Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I have been feeling so strongly for a long time now that the Lord has been speaking about a time of rest coming to His people. It is a transition of the season from deep contending and battle into a deeper place of the rest, joy, peace and revelation of the love of God.
The Lord showed me where many have been fighting for their lives, they were now moving into such glorious breakthrough and IN the breakthrough there would be a new level of rest.
The Lord spoke to me that in the breakthrough’s that have begun to spring forth like the new day sun, heralding in the shift of the season, a greater victory, a greater shift of night to day, there is a rest coming in the breakthrough where His people shall know a rest in Him deeper than they have experienced before.
When I was asking the Lord about this rest, He showed me two Scriptures:
“They will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss; bearing fruit in every season of their lives. They are never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous.” – Psalm 1:3 – The Passion Translation
“He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss. That’s where he restores and revives my life. He opens before me pathways to God’s pleasure, and leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness so that I can bring honor to his name.” – Psalm 23:2 – The Passion Translation
No longer will you feel exhausted, running on empty or discouraged in the fight and weary of the journey.
The place of deep refreshment is upon you in your intimacy with Him. Your heart will come alive again where the battle and disappointment has brought a dryness. There will be rejuvenation, there will be increase and as you have yielded to His way above all else, a time of great favour shall come upon you. You will feast on the fruits of increase and you will sing a new song as the refreshing waterfall of His Spirit awakens you and brings you to life again.
You will see Him fight for you, protect you and be King over the seed and breakthrough He has released to you. The way He will take care of things for you and set things up for you will open up a whole new realm of the JOY of the Lord is your strength.
Do not fear beloved children of God! For the season has changed. The season of barrenness and drought is over. The season of fruitfulness is upon us. The season of flourishing is upon you. By the still waters with Jesus, He will awaken you to who you are in new ways, His love will cast out the fear and break off the chains. The season that has shifted will look completely different for many of you but the depth of rest, peace and joy that will manifest in your heart and soul will not only bring you deep healing…
But you will move from that place of feeling like you are barely surviving, to thriving. Where the enemy came with his thieving ways, the Lord is now leading you into the THRIVING ways of God!
This deeper place of rest will lead you to the place of ENJOYMENT and strength in Him and the new journey and adventure before you.


  • Aundrea Hernandez

    SPOT ON Once Again Ms Lana! Yes, The last few days have been filled with cleansing, resting and basking in His Presence. Tonight as I worked my shift, I sang aloud in my prayer language and burst into Holy Spirit laughter as His Peace and Joy Flooded me to overflowing. You wrote, “You will see Him fight for you, protect you and be King over the seed and breakthrough He has released to you.” This Confirms what Father spoke to me today. I was pondering what I should do … Three times I saw 1414 (I took photos with my cell) – a fourth time I walked into the break room and saw 14 on the microwave (14 is Deliverance) … Exodus 14:14, “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Praise The LORD! Thank You Precious Lady Warrior <3

  • Debbie

    Thank you again for sharing from the Father’s heart. You are spot on. This word and the previous two have confirmed what I have been going through and that the Lord has seen my struggle and given His word for me. Now I can rest that He will fight for me, I need only to be still. Bless you for sharing Lana

  • Dominique

    Lord you are so faithful!! Lord Jesus you are so worthy to be praised!! The last few months I am feeling so tired and overwhelmed by all the things going on as if I am totally drained. The Lord is hearing our prayers and he is giving us new JOY and strength.!! The Lord is raising up His Bride!!
    Thank you for your obedience Lana!! I am taking this in the name of Jesus!!

  • Chikachasi Chikezie

    Alleluia. The Holy Spirit ministered Psalm 1:3 to me last week. This is confirmation. God bless you. Thank you Jesus. ??

  • L.M.

    I am overwhelmed by this Refreshing word that I needed to hear today . Yesterday, I was getting weary of the battle, but I kept declaring Restoration and that God is Faithful, God is Restoring, God is Protecting and That God Will Do Exceedingly, Abundantly and More Than I Can Expect or Think. I said I Will Rest In Him.I admit, I was trying to figure out the details, I didn’t mean to, but subconsciously I was trying to figure out the details and I began to feel pressure. I said this is Not from God. God wants me to Rest, and I said , Abba, Father, I will Let You Handle The Details. I Trust You. I Relinquish my fear, and I want your Peace and Trust, knowing that you will protect and provide for for me and my family, and his Supernatural Peace came upon me. I just said Lord, I know there is Much Fruit Upon and Awaiting Me,I just can’t wait to see it Daddy. He’s shown me a trickle but I CAN’T WAIT To See His Supernatural FLOOD Of Abundance and Provision ! I said Papa, You have Declared that you are Turning My Disappointments into JOY,So I Choose To Trust You. Thank You so much Lana for releasing this Word Today, That I Only Need To Be Still and God said That He Will Fight For Me. My Giants Seem Big, but My God Is BIGGER!!! Thank you Abba, Thank You Jesus. I am Looking Forward to THRIVING, INSTEAD OF BARELY SURVIVING…..AMEN

  • Linda Hansen

    This word washed over me like a wave of healing, hope, confirmation. The Lord has told me over & over the past few months that I am to Rest now. It is but for a season but then there will be a shifting. I have been contending and on the front lines for several years with victories, praise the Lord. But this past year was the most difficult with a blow that almost knocked me out spiritually, physically & financially. I’ve been on a “time out” resting, but wondering what is next. This word has given me renewed hope and strength knowing He is in this with me & for me & my season of rest will bring me into this new wonderful season !

  • Robearh

    Thank you Father for the Deep Rest, that is coming upon me now. I needed this. I receive it in it’s fullness of joy, joy, joy, peace, peace, peace
    upon me now, for i say peace be still. Amen !! Thanks Lana, for sharing the Father’s heart to me. Amen !!

  • Frances

    Wow! Thank you for listening to Our Father, for sharing His heart! I needed this TODAY, I now receive His rest! I’ve learned to laugh at the enemy but lately there’s just too much going on! “Let’s just laugh at that” has gotten me through many hard places! Now I’ve laughed, then read your post, and now I’m resting in His faithfulness!

  • scottstonge

    Lana, I have been feeling this DEEP REST for the last two or three days and it is marvelous!!! I haven’t felt this deep peace and rest for so long and now I am loving it!!! Thank you for all you do for us little ‘ole saints.

  • Meshack Baloyi

    Lord you are great, you do miracles so great, there is no one else like you! I believe and I am seeing the miracles of God beginning to manifest in my life and the fulfillment of His purpose and the His promises. God bless you, Amen and Amen.

  • Thelma Goszleth

    I could hardly read through the river of tears–of relief, of joy! I said, “Lord, You gave Lana this–just for me?” Every word is meaning-full to me today, after several years of battle. I am ALWAYS encouraged with your posts, Lana. I tell people that God gave you to me–to walk thro this dark valley. –One of the angels assigned to me. And, today especially brought Life to me–His Presence. And, as soon as I read it, I received a note from my sister, saying she had declared “Lana’s Word” over me, and sent it by an angel to me! Thank you, Lana.

  • David James Henners

    WOW! This is an awesome and timely word Lana! I had an encounter with the Lord in a dream back in June in which he asked me “What is it that you want?” I responded with one simple word – “REST.” My encounter was very similar to the one King Solomon had in 1 Kings 3: At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon during the night in a dream, and God said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Looking back on this dream, I am convinced that the response I gave Him in my dream WAS the response He was looking for. I was AGREEING with His desire for me. God bless you!!!

  • Judith Beaudin

    Just what I needed today. Attack of the enemy in my body will have to go! The Lord is truly fighting for me! The victory is mine! Shingles is just a name. Jesus Name is above every name. I hold the Blood of Jesus over shingles! Amen! Thank you.

  • Ann Noble

    That’s exactly what has been going on with me since February 1st, fighting for my life, tired, confusing walls of resistance rising up, barely existing. I’m so encouraged by what you have heard. I received it!!!!

  • Mary

    “This deeper place of rest will lead me to the place of ENJOYMENT and strength in Him and the new journey and adventure is before me.” ….This morning I rekindled my place of intimacy with my God and I once again came into that deeper, blissful place of rest and enjoyment and strength in Him…..and a renewed HOPE that the desires of my heart that I have held for 3 decades will come to pass because He is faithful and true and promises to give us the desires of our heart. I look forward to this new season with greater hope and joy and peace in Him. Hallelujah!!
    God bless you sister for remaining faithful to the voice of our Heavenly Father. May He bless you and your family abundantly!!

  • Cherie

    I am experiencing ALL of this!!! After being in the Greatest battle of my life for many years ….one month ago it ceased SUDDENLY in a MOMENT! !! My marriage and family are restored renew redeemed EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above All I can ask or think. From large to small prayers answered my family and I are living in the midst of GOD’S MIRACLES daily. HalleLuYAH!!!!!!!

  • Susan M

    Thank you, thank you, dear listener, Lana. I will soak in this refreshing joy for awhile! He IS leading us out of many long dry wilderness experiences and wearying years of battle into a whole new realm of REST and delight in Him. The desert IS behind us! His own great love IS overflowing, renewing, healing and reviving us and I can see the waterfall of His Spirit outpouring!
    Deliverance is here!!!
    Praise You, King Jesus!! ??☀️

  • Diane

    Thank you for a Word in season for my life. It is well received!
    This Word from Abba is so Overwhelming and very Refreshing to my soul, my body and my spirit!!! On February 4th, my brother called at 1:30 am informing me to come take my then 78 year old mom to the hospital, who suffered with acid reflux. Cat scan showed 3 blocked arteries, one at 80%, the other at 90% and the third one at 98%, yet she had no heart attack. She came through it all, including all her rehabs like a champ!
    My brother lived with my mom and after being away for almost five months, she came home July 3rd and stayed one night with him and he became sick (cancer). He and I spent the forth of July in the emergency room and later in the week, he transitioned to heaven, July 8th (exactly year to the date that my mom’s oldest sister transitioned). I’m the “go to” of the family and pressure was so heavy, but God saw me through! My brother join our church over a year ago, therefore, I officiated and my husband eulogized his home going celebration! God carried us through it all, even my born again, spirit-filled, prayer warrior mom! If my brother had overlooked the symptoms she was having in February as acid reflux, I believe his transitioning to heaven would been very devastating to her. God’s Hand is upon us at all times! As I take time to look back over matters, I can trace His hands, throughout my redeemed life.
    God knows that my heart so welcome the rest. Thank you Father for giving us Your Word through a trusted vessel as Lana. Bless her as only you can, continue to allow your face to shine upon her as she continues to be a mouth piece for a You! Glory Hallelujah!

  • Yolanda b medeiros

    Hi Lana
    Just yesterday I said to the Lord does the warfare ever stop
    His response to me was Rest in Peace.
    So I thought that was funny so that’s what they say when you die
    I will Rest in Peace when I die
    You must understand I am a warrior Bride and I am sent on assignment to War
    And that’s who Iam and what I do for his Glory
    Bless you

  • Geraldine Bondoc

    I recieve this…it’s for me, thank you Lord Jesus for encouraging me, I needed this, I thank you Abba God for the gift you have given Lana to hear clearly from you Lord Jesus to speak your words that lift me up, thank you Lord, thank you Lana❤

  • Janet Brown

    Amazing. Such a confirmation of all the words I have been hearing. I am in the rest and restoration and find God drawing me deeper into Him. Bringing hope where there has been disappointment, strength where I have felt weak. Reminding me of the authority we have in His name. And the promise of abundance. I have seen “double figures” on the digital clocks and I had written a date in my journal only to find when I exited a building the same date was shown. He is with us and there is an appointed time. Also seen some time displays just slightly out of sync for double. This was showing me it is close. Then double again showing me he will not be late. He has spoken so many times through numerical displays (like never before). So encouraging your post Lana. You have a gift of bringing the fathers heart to us in such clear and exact wording and content.

  • Maria

    Thank you Lana for the words from the Lord! God is using you to help many people by supporting and encouraging them just at the right time. You’ve been a blessing to me! God bless you and your family always!

  • Wan

    I needed this word because I am tired of lack and sleepless nights turning into days. Tired of weariness in well doing.

  • Nahomie Riche

    This Word was such an encouragement to me when it came. Like I said before I couldn’t comment because of satan attacking my computer/ internet. I felt more disconnected than usual because I’m not a part of any church family or have any brothers, sisters,friends n family to walk with at this time due to The Will of The Lord.The most I can connect is by internet to The ministries The Lord leads me to. It has been hard the last week or so very hard but who am I kidding it’s been very hard the last few years. You know it’s easy to worship God when your on the mountain top but when your in The valley it’s much much harder. I don’t regret being in The Wilderness Season. I dont have a life outside of The Lord nor do I care to. Just cant help to be weak when your in alot of pain. I love The Lord and The Lord knows it. Just can’t help to be weak when u r in a lot of pain..I know my pain is just for a time and there’s so much I learned and I know one day I will look back grateful for all The Lord has brought me through, because I know there’s much fruit to come out of it.Praise His Holy Name.Love Him?