Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord spoke to me recently from Psalm 60:6-7:
“Then I heard the Lord speak in His holy splendor. From His sanctuary I heard the Lord promise: “In my triumph I will be the one to measure out the portion of my inheritance to my people, and I will secure the land as I promised you.” – The Passion Translation
The Lord is now SECURING the new land He has promised you. Do not fear for the Lord is going to show you just how faithful He is to His promises. He is rooting your promise down deep. He is marking out the new land for you to enter and the new land is lined with Psalm 16:6:
“Your pleasant paths lead me to pleasant places. I am overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following you for YOU have given me THE BEST.” (The Passion Translation)
The new land the Lord is leading you into, the new land the Lord is securing for you is not going to look anything like the land you have been in before, but don’t fight the changes. Don’t fear in the new land, for the securing of the new land is such a BEAUTIFUL PLEASANT PLACE. It is a place where you will know JOY unlike you have known. You will know PEACE unlike you have known. You will know VISION and CLARITY of hearing the Lord speak unlike you have known, but in the moving into the new land, there is a temptation to run back to the land you were in before. The way things were done before, but the new land He is securing for you will see your hearts desires BLOSSOM. For many of you entering this new land have POURED OUT and POURED OUT and POURED OUT for the Lord, and the Lord is now leading you into this new land to bring REFRESHMENT TO YOU.
There is great RECOMPENSE coming to you in this new land. What the Lord will give you in encountering His heart, increase and blessing will make up for SO MANY pathways of wounding many of you have walked.
Your season of REST and RELIEF is here. In this season of rest and relief you are going to COME ALIVE. You are going to DREAM again, you are going to dream BIGGER than you have ever dreamt. Once and for all the sting of disappointment will be healed.
Your UPGRADE in this new land looks totally different to your previous land but the FRUITFULNESS in the new land will be BOUNTIFUL. That is WHY the spirit of fear has been screaming at so many that they will lose their land or they won’t enter into their land, because the enemy wants to prevent God’s people from moving into the BOUNTIFUL FRUITFULNESS that awaits them in the new land, You are RECEIVING your harvest! Your harvest will not be stolen, but your harvest will be MULTIPLIED. You will go from triumph to triumph!
This new land is so different, so new, but don’t be afraid because the Lord is taking care of you. It is a new level of pioneering, a new level of navigating, but He is going to teach you His ways in greater ways. He is going to give you divine insight and strategy to navigate this new land. You will pioneer the new and it will be BOUNTIFUL.
Do not look to others around you and compare their lands to yours. Do not look around and allow comparison to hinder what the Lord is giving you in this new land. You are not missing anything. You won’t miss out. What the Lord has for you is TAILORMADE and you will be FULL OF JOY!
I have such a strong sense of JOY that the Lord is releasing in these new lands, so much JOY, flowing deeper in the flow of His Spirit, deeper in the revelation of His heart, you are about to enter into a whole new dimension and revelation of Matthew 7:11:
“If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what is best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask Him?” (The Passion Translation)
The Lord showed me in these NEW LANDS, the Lord showed me many being taken by Him into a room labelled “WHAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU”. This room as some homely, so warm, so intimate, and the Father was inviting many into this room and in deep conversation, the Lord was beginning to explain to His children what is ACTUALLY AVAILABLE to them in Christ Jesus. He was bringing His people to a whole new level of faith, a new level of expectation, and a new level of dreaming. The people of God were moving higher, out of the chains of disappointment, weariness and heartsickness, into a place of ACCESSING in greater ways the inheritance that is theirs in Christ. The blessings that are theirs in Christ. The Father began to give them gift, after gift, after gift. I watched as God’s people looked like excited children on Christmas morning and the Lord spoke to me:
“In this new land, there will be SO MANY new gifts that I will lavish upon My people. Where the enemy and fear has lied, and attempted to steal and use smoke and mirrors to keep them from seeing clearly, in this place of encounter, My people will awake to what is theirs in greater way and the season will be marked with deeper encounters with Me as FATHER. What a GOOD FATHER I am is going to be burned into their hearts with greater conviction.”
“The land may look completely different, but it is going to be amazing, joyfilled and blessings all around.”
The vision shifted and I saw God’s people writing in their journals and on every page they would write the same line “THIS IS THE BEST SEASON YET! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! THIS IS AMAZING!”
Don’t look to the left or to the right at other people’s lands. Know the Lord has tailormade this new land FOR YOU and you are going to LOVE IT!
The Father whispered to me…
“This new land I am securing now, many are about to see in many ways it is different the beauty and perfection of My wisdom and timing will be seen and many will see that this is the very land they have been waiting for!!!!! It is all they asked for AND MORE!!!”


  • Connie

    I receive this word! I am looking with great expectancy of what you are preparing for those who love You. All praise and honor to You, Father God.

  • Kandy Mabry

    100% AMEN! I was having a discussion with a friend today about this very thing. Praise God, let it be done to me and my loved ones.

  • Lili Kristan

    Just this morning, just 12 hours ago, I prayed for the lands to be released to me, for my dreams and expectations to be enlarged by Him, for rest and healing and for every gift and blessing that is assigned to me to be released to me that I might do the will of my Father and complete the purposes and desires He has placed in my heart. Now this prophetic word confirms that my prayer has been heard and my Father is securing my lands, expanding my dreams and expectations and doing all that I have requested and so much more!!! WOW! I love it when God responses so precisely and in the same day. What an amazing God we serve. The Best is yet to come….and we will be in shock and awe of His greatness and goodness.

  • Meshack Baloyi

    I am waiting upon the promise and whole heartedly receive its manifestation in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  • Rozanne Saunderson

    Amen Lana a very timely word of encouragement to savour, pray and draw on it like currency from the bank.

  • Claudia

    I have waited for this for a long time! I receive it with much expectation and joy!
    Thank you Lord for all that you have done, what you are doing, and what You have yet to do! Thank you Lana for a long awaited word from the Lordl
    Blessings to you and yours!

  • Kerry-Lee Angel

    Thank you Lana for this message from our Lord
    I am very encouraged – in hope and faith and love
    It is amazing that He would share His great love this way – it’s awesome
    I’m excited
    Thank you and may God abundantly bless you xx

  • Desiree Green

    I’ll take it!
    And I have to testify this has actually happened to me before, that he’s taken me to a new land with all the qualities you describe. All of this happened to me twice in fact. True. Places I’d never heard of, doors open in one day, from one day to the next day a completely new land I had never even heard of.
    I say do it again, Lord! Yes and Amen!

  • Vicki

    God help us to trust You, and not be like John’s father who was struck dumb so that he couldn’t curse his child of promise…Help us Lord to be like Mary, and receive Your promises with joy…

  • Robearh

    Hallelujah !!! Glory, Glory, Glory, Thank you Jesus !!! Wow, this is so Awesome to me to hear this day. I receive it fully awesome Father, Thank you !! Higher Praises unto thee.

  • [email protected]

    wow what a mighty God we serve His word came timely to me just went yesterday to view the land and been praying to God to give us the land this is the confirmation that my Father has given us a land we need . I love my God and Jesus Christ they never promise and not deliver their Word is Yes and Amen .

  • Dot Olan

    Amen. Won’t He do it! Thank you Abba I am excited to receive more of the gifts with joy in the new land tailor made just for me. oh my soul is glad and I rejoice. Mighty God how excellent are your ways. Only You are GOOD. Hallelujah. Amen.

  • Arnold Stallings

    Thank you Lana, I have hungered and thirsted for this word from you and Daddy. It is medicine for my soul. Thank you Father, Hallelujah and glory 2 God!

  • L.M.

    I Receive this Word ,Lord. It refreshes my Soul. I Believe You and Love You. Thank You for Your Faithfulness. RECOMPENSE is Upon Me. Your Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me All The Days of My Life. I Love You Lord.

  • Ivan

    Amen and Amen and Amen thank u GOD thank u father.yo hand never been short and will never thank u loving faithful father Amen

  • Monique

    Glory to your name Jesus! This word is in alignment with everything God is doing in my life!! Separation!! Restoration!!! Elevation!!! Thank you Father !!! You are do worthy to be praised !! You know my name !!

  • David Drew

    Lana, you’ve done it again. Your ability to accurately hear from the Lord is wonderful.
    I’ll add my confirmation to the others who commented here.
    It’s a “word in season.”
    Bless you, and thank You Lord!

  • Sue Robb

    Oh Lana!! Yes!!!! Thank you, dear servant of the Most High, loving daughter of the King!!!
    Our God IS faith-full !!!!! This is a timely and encouraging word that I needed … a lighthouse in the storm! Much needed confirmation and more ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you ✨?✨?✨

  • Deanna Roberts

    Yes, I receive this for my family.! The Father has been speaking the word “Joy” to me as well. I just bought my Christmas cards and on the front is the word…JOY!
    Thank you for your obedience in releasing these words. You are such an encouragement to me and the body of Christ. I pray God would return back to you all the blessings that you release to the body!

  • Sheron

    HALLELUJAH !!! I absolutely receive this. In Jesus name! Amen and So Be It !!!
    Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lana.

  • Hephzibah

    Amen!!!! This is Deuteronomy 8; 1-18; I receive this WORD. Behold your handmaiden, may it be done unto me and my family according to your WORD.
    Bless you and your family Lana.

  • Cathleen

    Wow, Praise our Heavenly Father for His loving kindness, He alone is enough in all things.
    As my 40 day fast commenced at sundown the previous day, I asked Him to speak to me today like never before and He is so faithful to provide. I humbly receive these promises for I know beyond a doubt they are true.
    I want only what You have for me, Thy will be done ABBA for Your glory alone, in the sweet name of Jesus Christ Amen.
    Lana thank you for being willing to do only what He can do through you, I pray that we are all sensitive to His Call. Many blessings to you all!

  • Dori Westrick

    YES and AMEN !!!!! WE PRAISE AND THANK YOU DEAR LORD!!!!!…..THANK YOU !!! Thank YOU LORD!……..We BELIEVE!!……..YOUR REST!!……..YOUR SPIRIT!! YOUR SUPERNATURAL POWER!! ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN! We call it forth from the NORTH! from the SOUTH! FROM THE EAST!! and FROM the WEST!!! Thank you LORD!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! We Praise YOUR HOLY NAME!!! Glory To GOD! Bless the Lord!!!!!

  • Pam Toubeaux

    I believe the new room to be the family room. We can be ourselves with Father there. Freedom no protocols.

  • Kim Q Ivey

    My sister in law is still grieving the loss of my brother, who suddenly passed away this summer. To encourage her, I felt moved to send almost the exact same message to her via a text yesterday. Seeing Lana’s prophetic word this morning confirmed what I decreed and declared over my sister-in-law’s life (and believe for my life and a couple of contending sisters in Christ from S. Africa who have been through a lot over the past few years). Glory to God in the Highest, whose word DOES NOT RETURN VOID, BUT ACCOMPLISHES THAT FOR WHICH IT WAS SENT!!! Thank you, Lana, for your continued faithfulness to bring a NOW word to the saints!

  • Cathy

    Please know that over and over again your words speak life to me. They are so spot on and what God is speaking to my heart. So often they encourage me and dismiss the lies and disappointments that the enemy would pound in my ear. Thank you for your obedience and your intimacy with God.

  • Elpida

    Amen I except this promise and the prophetic word I have a greater expectation of things to come to me in Jesus name.

  • neonsplashes

    Lana, you have so much more coming to you! I’m so glad to be alive to see where the King and you will go next?
    The untapped places belong to you Lana. God bless your heart and multiply your understanding of His. You are worthy in Him. The unknown and undefined are waiting for your exploration, waiting to be discovered, have holy eyes look upon the sacred things so they are secure and sealed for the Kingdom.
    I won’t say any more because you don’t know me.

  • Cyndi

    God bless he who comes in the name of the lord !!! This message is affirmation that I made the right decision regarding my professional career ! Everything mentioned in this email solidified what I was doing yesterday… I mean Iam amazed !
    God bless you 100 folds sister

  • Karen

    Lana, Thank the Lord for your steadfastness for the 15 years you let the Lord mold you. I have been through my fire for 8 yrs and I have his peace finally and I didn’t think I would make it 4 weeks ago, but your messages kept me going. The Lord showed me some of my new land in June and I was so overwhelmed just like you discussed the plans in the destiny room. I could have never, ever come up with what the Lord showed me and bringing me into a global ministry but in a very very creative light. I thank you again and bless you and your family for without your words of encouragement and through the many fastings and prayers in the last year to finally break enemies chains. We will break the chains over many many people and get them set free.

  • Janet

    Thank you so much for being available for God to use you to speak encouragement to his people. I am holding on to this, as God moved my husband and I to the DC area from the Bible Belt south, a year and a half ago and it has been super challenging to stay focused and believe that God has a bigger plan for us here!

  • Joan Taylor

    Thank you for an instrument in the Master’s hands. Yes, this is truth and confirmation. Last night I had dream where I saw a huge opening, and I heard the words “the heavens are open”. This morning I saw the numbers 7:11 on the clock, it resonated deep in my heart. Your post is the confirmation of the scripture I’ve prayed for a long time, Matthew 7:11. Hallelujah!

  • Therese Schlotte

    Please pray for me. I’d love to believe this word, but the hurts have been so deep. I know Jesus is the answer to everything. Waiting on God.

  • Nahomie Riche

    The Lord has spoken to me about this before so it was so good to hear Him speak about this again. Can’t wait to enter into that rest He has for me..It’s been my dream for years now and I know the time is close, but sure can’t wait.Thank you, Lana..Love You Lord?

  • Julia

    I didn’t comment on the combined birthing words with another Sister, but on sept 24, a day after the Rev 12 sign, I recieved in my sleep
    “God’s people will be birthed”
    The above, this word and the other regarding harvest are further comfirmations, as well as bringing hope of the manifestation of a word received in May 2017.
    Exiting times to look forward to!

  • lexipiestirioLea

    Please pray for me! I have had so much daily relentless excruciating pain for over a year now and I am waiting on a word from him. I’m very tired of doctor after doctor after doctor and getting test after test after test. I have many decisions to make this week on how to proceed – if it to be to continue to wait for complete healing, or to seek various surgeries. We have also been waiting on the Lord for his direction in moving to a new place. We are full-time missionaries and work in very difficult countries but thought we were supposed to move to a different place in America. Life has been very confusing in these areas in the past couple of years so I appreciate your prayers for healing and to hear the Lord clearly and with certainty. Thank you!