your prophetic messages – they have encouraged, strengthened, and helped get us through some of our most challenging times over the last year. They are always right on time and exactly what we need! We hold on to these words and cling to the promises of our Lord like never before. Thank you for your obedience and heart to minister to a hurting world. I’m looking forward to becoming a partner with this ministry!

  • A Jay

    Kathi Pelton released a very similar word today on her website, Inscribe Ministries. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses”. Selah.

  • Roberta

    Wow. This touches every area of need …and I think the enemy is poking every vulnerable area that he can find. The Lord is present and equipping and covering each area of battle. Onward!!!