Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord spoke to me to encourage many hearts right now, that the enemy is SQUAWKING. He is SQUAWKING at the seeds of promise God has given to His people.
SQUAWKING: To make a loud and harsh noise.
SYNONYMS: Shriek, squeal, scream, complain, protest, grouch, whine, grumble, wail, moan, crow, discordant tone (Google)
The Lord showed me that the enemy is SQUAWKING loudly at the seeds of promise the Lord has released. The enemy is SQUAWKING to bring fear and his lies. He is SQUAWKING lies that the seed is dying….. but the Lord spoke to me clearly this morning and said:
"Take heart! The enemy is SQUAWKING loudly, but the seed is not dying, it is THRIVING."
The enemy is just attempting to bring fear, steal peace and joy at the thriving and increasing of the promise.
Many of these seeds of promise are seeds of RESTORATION and the Lord showed me that He is surrounding these seeds of RESTORATION of what was stolen, lost and killed as a wall of fire. There is divine protection surrounding the SEEDS OF RESTORATION AND PROMISE that are manifesting.
I heard the Lord say: "You are going to be in awe and full of joy at how the seed of promise I have released to you will THRIVE!!!!! Stronger than ever before!!!"
I saw Jeremiah 1:12 engraved over the seeds of restoration and promise:
The Lord said to me "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that My Word is fulfilled."
The Lord showed me many that have been coming up against the SQUAWKING of the enemy’s lies and it has been bringing fear and fog over the seed, but I felt the comfort of the heart of God to encourage His people that have been given new vision for these new seeds, that you have seen correctly and that is why the enemy is SQUAWKING at the seed.
I then heard the Lord say:
"Where the enemy has been SQUAWKING now many will see that I am KING OVER THE SEED."
"Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?" says your God. – Isaiah 66:9
I saw the KING OVER THE SEED BRINGING THE SEED TO FRUITION!!!!!! COMPLETENESS! FULLNESS! Fear is coming against the seed because the decree of God over the seed is that it WILL come to FULLNESS.
The seeds that the Lord has given you and placed within you the Lord has decreed that their fruition and fullness will leave you in AWE and WONDER of who He is.
Through the THRIVING of the seeds He has given you, you are going to see Him in a whole new way. You are going to go deeper in intimacy with Him in a whole new way.
The release of these new seeds are decreeing and ushering in the new season of deeper WONDER and AWE of who He is.
A whole new level of praise will break out from within you. A whole new level of worship will rise to Him. A whole new depth of thankfulness.
Not only will you be in AWE and WONDER of Him like never before, you will KNOW His love that will leave you undone and marked again. You will fall in love with Him deeper than you have ever been and be yielded to Him in a more beautiful way than you have experienced before.
"Fasten me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore. This living, consuming flame will seal you as my prisoner of love. My passion is stronger than the chains of death and the grave, all-consuming as the very flashes of fire from the burning heart of God. Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being." (Song of Songs 8:6) – The Passion Translation


  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Confirmation Yet Again!! I Don’t Care What it looks like in the natural (We walk by Faith, Not by sight), GOD IS FAITHFUL TO BRING TO PASS HIS PROMISE!! Last night as I slept, I heard 2 Beautiful unknown New Songs being sung over me – I felt myself laying there but rocking to the music. I then dreamt I saw myself singing a 3rd Joyous song in the midst of persecution and schemes of the enemy. As they tried to persecute and oppress me, I was singing loudly, Full of Joy – they could not steal my Joy and Peace, Praise The LORD! A friend reminded me of the Upper room experience and of King David’s songs/Psalms. I remembered Paul and Silas praying and singing hymns to God – Deliverance came to them, they were released, escorted out of prison. As I drove home, I turned the radio off and began Praising God aloud, Thanking Him for His Faithfulness. I Decreed His Word, His Promise! Speaking a Divine wall of Fire Protection (I’ve been decreeing this, the past week!). And as I did this, driving home tonight, I saw 3333 … Ezekiel 33:33, “When all this comes true – and it surely will – then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” May The LORD our Father God, Bless you and your family Greatly Ms Lana … L<3ve, L<3ve, L<3ve

    • Sonflower

      Thank you. This is very encouraging to read and to know I’m not the only one in the battle right now. Pressing in and not giving up.

  • Patricia Sperandio

    This word is so confirming to me! I’m so encouraged by this today! I’m being so attacked! Funny I bought this drink called THRIVE! BLESSINGS!

    • Sonflower

      I hear you. The same here. The message is wonderful as the attacks are getting worse right now. Pressing in.

  • Debbie

    Wow wow wow! Thank you for sharing what the heart of our heavenly Father is decreeing. There is a battle going on and we need to stand strong and not be intimidated, not be silenced by fear. The song ‘ Be bold, be strong! For the Lord your God is with you…I am not afraid, I am not dismayed. Because I’m walking in faith and victory…’ Just came to mind.
    Press in and hold on to Jesus. Ps 91 v 1-2 & v14-16
    Bless you Lana for sharing that affirming word, again spot on. God bless you

    • Sonflower

      Thank you. Yes, I agree. The spiritual battle is very fierce right now. Hopefully the sign of giving birth soon, the fulfillment of His promises. God bless.

  • L.M.

    Wow! I am encouraged, strengthened ,joyful, and humbled. I’m in awe over his Love for Me and His Decree of Fruitfulness over My Life. It Gives Me Much Comfort and Fortitude to Continue with Great Hope. Its been Rough, but I’ve been decreeing for a long time that He’s making The Crooked Ways Straight and The Rough Ways Smooth. Isaiah 45:2 I Look Forward To HIS Restoration in ALL Areas of My Life. I Thank Him For The Wall Of Fire Around My Life and My Family’s Life . No Weapon Formed Against Me and My Family Will Prosper. I Thank God for The Increase in FINANCES that he is commanding his Angels to Bring To Me and My Family, pressed down, shaking together and running over. Thank you Abba for All Debts Released, Cancelled and Paid, with Surplus. Alleluiah. Thank you for Healing My Health, Restoring The Years, Commanding The Enemy to Return 7 Fold Everything That He Has Stolen From Me Through The Years. ALLELUIAH! I PRAISE YOU AND I THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS NEW SEASON OF FRUITFULNESS AND MUCH HARVEST THAT IS UPON ME. THANK YOU ABBA FATHER AND THANK YOU JESUS,KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. WOA,I’M SINGING ALLELUIAH. ALL PRAISES TO OUR MIGHTY KING, LORD JESUS. I AM HUMBLED AND FALL AT YOUR FEET PRAISING YOU WITH HUMBLED ADORATION.

  • Ford

    Amen to this Word. I keep hearing the first two lines of the Christmas song ‘Joy to the World’ in my spirit. ‘ Joy to the world, the Lord has come’. God Bless you indeed, Lana.

  • Robearh

    Glory, Glory, Glory, my seed is thriving, Hallelujah !!! I Shall See and hold it. Thank you Awesome Father. Awesome to me. Powerful Word Spoken, this day
    I give thee highest of Honor and Praises, my God !!

  • Charlene from TN

    Literally. SQUAWKING. The last week, the discordant EMF frequencies that I hear have turned up the volume so considerably that I hear them loudly all day and night, at night even more so. This is an attempt to fog and confuse me, but I won’t. I refuse. This WORD enlightens my spirit once again so that I am renewed in this battle. I. WILL. SEE. THE. GLORY. OF. THE. LORD in the land of the living so says the Word of the Lord, and I revive in my place of worship today so I can be ready to see what I have received.

  • Veronica

    Wow! Totally delivered by this word Lana, thank you…thank you for listening to the heart of The Father… I’m from Mexico and I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, translating some of your words in Spanish to a group of churches down here and it has been such a blessing… But this one word I just passed the translation on and it has been a tremendous relief for our churches…many Praising ou Lord for it with testimony… God is so Good…He is always letting us know He is and will always be there for us to take us to the place of heaven on earth that we are expecting any moment now!
    God bless you Lana let us know when you will be in Mexico or if you want to be here with us.
    Sincerely Verónica Cajica (Mexico City)

  • Pinky

    Really honestly you have no idea of how on the mark this is for me and my hubby! My pastor prophesied restoration over me and he went to heaven in 2009 he even preached a sermon just for me titled the Spoils of spiritual war fare. The last week I have been discouraged like never before.
    I have been listening to sermons and reading books to encourage myself. Then I got injured yet again from living in a demon oppressed place.
    Listening to yoru latest Faceook live videos as well as reading this is a gift from the Lord! Thank you Lana!

  • jesusisreal1

    Please pray for my family as I have sown seeds, financially, in prayer and helping others the best way that I can. God knows and sees. Lord thank you for restoration, and fulfillment of your Word. Let it be unto me and my household RESTORATION and FRUITION, in Jesus Name. Please pray for my household, thank you.

  • Nahomie Riche

    I am so tired of the enemy squawking that I can’t wait for The Lord to shut the enemy’s mouth! I’ve heard sounds from satan, disgusting, vile sounds that I’ve never heard before and if it wasnt for The Lord I wouldn’t have been able to bear it..It was n truly is awful because I’m still in The Fight of this Wilderness Season. Oh looking forward to The Lord shutting The enemy’s mouth! The Lord said He would. He told me the enemies i see this Season i will never see again at the proper time.I know there will be other enemies to face in the future but it wont be like this. Thank you again for delivering the on time Words of The Lord. God bless you.