Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Over the past few weeks I have released some prophetic words on the attack that is coming against many right now regarding their vision, the war over revelation, increase and the secret place. The enemy is working hard to distract the people of God right now.
As I sat with the Lord yesterday I felt very strongly that the enemy is coming against the TIME of many believers. I had this strong sense that the enemy is coming and he is stealing ‘time’ from many through distraction and circumstances. Many are finding “one thing after another” that is keeping them busy and keeping them away from the vision.
I sensed many were coming to the end of days and feeling discouraged that another day went by without accomplishing that which the Lord has put before them in this season. I felt many were discouraged that this battle has been raging so intensely. The battle is raging so intensely to steal your time because there is a significant move of the Spirit of God that is going to happen in what the Lord is asking you to accomplish that is going to bring forth great fruitfulness, increase, favour, blessing and breakthrough.
I felt the Lord wanted me to release this prophetic word to not only uncover the strategy of the enemy but also to comfort hearts because I felt many have been in that place of teetering on condemning themselves. “I must be doing something wrong. No matter how much I prioritise this, I just can’t get it done. It’s just not happening. I’m doing something wrong”. If that’s you, I want to break that lie off you right now in the name of Jesus.
There is an attack against the vision God has given you and what He is calling you to and the enemy is attempting to steal your time from stewarding what the Lord is asking you to build in this season.
I felt the Lord say for those of you who have been feeling this attack, to take heart, for breakthrough is upon you. The Lord is about to restore and accelerate what has been stolen in the enemy attempting to steal your time. The Lord showed me such a strong wind of His Spirit that is coming and will blow upon the new land God has given you to build and toil, and you will see MORE DONE in 1 hour in the natural than could be done. There is a SUPERNATURAL EMPOWERMENT of the Spirit of God being released into your life, where the power of God is going to accelerate the work of your hands, and there will be great accomplishments in shorter periods of time.
The Lord showed me where there has been relentless opposition and attack from the enemy attempting to steal your time and keep you distracted, now your mouth shall not be full of discouragement of how this has been happening, but your mouth shall be FULL OF PRAISE to Jesus for the MIRACLES that are going to happen in supernatural acceleration. God is about to do through you in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, what could not possibly be done in the natural in that period of time. God is about to show Himself SO STRONG as you continue to stand.
I asked the Lord for strategy on moving forward and standing against this attack, and I felt the Lord say “KEEP YOUR HAND TO THE PLOUGH AND THE VISION IN YOUR MOUTH.”
In the midst of the battle, intentionally do ONE THING per day, whether it’s write down one sentence, make one decree, even if you find you’re not accomplishing anything, STAY ENGAGED WITH THE VISION, KEEP YOUR HAND TO THE PLOUGH. Do whatever you have to do every day, no matter how small, to keep ENGAGED with the vision. Even as you lay in bed at night, if again, you have faced a day of feeling like you’re losing time, meditate upon the vision.
Keep the vision in your mouth. Talk about the vision. Tell others about the vision. Come against what the enemy is attempting to do by stealing time and causing great distraction, dream about the vision, talk about it out loud, remind yourself of it.
The enemy in this attempt to hinder and steal time, he wants you to abort the vision and give up on the vision. Now is the time to stand and fight for the vision and know that the Lord is fighting for you. There is great breakthrough and provision coming. You are going to be left in awe of wonder of the fruit, the harvest, the growth, the increase, the multiplication, the extension of land, and birthing that is going to take place in this new land you are occupying and the vision He has given you. You will soon see by the fruit, why the enemy has been so vicious in his attack against this vision.
The Lord showed me in this battle that many are facing recently that is wearying many of fighting regarding the vision God has given them, I saw in the weariness many were starting to feel like they cannot ‘dream’ in the vision. So tired, and feeling this onslaught, it’s hindering the ability to dream with Him within the vision.
The Lord showed me a room in a vision that was labelled “REACTIVATION OF DREAMING”. Jesus was bringing people one by one into this room and in encounters, as God’s people focused on Jesus, they looked into His eyes and began to see the dreams that He had for the vision. Eyes locked with Jesus, there was a supernatural exchange taking place where the VISION OF JESUS, the blueprints of heaven, seeing as He sees, were reactivating dreaming within the vision, within the hearts of His people as the weariness and attacks were breaking off and not only were hearts full of hope, joy and vision again, but they were seeing as HE sees in the vision FURTHER than they have seen before.
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  • Deborah Hunter

    We take our place in Your army God, trusting that it is not by might, not by power but by Your Spirit that the enemy, the time stealer in my life is defeated and cast down.
    All provision for this next step will be released in Jesus name. All plans that you have will come into place and winds of acceleration will move me to the mission field. In Jesus name!
    God bless you Lana!

  • Debra Carter

    Thank you, Lana, for sharing what the Lord is imparting to you! I am new to your writings as of 01/01/18, yet your writings are resonating into the place where God has me now. Even though it may be a while before I can sow $ into your ministry, you are in my daily prayers and giving of thanks…

  • Blanche Heidengren

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you sooo much for sharing this word that the Lord gave you concerning the attacks that are coming against God’s people that are distracting us and taking us away from the vision and assignment the Lord gave us to fulfill. I have been kicking myself because some things have come up during the past few weeks as I have a big family,where I haven’t been able to spend time on my book that the Lord has called me to write. Your last paragraph where you talk about us reconnecting with Jesus, locking on His eyes and allowing Him to reactivate our vision is so encouraging! I love when you wrote about the ‘blueprints of heaven and seeing as He sees” will be imparted to us as we focus on Jesus…so great!
    The Lord first called me to write this book about Heaven about 8 years ago right after my son accidentally drowned at a Christian Camp where he was working and went to Heaven. I’m about a third of the way done and it’s called, “Heaven In His Eyes.” He loved the Lord and you could see it in his eyes, especially that summer, and he played keyboard in the praise band. Thankfully the Lord has given me visions of him in Heaven covered in joy and loving the worship around the Throne! I’m going to stop and take the time right now to write a sentence, as you encouraged us to, and to let the Lord inspire me right now! I’d love your prayers that I can finish this book by the end of the year. Blessings on you and your family!
    Your sister in Christ,

  • Vickie Cleveland

    So good Lana & a right on time word for me!! I have been feeling this exact thing in January as I have been trying to move forward with a new book! Thank you for the encouragement!!!

  • Marion Male

    Wow you read my mail… that is amazing… Thanks for the encouragement…. sure has been as you said for 36 years…. Breakthrough is a comin … thanks for the encouragement…. thank you thank you

  • Derrick L

    This word from the Lord gave tears of joy!!! Its direct and still on target! Thank you Lord!!! Bless Lana v.

  • Melva W Wiggins

    Wow…she not only read my mail,
    She must have had a camera in my room ?.
    I took her word serious about God speaking to us this week ,for us to diliberately seek him on the vision.
    Thursday was awsome …. He gave me a while lot.
    Then yesterday it was like I couldn’t get near to him.
    I couldn’t get a word …or so it seemed, though I did have some visions I am yet to understand.
    I thank you Lana for the hope ….
    Indeed.i was feeling like he was gonna give up on me.
    Because i waste hours just trying to come into his presence to hear.from him.
    HalleluYah…acceleration come !

  • FromtheThronetothePrincess

    I pray that the vision would be clear and clear and CLEARER still. That JESUS would be the center and that we would interpret clearly – by staying in the WORD and FASTING. The BRIDE is GLORIOUS.
    Blessings and LOVE.

  • Brad

    I have been reading your prophecies and they are very powerful and encouraging. I remember, during the 2016 election, you were putting them out daily, and I believe they’re affected the outcome.
    You are a great support to us in America. Your ministry is a blessing. You are a blessing. I thank God in Christ Jesus for your ministry. May God bless you, keep you in perfect peace and prosper you in everything that you do. Amen!
    Jesus is Lord!

  • Fiona

    Hi Lana! Thanks so much for sharing this word! I have been struggling to finish my Uni studies over Christmas and was frustrated by things taking up my time. But, after reading this word I started to complete my last major assessment and I finished it in record time! This was great because I’m back at work today after a long break and needed to get the study behind me so I could focus on work. I really appreciate your words and your heart Lana. God bless, Fiona.

  • Stephen Rangaswami

    Thanks for this prophetic WORD!!! Yes there has been so much of opposition, discouragement, downheartedness, low-self esteem, dejection and much more!!
    The plans not having seen a miracle for a long long time are getting doubtfully frustrating and impatience tries to get the better of the situation – but !! the Lord’s WORD and BLOOD and His Faith-fullness always comes up as a MEMORIAL to get back to where we were and continue pressing on !!

  • JG

    Thank you Lana! This is exactly whats has been going on in my season right now. Praise God for releasing this word over us.

  • Marion Male

    Wow, I have been amazed at the word you are giving… I have send your words to all our Northern Christian Training Centre – Board Members…. They are following your words as well now… It is as if you have been right here in Fiji with us. Each word you bring has been the word for the hour for us… The attacks from the enemy somehow have lost its sting after your words… Thank you so much for doing what you are doing… You have blessed us so much….. One day hope to see you in Fiji with us…. We are on the winning team.