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Hi Friends
I am sorry for the confusion in yesterday’s posting. As I was uploading the message it seems the previous day’s word was still in the clipboard and posted twice over two days. Here is the word Lana released for yesterday. Be blessed – Kevin Vawser.
By Lana Vawser
This morning I felt the Lord speaking about areas of the lives of believers where there has been continual lack of breakthrough and a real “tug of war”, “back and forth” in seeing manifested breakthrough.
Those areas where it seems to get better, but then it goes back to how it was, so there’s really never any “complete and TOTAL breakthrough” and that “tug of war” and “back and forth” has seen despair enter into the hearts of many.
The level of despair I saw within hearts in these areas were deep, and the pain and sadness was deep. A cry from the heart of His people rising up full of thankfulness for who He is, and for His marvellous works, but also a sense of despair that maybe their breakthrough will never come in this area, or God doesn’t want to bring breakthrough. These areas of despair have really caused some deep heartache and many are living in these areas in the place of Proverbs 13:12:
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”
Many are struggling to “hope again” in these areas. To “believe again”, to “have faith again”.
That’s where I saw our beautiful Jesus step in. He stepped in with His encouragement, comfort and strength as He whispered:
“The area where you have despaired, I am now about to bring about a great divine repair.”
There is going to be a great move of the Holy Spirit in your heart and your circumstance where the Lord is going to bring about a great divine repair. These areas where despair has broken your heart, the Lord is coming to heal your broken heart. Jesus came to bring freedom for the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18 – The Passion Translation) and these areas that have broken your heart in despair are about to be freed, healed and repaired.
The Lord showed me that many who have been in this place of despair they have been “looking again” and “looking again” in faith for such a long time, to see if the breakthrough has come or begun, but have become tired of looking again, because there has been seemingly no movement.
I heard the Holy Spirit say “LOOK AGAIN” and there was a DOUBLE INVITATION in these words.
I felt the invitation SO strongly from the heart of the Father to “LOOK AGAIN” but look again in HIS PERSPECTIVE. Ask Him how HE sees the situation, and LOOK AGAIN through His eyes. He’s coming to repair and restore but He’s bringing a greater alignment in the people of God regarding vision, to see as He sees. “LOOK AGAIN” and as you see from the higher perspective HOPE will be breathed back into your heart again.
I then felt the Holy Spirit inviting His people as they keep their faces like a flint towards Jesus and how He sees, as you look at the situation again through His eyes, as your gaze has been intentionally focused upon His perspective, I felt the Lord say “LOOK AGAIN at the situation” and you will soon see the SHIFT has begun. Don’t give up!
You really are closer to a finality of breakthrough regarding these situations than you realise.
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  • Robyn

    Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Lana for such a strong word of encouragement! I so needed this as I have found myself fearful of even beginning to hope for breakthrough in my area of despair as disappointment after disappointment has come over many many years of praying. I WILL LOOK AGAIN!!!!
    I pray Double Grace to you and yours today and those who are walking this same journey.


    Needed to hear that today, it has been such a “tug a war”… I receive this message in Jesus name, Amen

  • Greg Schmidt

    Lana, thank you so much for being used of the Lord in behalf of the Bride! So many times in this last year, which has been very difficult in the area of physical issues, your words have hit my heart right where I needed it. Your words have been so on target and came at the exact time I needed them. This one came today just as I was ready to give up. There seemed to be no breakthrough for me. Your word brought refreshment to my heart and new courage to get back up again and keep expecting! God bless you and thank you!!! Terry Schmidt, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • Nahomie Riche

    Thanks for correction of post, I noticed it yesterday and I thought maybe something like that happened and I was thinking can’t wait till they send the right post because the title already had me! Thank you Mr Vawser! ?
    Thank you Lana for this post. Very encouraging. For me it’s the agony of wanting to finish the Wilderness Season which also include Season of warfare. I do feel many times disheartened from the weariness of it all and the great pain and suffering. I feel dishearten when I think The Lord surely won’t allow me to go through anymore but yet He does.I know deep in my heart if The Lord still has me in Wilderness my time is not yet over, Hes still doing work in me. It’s hard and painful to continue but somehow The Lord keeps me going even though I may be shouting and screaming to The Lord at times I can’t take it anymore! I know during those painful times, The Lord understands me and His grace is with me. So despair I do feel at times because it’s been so long and hard and painful eventhough I know deep in my heart The Lord is really working out His good will for me. I always try to be honest with The Lord to get the help that I need because I do want The Lord to do all that He has purposed to do in me during these times. My day will come one day and I cant wait when it does. Praise His Holy Name.

    • Nahomie Riche

      Oh I wanted to share today in broad daylight I got to stand on the street in front of my home and infront of satan’s people and lift my hands up high and worship The Lord. It was such a special, beautiful time and was thankful The Lord allowed me to do it.
      Praise His Holy Name?

  • Susan M

    Praise Jesus!! Wow, Lana—-this just lit me up kind a megawatt lightbulb! This word is incredibly divine, timely, and wonderfully coincides with a dream I had last week about this very situation…of hope deferred making the Lord’s people sick…in the dream the Lord walked into a room where I was languishing with great fatigue and affliction from many long spiritual and life battles. I didn’t realize at first it was Jesus. He was dressed in casual clothes like a dear comforting friend, and He led me to sit with Him, and as held my hands and prayed with me and I realized it was the Lord! He ever lives and He is interceding for all the saints in an intimate deeply caring way— far beyond what we may think, and He was so joyful to be praying in agreement and faith and to be restoring and releasing refreshing healing, peace, fruit of the Spirit, wholeness, provision, amazing long awaited promises and NEW LIFE!! ???????GLORY ALLELUIA!! ?????

    • Rev. Connie Sue Woods

      Susan, you are powerful in the LORD, He loves you very much, you have stood when other’s would have ran. He is now going to sustain you in a wide place.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I’ll go ahead and repost this as I just read “Beleive Again” – Confirmation Ms Lana! <3
    Also As i sent this comment on the other post, i glanced up to see it was 6:15pm my time, and saw it change to 6:16 pm, confirmation of Hebrews 6:15-16.
    AMEN AND AMEN. I Want to share this, to Encourage. A few days ago, I kept seeing 3333 – Ezekiel 33:33. I saw it 3 times in one day. Later that same day, as i was driving and thinking about 3333, i was about to turn into work, and I saw a Pearl Creme Cadillac Escalade in front of me … on its license plate was 3333! Today, I was on the phone with a Printer -I opened a Logo I had created, and as I discussed it with the lady, I looked at the corner of my file and saw 33.33%! Friday night, I stopped into Walmart for a few items. I heard “Don’t Stop Believing” as I shopped. When I was leaving the Walmart, driving out of the parking lot and turning onto the highway, “Don’t Stop Believing” came on the radio! A night later, I had a dream that I was in the car with my daughter, she said, “Hey that was “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey!” I turned it back and we sang along. My dreams have become So Extremely Realistic, as if you are actually there … Very Detailed, Colorful and Real. The Dream I had last evening was AMAZING. I was on a Golf Course with a handful of people. The Sun was Breaking Forth and the Day was BRIGHT, SUNNY AND BEAUTIFUL … The GLORY OF GOD, THE GLORY OF JESUS CHRIST. Rough Weather had Ended. Suddenly, A Flood of people came to the Golf course … there must have been hundreds coming up the path. All ages, nationalities, men and women, young people, golfers. They all gathered at the community pool, many jumping into the Deep! People were having an AWESOME Time! I watched as one young man’s vehicle was upgraded to a Gold car and in the car were many new surprise features! I had never seen anything like it. A car represents you, your Ministry. Golfers represent people walking by Faith, following the Word. A Golf Course is Progressing in Faith, speaking The Word and Following it. A Pool represents moving in The Spirit, River of Life, Going Deep with The Lord, Letting Go and Trusting Father God … Don’t Stop Believing. Walk By Faith, Not By Sight. Trust Father God as Abraham did … Our Father God Always Keeps His Promises. At The Mouth of two or three witnesses, Shall Every Word be Established. “And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised. People swear by someone greater than themselves, and the oath confirms what is said and puts an end to all argument.” – Hebrews 6:15-16. OUR LORD WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL! ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR FATHER GOD!

    • Kay Cunningham

      Aundrea, thank you for this phenomenal confirmation to Lana’s word. I praise God for Who He is, what He is saying and doing, and His faithfulness!

      • Aundrea Hernandez

        Amen Ms Kay 🙂 It’s Amazing what happens when we, The Body of Christ, come together in Unity. I’m Honored to share the little Father has given me, that confirms and builds Faith and Hope. Much L<3ve

  • Chris Turner

    Lana, you have been such a blessing to me, ever since I first heard you in person at The Storehouse in Dallas about 3 or 4 years ago. Your latest words have kept me pressing into Jesus, in spite of the intense opposition. And then this morning Jesus began speaking to me after being relatively silent for the past year, and this confirms your latest word. So, I hope this is as timely for you as your word was for me, and that it blesses you and confirms for you that you heard truly from the King and that you keep pressing in for the prize that will be yours one day. God bless you and keep you – Chris Turner
    What I heard clearly was:
    I will make your circumstances your footstool, and I will enthrone you on top of your circumstances.
    Remember, you are seated with Me in heaven. You are seated on My throne with Me…and so you will be enthroned with Me on top of your circumstances because that is where I AM, all of the time. There will never be a time when I am not enthroned over everything, whether in the spiritual or the natural realm.
    The enemy has bruised your heel through the circumstances of your life, but I have made all of that your footstool. I have anointed your head with oil. Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life, and you will live with Me forever.
    From My position in heaven I look down at the world because I am higher than the world. I am seated at My Father’s right hand and that is the position of all power and authority and rule. So I look down over the world and all of its circumstances from the position of all power and authority and rule. I look down on and over the natural world because I created it and it has no power or authority or rulership over Me.
    When you read about My life you see that nothing in the world had power over Me – not hunger or thirst, not illness or disease, not sin or death, not weather or gravity, not fear or anger, not betrayal or disappointment. I did not live according to the circumstances in My life – I lived to do the will of My Father. I only said the things He gave Me to say and I only did the things He gave Me to do.
    My goal is to plant and cultivate this same vision and kingdom reality in you – of living from a position of freedom over and above your circumstances and the enemy of your life who seeks to use the natural world to defeat and destroy you and others.
    I have created you to be more than a conqueror. You are a conqueror, but after you conquer you are meant to rule in My name. This is why you are seated with Me.

  • Katherine Ivey Couillard

    Oh,my Lord so right on,to know that my daughterCarol and there children will make You Lord of her life.her son Tom,26yrs. Her 13yr.Aleya To want to follow Jesus.I pray for a complete turn arround in their lives.and what ive lost in you Lord will return to be on fire again.Thankyou.Gods Blessings.

  • Robearh

    Glory to God, our awesome Father, for what he has promised is at hand, so close, indeed so. Don’t let go. Keep focusing on him. Don’t quit. Hallelujah !!

  • Natasha

    Wow!!! This Word was on point and timely. As I had been feeling like this. Thank you Lord for helping us to see the Big Shift upon us??

  • Evangelist Cotia

    I am deeply touched right now by what the Lord has spoken through our Sister Lana below Everything that she has spoken here on this subject fits our lives to a TEE! We have been going through such attacks 3 more months just short of 7 years straight non stop attacks!!
    By Lana Vawser
    This morning I felt the Lord speaking about areas of the lives of believers where there has been continual lack of breakthrough and a real “tug of war”, “back and forth” in seeing manifested breakthrough.Those areas where it seems to get better, but then it goes back to how it was, so there’s really never any “complete and TOTAL breakthrough” and that “tug of war” and “back and forth” has seen despair enter into the hearts of many.The level of despair I saw within hearts in these areas were deep, and the pain and sadness was deep. A cry from the heart of His people rising up full of thankfulness for who He is, and for His marvellous works, but also a sense of despair that maybe their breakthrough will never come in this area, or God doesn’t want to bring breakthrough. These areas of despair have really caused some deep heartache and many are living in these areas in the place of Proverbs 13:12:
    Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.. My husband Ford and I are ministers of the Gospel of Jesus. We own our home and almost 7 long years ago 3 separate families moved in 3 separate rental houses all on the corner. The neighbors at the corner house next door to us are used greatly by satan the woman Jessica is a witch she is under the Jezebel spirit that hates and kills the prophets of God. Her lover Jeffrey she lives with has a Ahab spirit greatly under the diabolic bewitching spell of this diabolic woman. His father Richard has a Haman spirit always tried for years to destroy us in every way until Jessica moved in and she took over his diabolical attacks in a far worse way. These territorial strongholds took possession in our neighborhood using these 3 separate families to fight against us and set traps against us even making up lies trying to get us out of our home. we know that as ministers of the gospel of Christ that we will have many enemies just like Jesus did and even so now. We ask that you join with us in prayer against the Woman who is a witch a Jezebel hater of God and his prophets she rents the house next door to us she has done much diabolical evil against us she has bewitched all those who come in contact with her in this area to fight against my husband and I she hates us to the death. She works non stop trying to destroy us in every way she hates us so deeply that she has made up false lies and stories to police trying to get us arrested and has filed numerous lies and allegations against us through the court hoping to destroy the work in the ministry that we are doing for Christ. she has been successful in slandering and destroying our name and even posted a negative review against us to hinder the book sales for souls of my testimony of abuse to triumph only by the grace of God. She has control over the landlord who believes her lies and continues to allow her to rent this house along with Ahab her lover and Haman her lover’s father they all are very wicked and evil people who hate God and hate us they have also done much evil against us. The Holy Spirit reveals things to us and this woman Jezebel wish death upon us and destruction upon our home we pray against these diabolical spirits in the name of Jesus please join with us in prayer that God removes them it’s been non stop for 3 months short of 7 long years. There is no breakthrough! My spirit has been very heavy and down today I cried out unto the Lord to help us to bring our breakthrough our enemies lives 8 feet from our home and are surrounded at the end of our house. Praise God for confirmation and our deliverance is surely soon! God bless you Lana
    Thank you love in Christ Evangelist Cotia & Minister Ford

    • Evangelist Cotia

      I must add to this I must say with all honestly from my heart that I am not at all happy or glad that anyone here who have posted and for those who are going through life’s trials without their breakthrough that we are not happy to see them going through what they are going through. But since Lana has spoken what the Lord had revealed to her and those who have posted their testimonies or their confirmation of what they themselves are seeking of the Lord’s deliverance, has truly encouraged our lives in a tremendous way. For many years while going through many attacks from the enemies of God at one point many saints who we asked for prayers about this seemingly endless problems they would turn this situation around and treat us as if we did something wrong or as if our breakthrough had not come from God because there was something in our lives that hindered our prayers from being answered. We were put more on a guilt trip rather than our Brethren in the Lord having spiritual discernment to see how the enemy of God and of our souls are attacking those in the Body of Christ especially those in ministry who are a threat or tearing down satan’s wicked kingdom these are the ones that the devil is coming against the most in every way that he can. But seeing this post from Lana what the Lord has revealed to her and after seeing these post here from others only brings encouragements that much more to us knowing that we are not alone in our desires for breakthrough.. To God be the glory,honor and praises forevermore! Thank you Jesus amen

      • Charlene from TN

        Dear Sister,
        The circumstances are different, but the attack has been as relentless, and for 7 years since July, 2010. I am also encouraged by this Word from our sister Lana. I will speak today for you before our Intercessor and Brother Jesus and as co-heirs with HIM for you and your situation. As a Body, we WILL see this end!

    • Christie

      Dear Sister, Our family move into a rural, wooded area outside of a college town, where many of the students were Satanists, practicing witchcraft, along with living sacrifices in our wooded area. We got a horrible and rapid education regarding the very things you describe, along with the attempted murder of our 1 year old baby. There is too much to relate on what we learned from the experience, except to say that I was finally able, during intense prayer and intercession, to learn something that made the tables turn in our situation. The Holy Spirit taught me that the only thing that Satan can not counterfeit is God’s love. He showed me the best weapon of His warfare is found in the Sermon on the mount….to pray in God’s love, for the souls of those who were cursing us and attempting to destroy us. He inspired me with other scriptures to proclaim, living word, and this love seemed to set our enemies in confusion! They didn’t understand it and couldn’t use it against us. As I continued in this prayer for the salvation of their souls, the intense attacks began to subside and we had victory on our mountain!

  • Jasmine

    Thank you for this , this last week I felt the Holy Spirit say several times , “ Don’t give up your closer than you think .” But I honestly began to doubt and wondered if I was just saying it to myself . I needed this thank you so much .

  • Meshack Baloyi

    I have gained hope and courage about my situation which has been running back and forth instead of seeing a breakthrough. Thanks for the words of comfort, may the Lord bless you.

  • Fiona

    That’s an amazing word Lana…so timely for me and exactly what I’m going through right now. Thank you for being such a blessing to the body of Christ. xx

  • Debbie

    Thank you Lana for sharing this word,
    this is a word in season – Isaiah 50:4 NKJV
    The verse – Proverbs 13:12 ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick but when desire comes it is the tree of life’ I had this the other week. It was such an encouragement to read your word today, to keep looking and keep expecting. I keep holding on that God is faithful and He will never let us down. His answers are more than we expect.
    Thank you again. God bless you all as you share these throne room words.

  • Bee

    Thank you for sharing Lana. It is no coincidence that this word was ‘mistakenly’ shared twice the day before. Such a confirmation of DOUBLE INVITATION. My heart is full of faith and I am so encouraged. I had been on the brink of despair from experiencing a trend of incomplete breakthroughs. God bless you for your faithfulness in stewarding God’s precious words to His children.

  • Margaret Joy

    When I was reading Lana’s prophetic word, I was greatly encouraged to believe for my final breakthrough…I really witness to this in my heart, and thank GOD for her close walk with the Lord and pure, sweet spirit…how we need to encourage one another to believe that our faithful GOD will bring freedom to each one, for testimony, and His great Glory….bless you Lana…and all you dear ones that have posted .

  • Charlene from TN

    I DO need a divine repair on this one thing, and I am asking Abba for His eyes to see it, so that I will gain hope regarding it. I am strengthened by the timing of this Word, on the very day that I worshipped and yet despaired because the hope was being dashed once again. Divine REPAIR is here, proclaims the Lion!

    • Evangelist Cotia

      Dearest Charlene
      Greetings to you in the precious name and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus. My husband and I both thank you from the depths of our hearts for your love for Jesus and for souls, especially to those who are of the household of Faith. We who are in the Body of Christ, Heirs with God and Joint Heirs with Christ. Your prayers are well welcomed, appreciated and coveted in Christ. We as family in the Lord must pray for one another because satan is busy non stop fighting to no end coming against God’s people. Prayer against demonic strongholds will break the yoke our God has promised us there does come a time in our lives at some point that we must pray against strongholds for our deliverance. It seems by reading here what others has posted that we are not the only Children of God through Christ, who are also expecting breakthroughs. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds! God bless you Charlene, thank you for praying for us and others, we are praying for you and others as well. Love in Christ Evangelist Cotia & Minister Ford

  • Jodi

    #1 I don’t think it was an accident that this message was sent out twice. I believe God was emphasizing the message!
    #2 The morning this post was sent out, I was actually praying about my hope deferred and about how for so very many years every time I believed messages and words given that breakthrough was coming, either the breakthrough didn’t come, or I got a crumb and then nothing, and as the years have gone by, things have gotten worse and worse. It has made me question where I’ve been getting it wrong. But then I opened me email and saw Lana’s email! Thank you, Lord, for speaking to us and through Your prophets!

  • sfrisby

    I was just asking God if there was any word for me, any specific word for regarding where I am at and if its ever going to happen for me. And then this post appeared. Its funny because I had skipped over it in my email because it was linked with a previous post and so i had ignored it, but today, i was cleaning out my email and it popped out at me and i read it! Praise the Lord, that the Spirit lead me right to it!!! There are circumstances and areas in my faith and relationship with God i have been contending for that area for years it seems, so long and like this word read, it would seem like i’m on the verge of breakthrough and i can feel it happen, see it happening and then caput. Nothing. Back to where I was in my heart. Now, don’t get me wrong, there has been much growth and much maturity that God has worked in/out in me, but this one area, where its like i can taste and see in the spirit this freedom and what it feels like and then its gone. So this is encouraging, that god is going to heal and bring it about. that he hasnt forgotten about me or is dissapointed in me. I felt like it was a lack of inward obedience which was the reason for breakthrough being so hard. But God is good and I believe he is going to bring it about. Im believing I haven’t missed and Its going to happen!

    • Charlene from TN

      I don’t know if this is similar, but seems like it. I have been struggling with breakthrough in an area and two days ago or so it broke for the first time, and I thought “that’s IT!” and I wrote of it on this site, but the rage of the original situation returned last night. I can only believe and firmly know that we must contend for the Word and the Work that has been already accomplished by and in HIM. I am praying for others who are going through this cycle!