Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
I recognise this word is long, but I encourage you to take the time to read this word and meditate upon it. I really believe this is such a beautiful invitation for the body of Christ right now.
I had a dream recently and I heard the Lord saying over and over as I slept “I AM NOW RAISING UP A PEOPLE WHO WILL WALK IN THE RHYTHM OF MY ROAR.”
The sense as I slept was SO strong that the Lord was releasing a deeper invitation into the secret place, into the place of knowing Him and HEARING the RHYTHM of His roar to be able to walk in the heartbeat of God. The sense surrounded me in the dream that you have to LEAN IN CLOSE to be able to move in the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR.
What you think may be the “sound of His roar” may not be what He is speaking or releasing. There is a significant invitation right now to move deeper into the place of hearing the heartbeat of God and move in the RHYTHM of heaven. Not move in “assumption” or what it “sounded like in past seasons”, but a fresh invitation to move deeper into the secret place to hear the FRESH ROAR of God. The prophetic utterance and decree of God.
The Lord has been speaking to me for quite a while now about the whisper of God, like how He appeared to Elijah on the mountain and spoke in a whisper (1 Kings 19). The Lord has been speaking to me SO much about leaning in to hear His whisper, and it requires leaning in close, that deeper place of friendship and communion with the Lord.
What the Lord is about to release upon the earth through His roar is going to see a significant increase in the apostolic roar of authority that is going to bring TREMENDOUS SHIFT and BREAKTHROUGH.
In my dream there was an urgency that those who will move in the rhythm of His ROAR are those who remain POSITIONED IN HIS WHISPER. He is looking for those who will steward His secrets, those who will steward His whispers and treasure that which He releases in the secret place. Those who will linger without agenda, but to be with Him and know Him.
There is a NEW SOUND that is being released upon the earth from the heart of God and those who have ears to hear will hear it. Those who are leaning in to the whisper of God, will hear the new sound. The new sound of the new move of His Spirit upon the earth.
Friends, the SOUND IS DIFFERENT. There’s a new sound for the NEW SEASON! The NEW SOUND is being birthed in the whisper of God and awakening the body of Christ to WALK IN THE RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR because we are in a completely NEW ERA. Aligning with the rhythm of His roar, His prophetic decree is going to see incredible breakthrough, harvest, increase, signs, wonders, miracles, mighty moves of His Spirit happen in SUDDENLY’S as they align themselves with the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR. The RHYTHM of His roar may sound DIFFERENT to what others around are saying, it may sound DIFFERENT to what you have heard before, but it will be SO GROUNDED AND FOUNDED in the Word of God, the RHEMA OF GOD released through the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR, even when you don’t understand, will see a mighty move of the Spirit of God take place. Mountains moved, things shifted and changed in a day, MAJOR culture shifts, MAJOR MOUNTAIN IMPACT in the seven mountains, but He is LOOKING for those who will live in His whisper and move NOT by ANY OTHER RHYTHM but the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR!
God will be moving in this season in UNEXPECTED ways, He may show up in ways that are not expected, but do we recognise Him when He shows up differently to what we expect?
The Lord is ROARING to AWAKEN, to alert the Church, alert circumstances, alert the world that He is about to SPRING FORTH IN ACTION! He is looking for those who will partner with Him.
The Lord is ROARING over the enemy and about to plunder the enemy in ways we have never seen through His Bride.
I have seen a TREMENDOUS battle taking place in the spirit for MANY recently, and the opposition has been coming at them hard and fast to attack the “SECRET PLACE” and to bring distraction, to bring opposition, to bring circumstance to PREVENT them from moving deeper into the secret place and the RHYTHM God is wanting to release them into in the secret place. Many are finding the RHYTHM of their secret place INTERRUPTED by this opposition.
If that’s you, I prophesy over you in the name of Jesus, you are one who is going to MOVE IN THE RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR! The REASON the enemy is trying SO HARD to keep you from the secret place, and moving in that deep place of revelation you once moved in, or bringing distraction and hardship against your times with the Lord, it is BECAUSE the Lord wants to release you deeper into the place of hearing His whisper and moving in the RHYTHM of His ROAR. You are one who will release and decree the PROPHETIC ROAR OF GOD over your circumstances, your family, your workplace, your cities, your nation etc. There is a whole new realm of revelation and insight that the Lord is wanting to release you into, an insight that is far greater than what is seen with the natural eye, birthed in the whisper of God, and the enemy is trying to steal it from you. You are about to have a greater awakening in your authority and the prophetic revelation of God and the RHYTHM of His heartbeat and ROAR.
Let me make this clear, the ROAR OF THE LORD and the RHYTHM of His ROAR was not one that prophesied death, destruction, but prophesied AWAKENING and CHANGE. Alignment to the ways of God, roared the love of Jesus, roared the Good News of the Gospel, roared VICTORY, roared CHANGED, roared INCREASE, roared a major shaking was taking place and about to increase as the King of Glory steps in.
The sound of the ROAR OF HOLINESS and a REVIVAL OF HOLINESS is about to be heard LOUDER than ever before in the Church and release the body of Christ out into the world shining brighter than ever.
A key for those of you who are feeling this intense opposition against the RHYTHM of your secret place, WORSHIP! The Lord showed me as you position yourself in intentionality for whatever it takes to keep yourself in the place of worship, I saw as you worship, a HUGE river of His Spirit was building up behind what the enemy is trying to do to disrupt the RHYTHM. As you worshipped, the momentum was building and building and suddenly, a tipping point took place, and a TIDAL WAVE of His presence exploded into your secret place. I saw a MAJOR OUTPOURING of the Spirit of God taking place in your secret place. EVERYTHING was changing in this outpouring. Encountering God, revelation of His Word, hearing His heartbeat, receiving insight, and hearing the most precious and deepest secrets of God in His whisper were being released in this OUTPOURING in your secret place. Oh the place of awakening to being a friend of God that was taking place, was deeper than had been previously experienced. The enemy has attempted to hinder the RHYTHM of the secret place because you are moving into the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR and on the CUSP of the greatest outpouring of His Spirit in your secret place than you have experienced before.
The enemy has been roaring at God’s people “NO GO”. In other words “NOT ALLOWED”. The enemy has been roaring at God’s people “ACCESS DENIED” through his opposition, through his confusion, through his attacks of heaviness, condemnation, lies etc and disrupting the invitation and stepping into the “rhythm of God’s roar” that is available to those who will lean in and press in, in the secret place and be still to hear and steward His whisper. The enemy is lying and saying “You can’t move in here, you can’t receive this, clarity, insight, greater revelation, outpouring in the secret place – ACCESS DENIED”. The truth is through the beautiful death and resurrection of Jesus, we have ACCESS GRANTED. The veil has been torn.
“At that moment the veil in the Holy of Holies was torn in two from the top to the bottom. The earth shook violently, rocks were split apart.” (Matthew 27:51 – The Passion Translation)
“And now because we are united to Christ, we both have equal and direct access in the realm of the Holy Spirit to come before the Father.” (Ephesians 2:18 – The Passion Translation)
In this awakening and outpouring of His Spirit that is taking place in the secret place, it is awakening the people of God living in the whisper of God to rise up in the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR, that are going into the world and they are decreeing….
They are moving out in the PROPHETIC ROAR OF GOD decreeing what He is saying, moving in apostolic authority, and wreaking havoc on the plans of the enemy. Where the enemy has previously thought he had occupied ground and it would never be taken, here come a people, rising up living in the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR, SPEAKING FORTH the RHEMA Word of God and ROARING “ENEMY, NO GO IN JESUS NAME” – “ACCESS DENIED” and SUDDENLY areas the enemy has occupied for SO LONG, seeing the hold and strongholds of the enemy SUDDENLY LOST. The Kingdom of God established. The victory of Jesus demonstrated. The resurrection power of Jesus bringing those dead and dry places back to LIFE. Those dark places, suddenly invaded by the light of Jesus, the hope of the world and SUDDEN turnarounds taking place.
Some of these prophetic decrees and assignments that the Lord will have many of His people move into in this season are significant, and He is looking for those who will move in His rhythm, His heartbeat, affected not by the world, or pleasing man, or caving by persecution of pressure of the world, but standing tall, living in the whisper of God, knowing the rhythm of His roar and decreeing the ROAR OF GOD that will bring LIFE and CHANGE in areas that the enemy thought he would always occupy. Watch things turn around!
People of God, this is a crucial moment. I feel it so strongly. The enemy is fighting the secret place so hard, because of what God is going to release TO YOU and THROUGH YOU from the secret place and the whisper of God. The enemy is petrified of you moving in the rhythm of God’s roar, so he is attempting to DISRUPT and INTERRUPT the RHYTHM, but I decree right now in Jesus name, as you position yourself in WORSHIP, the greatest outpouring of His Spirit is coming into your secret place, to awaken you in greater ways, to draw you deeper into friendship with God and communion with Him and release you into every area of your life releasing the PROPHETIC ROAR OF GOD!!!!!!!
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  • Nahomie Riche

    Yes. I’ve felt this and it’s hard and still undergoing it. I know also it’s a hedge that The Lord let down in my Wilderness Season because I didn’t feel like this or was attacked like this throughout my whole Wilderness Season. The Lord is faithful, He won’t allow us to go through more than we can bear even though it doesn’t feel like it. What the devil meant for harm The Lord means it for good. But it truly is an awful feeling when you feel like you have no privacy to be with The Lord in your secret place. I trust though The Lord has His purpose for allowing it. The Lord had gave me more understanding why He allowed it so it makes the battle more bearable. Much growth in my spiritman and knowing The Lord and being strong in Him, not flesh, will come out of it. I can see my growth. I’m at the end of my Wilderness Season, can’t wait till it’sover. I say that a lot because it keeps me going.. Thank you Lana, I look forward to recieving posts from you. It’s spiritual therapy for me?

  • Rozanne

    Yes I agree with Natasha it is timely and magnetising: He is drawing us into the thoughts of His heart…..
    Lana on a practical note your previous notes were great and easy to read – Is it possible to have spaces between paragraphs….

  • Deborah Greaves

    Love love love it. Pappa you are awesome. This has been a time of ‘access denied’ for me. So I’m holding onto this word real tight. Thank you Lana, you are a blessing to the body. ?

  • Naomi

    Wow this is such an intense and exiting time. I pray we can all dig in to the secret place, listen to Gods whispers and release his roar! Lord give us strategy for our personal lives on what to do to remain in the place of worship. Blessings over everyone reading these posts and seeking Gods heart. In Jesus mighty name.

  • Allen Pouratian

    Hello Sister Hannah –
    I will read this tomorrow, but part of the reason the Body of Christ in America is so IN TROUBLE is because “nobody” has the patience to sit and read “long” words, or listen to “prophetic words” that go for 30-90 minutes.
    Here’s a video of my friend Alessandra where she had a dream where she saw Jesus weeping because Christians in America think they know Jesus, and they don’t.
    I’m not trying to hi-jack your thread or blog Sister Lana, I’m posting this since If we American Christians (I realize there are Christians from other nations reading this) wouldn’t have to be apologized to prior to reading “long” words, perhaps we wouldn’t be receiving dreams like the one we just did.
    Best Regards,

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    “His prophetic decree is going to see incredible breakthrough, harvest, increase, signs, wonders, miracles, mighty moves of His Spirit happen in SUDDENLY’S as they align themselves with the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR. The RHYTHM of His roar may sound DIFFERENT to what others around are saying, it may sound DIFFERENT to what you have heard before, but it will be SO GROUNDED AND FOUNDED in the Word of God, the RHEMA OF GOD released through the RHYTHM OF HIS ROAR, even when you don’t understand, will see a mighty move of the Spirit of God take place. Mountains moved, things shifted and changed in a day …”
    This, that you have spoken Ms Lana, has Begun! (Ezekiel 33:33) The Dream The LORD gave me of my daughter in my car singing, “Don’t Stop Believing”, after God let me hear the song twice, back to back, before the dream … Breakthrough has come, and I Just commented on Yesterday’s Word you posted! My daughter and I have been standing in Faith together for her job situation, praying regarding a Manager with a Jezebel Spirit, trying to pull my daughter into gossip, setting traps and snares and telling lies about my daughter. We were Believing Father God would change this woman, remove her or remove my daughter from this situation. Spoke to my baby today after she interviewed for a job – she was offered the job, which includes a Great Deal more money, Full benefits, Paid vacation, 401K, a small intimate professional working environment! GLORY!! She was So Excited – it’s More than what she even imagined God would give her <3 I told her this is just the Beginning … The Year 2018 is the Year of ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST – I keep seeing 747, which totals 18 (Chai – Abundant Life in Hebrew), Also means going Higher in Father God.
    AND Here Is MORE Encouragement For All! Driving to work, I heard "Bette Davis Eyes" come on the radio – Driving home from work, i smiled as I heard Bette Davis Eyes" again!
    OK, Yesterday, Father confirmed Hebrews 6:15-16, "“And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised. People swear by someone greater than themselves, and the Oath confirms what is said and puts an end to all argument.” – Hebrews 6:15-16. I looked up the name meaning of 'BETTE" …
    Here it comes … MORE CONFIRMATION Precious Ones! Greek Meaning: The name BETTY is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name BETTY is: From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either OATH OF GOD, OR GOD IS SATISFACTION. LOOK AT OUR FATHER GOD!! SEE HIS FAITHFULNESS!! THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM!! HALLELUJAH!! My Eyes well with tears as I type this. I pray this Encourages and Blesses you!
    Thank You Ms Lana, for your Faithfulness In Him. Much L<3ve

  • Debbie

    Awesome!!! An amazing and timely word of God, now I understand what has been happening to me in my prayer time both in the secret place but also corporately too, the attacks and the undermining.
    I press into You Father God. I press in to rest on the breast of Jesus to hear the heart beat of God.
    Thank you for sharing a strategic word Lana. May God bless you and protect you and your team.

  • Chika

    Alleluia. Abba Father, the grace to press in and linger in the secret place I receive. I come against every opposition in the name of Jesus. ??

  • leslielantzbeaumont

    This is a wonderful word….thanks, Lana for typing it all out for us. It sort of fits with a dream I had last night of a black and white cat (Felix) trying to find his voice of warning of demonic activity to us….it started out as a quiet cat chirp, but by the end of the dream he was meowing at full force, confident he was doing his job. I know it was not a lion and a roar…but from small acorns come mighty oak trees! God help us to find our own voices in our day and hear and proclaim what HS is telling us.


    what the lord is showing me is LOVE,,,and what love does as iam writing this love cast out all fear …..AMEN……T

  • Shirley

    You might want to correct this paragraph heading:
    God bless.

  • Regina Costa

    Many times I want to write a comment but shy away, but I just want to tell you how accurate and on point the words you share. Wow Lana! Again your word resonates with me.
    In the past, on several occasions, always when resting, I have heard the audible voice of the Lord calling my name or telling me something. His voice clear even tone and sometimes in a whisper. But a few weeks ago, the Lord spoke my name LOUDLY, it scared me because I never I heard that tone. This word has encouraged me as I reflect now on His loud tone, there is a change taking place like you said, a new era. The revelation, He has shared w me in the secret place, has given me so much insight about His authority and the Authority I have in Him over the enemy! I agree, the prophetic roar of God!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  • Pam Staver-Ramey

    I was introduced to you a few weeks ago, and your prophetic words have resonated so deep within me. Thank you, Lana, for sharing what the Father has put on your heart for the body of Christ in this season. I truly thank God for you and bless you in all things!

  • Megan Whitfield

    Lana – thank you for allowing God in the name of Jesus with the precious Holy Spirit to use you to release this word that is TOTAL confirmation and aligns with the dreams and visions many of us are having. He shows that he is no respecter of persons and HIS word lines up – line upon line, precept up precept; here at little there a little. Thank GOD in Jesus name. Hallelujah! Glory to the Lamb! AMEN

  • Dineen Miller

    Hi Lana! Thank you for this word. It confirmed a word God gave me in December that I wondered and questioned if I was hearing clearly for now.
    Dec. 17, 2017
    “I’m intending to do great refreshment in the body of my Son, the body of Christ. This is a celebratory season in many ways. Astonishment is to be the norm. A resounding sound of my goodness is about to be released that will ring in the new year and resonate as never before. A kaleidoscope of possibilities. A renewal of the mind. A strengthening of hearts.
    My time is everlasting. My heart ever procuring the goodness of my children. Listen to my heart beating for each one. It is a rhythm established individually for every one of my children. My desire has always been for all to know and follow me. That is unchanged.
    My goodness is unfailing and is always a beacon in all times, no matter the times. My goodness is what washes the heart clean. And My Love is what makes it beat. My blood is My love recognized, released and received.
    My heart beats true. Always. Receive the fullness of my heart, child. It beats for you.”
    So thank you, thank you for sharing your words. They are so affirming and encouraging. So accurate. I love how God works, which by the way I’m so glad you recently connected with Angela Muncie, one of ours directors of the Healing Rooms of Manatee in Bradenton, FL. I’m an associate director there and was about to suggest we connect with you next time you’re in Florida. Then to find out you and Angela connected at a recent event here in FL. I know God will put those pieces and plans in place in His timing. So looking forward to that. Thank you again! Hugs!

  • Lu

    Thank you Lana for this word. Again so right on the money. I will seek God even more in the secret place and listen for his roar.

  • Suzanne

    Never apologize for the length❣️This is a magnificent Word and for me a direct hit?
    I appreciate each & every word and release them into the atmosphere & press in‼️

  • LightWriters

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yesssss, Lord!! Alleluia!!!! His roar of LIFE!!! is here! Lana, thank you so so much. There are deep echoes of His promises reverberating throughout this word. Praise Jesus!!

  • Micheal M

    I feel The Holy Spirit moving in this article and it might as well count me in. I was doing the Daniel Fast, I hear The Lord is calling me to do 40 Fast and watch the enemy scatter in worship for I will stand for The Kingdom of Christ in Jesus Name

  • Deborah Hunter

    Lana, thank you for the Words from God this week. Oh how they wash over this daughter and resonate and speak to me. I know you know and I Praise God for the deceleration’s and encouragement. More confirmation of what He has been saying in this season. The deeper revelation, oh my. Thank you Jesus for Lana and her obedience. Praying for you and yours. God Bless

  • Michael Cowley

    Last week when I was in the secret place I experienced standing before the Roar of the Lion of Judah. I sensed God’s Breath in this Roar. Be encouraged Bride of Christ to run into God’s Roar. It is a trustworthy place for refuge and life. Our Roaring God is in love with each piece of God’s creation, so willing to bring life to every reed that will bow in heart felt worship.

  • Kim Cooley

    Thank you for your faithfulness to hear and delare ABBA’s unfailing LOVE for us. I praise ABBA for your obedience to hear and obey and help HIS body run the race in VICTORY!

  • Andrew

    The Holy City descends. A million thoughts are flying, some shouting ‘no entry’, but the words with right of way are the words of greatest purity. Words alive yet almost imperceptible. And pressing in to listen, there is the exquisite clarity of a song, whispered in music of pure beauty and goodness. They all lean in to hear. As they do, their hearts lift and tune in to a sound like the roar of a waterfall of love coming from heaven, a roar possessing a pulse of life all its own. The roar is a divine yearning, a yearning for heaven, and a yearning of heaven. A yearning that everything be one with the pure goodness and beauty at the heart of reality, the heart of God. The rhythm of the roar fills all reality between the now and the not yet. It is a Kairos pulse, rather than a chronos.
    They can all feel its rhythm, share its rhythm, move gently in its rhythm. A pulsing of gentlest worship out, an imbibing thankfulness in. And as the rhythm leads the dance, all negativity is silenced. Words that would have normally been at the forefront are released into the flow, flesh ceding to spirit, a surrender integral to the roar. Words of pure light are ready to be birthed in the Secret Place, and deep within the rhythm of the roar, the flow is building.
    The rhythm of worship and thankfulness fill beyond human fullness, reach a tipping point, the sheer volume of the divine eclipsing the natural breaks out in eternal cascade of the divine within the secret place, a tidal wave without. Gravity defeated by the flight of virtues song.