• Sandra Maron

    I think that it is an announcement – a proclamation word – a heralding of the season??? At any rate – YAY God and we NEED help in these areas!

  • Susan kelly

    I certainly believe that on next year will be an fruitful year for many ministries,
    And also, many countries too!
    I do agree with you, Lanah & a very same visionss & words came to me which means
    very much conformed your words!
    Thanks for your words & keep in prays! Keep it up for your ministry and bless you.
    “You will have an abundance of blessings come up.
    Thanks. From Alaska, US.

  • Larry Reinhart

    If you go back a week or so Lana announced she was going to start another adventure regarding prophecy training (see her october 27 update)

  • Elizabeth

    God put us in families to care for one another, love and protect one another. We are part of His family as believers and worshippers. Families is what it is all about!!!

  • Rozanne Saunderson

    Ahhhahha (laughing Joy) Yes the season of fruitfulness is upon us SOSongs 2:12 the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come and the voice of the turtledove is heard in the land. The turtledove sings a song of love to the King who created him, and the one who will share his nest… its the season of love as the Holy Spirit dispenses refreshing love Rom 5:5 for families that has been so targeted by the one who is not for the family. It’s also interesting that the first fruit of the Spirit, is LOVE…oh what joy and rest is found in this LOVE! Thank you so much Lana

  • Dave

    Bob Jones used to say that a lot of times before he saw great healings the Lord would show him strawberries 🙂 He said the straw represented the flash and the berries represented he healing. May 2018 be a year where healing bursts into your life!

  • Yuli Ngo

    I am so excited when I read this. Yes, 2018 is the year of family!!! It is including we will find a house of God, community, group of friends and special person we call family who will help us to be fruitful for the Kingdom… Ah… This is so cool… I am very excited!!!

  • Erin V

    Genesis 1:11 was a confirmation in my life these last few months. God is on the move with seed time and harvest. What I noticed is all the seeds on the strawberries. How many how full. That’s how God sees us. Ripe and ready.

  • Phyllis

    As the world is getting darker we need God’s help & presence in our families more & more, the church will shine with Gods glory let’s spread His light throughout Australia

  • Christina Visser

    Amen. Glory to God.. restoring families and relationships..of which mine is one!! Thank You Father God in Jesus Name I Praise You!

    • Vanessa Santiago

      Amen! Yes Lord restore our marriages our family back to the way u intended it to be.
      This November makes exactly 3 yrs of intense chaos BUT GOD U ARE RESTORING ALL THE ENEMY TOOK 7 FOLD!

      • Mary Garner

        I am in total agreement with you for your marriage to be restored !!!!! we were 2 and 1/2 years separated and the Lord put us back together and exactly 9 months later I had my first son !!! Then God gave us 2 more children and today they are grown up and I have 4 grandchildren, the youngest 1 month old and they are all healthy !!!! God is good !!!! SO VANESSA just praise your way onto victory for the LORD inhabits the praises of his people !!! Psm, 22:3 Praise also puts the enemy to flight !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY !!!!

  • Brenda D. Burgess

    AMEN…Would love to see a depiction of spiritual fruitfulness or semblance of natural fruitfulness in either words or pictures vice a bowl of fruit

  • Charlene from TN

    How would Lana possibly KNOW (but it is not Lana. It is the Spirit and Person of Abba!) that yesterday when we received this Word was the exact same day of the closing of our house (two houses…one for us and one for our daughter on the same property piece) and my son’s house closing just a week prior, 20 minutes from us. This means ALL the family within 20 minutes of each other and it includes our very new granddaughter! These are not light things that happened. Understand that people’s lives are complicated, our included, and that these happenings are miracles, each one with a different story. Each step along the way, starting with the Word for this year that house and land would be forthcoming this year and easier than we thought…each Word was on time and has continued to MANIFEST!!! I am looking forward to the FRUITFULNESS of this upcoming year, because the plantings are in FERTILE SOIL, watered by SPIRIT RAIN, and received by SO GRATEFUL HEARTS!!! This has been an extremely long, intense journey that began more than 20 years ago, but the WORDS from Lana I have taken to heart and watered them as they come by the Spirit, and I have seen circumstances absolutely flip, things that seemed impossible. BUT GOD! BUT ABBA! OUR ABBA, MY ABBA!!!!! ABBBBBBAAAAAAA !!!

  • Charlene from TN

    Pictures paint a thousand words. The words were all there, but sometimes the Word doesn’t appear in print and we must discern and allow our spirits to translate what the Word is saying. When our spirits are at rest and peace, it becomes easier to discern the Word that is everywhere. Just LOOK and LISTEN. That is all I can say. The Holy Spirit is here to help you and guide you and will not leave you without a Word!

  • Kathy

    Amen! I have felt this in my spirit! For the last 10-15 years my husband and I of 45 years have been having division, not only in our marriage, but both our families! 2018 we have 4 family weddings, 2 on his side and 2 on mine! We live in Ohio, there is one here, then SC, then Atlanta GA, then in LA CA, I have been intently praying for restoration, and salvation for our families. Interesting how they are spread throughout the country!
    I also got a prophetic picture done from the same artist who did Lana’s header, It’s large red fruit partially covered in snow, to me, thawing after the winter season, and the first wedding is in April!!! HERE COMES THE FRUIT!!!! 2018 NEW BEGINNINGS!!!

  • Janet Brown

    Just been praying for my family, a large family. Believing God for their salvation. And healings. Opened this post and yeah this is the promise of the Lord.

  • Keiva

    This echoes my prayer 2 days ago. For twins and for our businesses to be fruitful. It’s funny because I haven’t been able to get in this site for almost 2 weeks. Thank you Lord

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    2018 the year of family and FRUITFULNESS THAT LASTS AND LASTS AND LASTS FOREVER LORD. Thanks you Lana. ABGB

  • neonsplashes

    I had said to the Lord, ” Just show me the strawberries” because years ago He showed me the effort from a Company was not going to bear fruit and I looked inside the train for “strawberries specifically” . Two other dreams showed strawberries as the fruit of choice.
    Then I was looking for your post and WOW the picture of the strawberries and big enough to see the seeds!!
    I had to share with you-blessings beyond limits! He is having fun with us.