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“He took him (Abram) outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be. Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.” (Genesis 15:5-6)
I saw tents are far as my eyes could see and many of the people of God were in these tents. I then saw the Lord come and tell the people to step out of the tent and LOOK UP AND SEE.
The Lord was releasing specific revelation of His plans, His calling over lives, the “next step”, divine strategy and manifested promises to come that were spread out as far as the eyes could see.
Many of the people of God turned to Him with shock, with amazement and nervousness and they spoke: “Oh gosh Lord.. it’s SO much bigger than me and bigger than I dreamed!!!”
With a smile on His face, I saw Him place His arms around His people and He spoke… “That’s because IT’S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!”
He continued to speak: “It’s time to get out of the tent. The limitations, the fears, the confined thinking, “what you can do” mentality and begin to SEE how I SEE. Limitations are being broken off and My plans, My purposes, My divine strategies, My “next steps” for you are unfolding before you. They look impossible and they are in your strength, but WITH ME you are moving into NEW REALMS of POSSIBILITY. Many of you have “discounted” dreams and visions that have been placed on your heart because they are SO BIG and you have no idea how you will get there, and how it will happen. I ask you not to work out how to get there, or how it will happen, I ask you to align your hearts and faith with the visions I am releasing and STAY IN FAITH. For what I am revealing and releasing to you is much bigger than you have dreamed, but EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE in Me, and you be used beyond your wildest dreams to shine My Glory.”
“Do not be limited by the “how” but know that the time is NOW, and I am going to make a way where there is no way. Step out of the tent of limiting beliefs and step out into heavenly vision and visitation.”
Suddenly I saw “bridges” being formed in the spirit seemingly “out of nowhere” and so quickly, that many of the people of God went from “how is this going to happen, how is this going to work?” questions to suddenly bridges being created and opened up before them as they stayed in faith, that gets them through impossibility and places them where only HE could place them.
I then saw angels approaching the people of God and they were carrying wheels. I have seen wheels numerous times lately in the spirit and He spoke “I will put wheels on the vision. I will open the doors for your next mission and the vision and it is so much greater than you can envision. You will not be able to ENVISION the PROVISION that is coming to you. Just stay close to Me and listen, as you see glimpses of the heavenly vision I have over your life, steps of great favour and opportunity will open before you by My Spirit. I am about to take you where only I could take you. I am going to bring you to a place of manifestation and demonstration of me opening doors that only I could open and no man could shut (Isaiah 22:22). These doors will be miraculous. How things will come together will not be by your might, or by power, but by My Spirit. (Zechariah 4:6) All you need to do is stay aligned, stay close to Me and step out of limiting beliefs through repentance. Your tent pegs are being extended further. Don’t let fear and the familiar contain you. I will sustain you. All of heaven’s resources are placed before you in Me. Access these resources with your faith, make a withdrawal in faith from these heavenly resources in the vision I have given you.”
Some of your greatest moments of vision and provision are upon you that are greater than you could envision.
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  • Bridgette

    Literally minutes before I opened my email I was praying about the ministry /vision God gave me and how to proceed and when. What a tremendous word and a timely one. Thank you

  • Chris Kauffman

    So be it! Interestingly; I saw tractors, trucks and construction vehicles as far as the eye could see. It was like a huge auction and it took days for it to end!
    People came from all over the nation to Lancaster, PA for this “tractor auction.”
    At the end, we saw what looked like a jet flying overhead but turned out to be a brilliant, shining white Dump truck descend from above and land in front of us. It was the most beautiful piece of machinery I have ever seen and no matter what happened to it; it always landed on it’s wheels and was able to drive through and scenario.

  • in.whom

    This word brings to mind what God brought to my remembrance yesterday. It was the 5 wagons vision that Robin Mark McMillan had!! Yes, Jacob saw the five wagons coming with Joseph to him! This was such a revelation to me.
    That word was given New Year’s Eve 2013. That specific word of the 5 wagons is posted on our wall on a poster I made to remember it. It remains on the wall next to the laptop!! It’s dated November 22, 2013. I must have heard the message twice. Nearly in the middle of the page is a stick figure wagon with the ‘tongue’ and four ‘spoken’ wheels!! To the far right on the poster is: “Isaiah 61 for rest of your life. WAGONS SO FULL. A new level of favor.” On the bottom half of the poster is “Restoration for whole cites. Ask Him to come help you. Help me. His dream becomes your vision. Cities in this nation ABLAZE with the power of MY SPIRIT.” What are the 5 wagons? Robin McMillan had seen the wagon of deliverance from deserved consequences and circumstances; the wagon of deliverance from criticism and the critical spirit; the wagon of hope; the wagon of provision; and the wagon of a new vision. Let it come!

  • Susan Rose

    I’ve been seeing wheels in visions also. The most recent one was a bicycle wheel, standing up all by itself outside the window of my prayer room. It stood in one spot, very alert, turning to the left and then to the right. The wheel was watching and waiting for something. The Spirit revealed that it was waiting on the word “go.” This word through Lana is another confirmation.
    Susan Rose

  • Manatu Salanoa

    Love the vision out of the tent. We as humans always thinks in the tent, our vision losses faith and does not go beyond the tent. This gives me motive to move outside of the box, think further, do further, and it will take me further.