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Last night I had a dream and I heard the Lord saying that a demonic spirit has been released attempting to kill the creative flow the Lord is releasing on new levels that is bringing healing and freedom.
I saw creativity reaching new heights, creativity being awakened not only in the people of God but the world awakening to the power of creativity.
This spirit had been sent to kill the creative flow and place “blocks” and “walls” before many in their creative process and outworking. I saw many facing these blocks similar to the feeling of “writers block” and many wondering what the “block” has been.
The body of Christ was on the threshold of increased creativity and this spirit was released to stop them from moving forward. Where this spirit was attempting to hinder, as the people of God continued to press forward by making “time and space” for creativity, suddenly a sign was placed before my eyes and in bright colours were the words ‘FAVOURED STEPS”.
Don’t be discouraged by the “walls” or “blocks” you are coming up against. Keep pushing up against them in your positioning by making “time and space” for the creative flow, and a river of creative revelation is being released to you in greater measure as you are moving through the threshold of increased creative expression.
This greater measure and flow of creative heavenly revelation being released is creating “favoured steps” before many. Opportunities of great favour opening up in whatever area the creativity flows. Writing, media, music, arts, the creative expression of His love released through the pulpit, hospitality.. whatever the area.. the Lord is bringing great breakthrough.
I saw HEALING and FREEDOM happening in DEEP levels in the people of God as they moved deeper into making room for creative expression. Many of you have been crying out for a key to your healing and freedom and I saw many of you finding that key in amidst your journey of exploring creativity with Him. You will SEE HIM in your creativity and as you SEE HIM, you will be SET FREE!
Where this spirit has been released to kill creativity, the Lord is opening up greater favour on the ‘steps of the righteous’ as they move forward. Press against these walls, press against these blocks, not only will they come tumbling down but see you enter moments of favour you have not seen before. Many have been waiting for the “key” to unlock their circumstances to move forward and into greater outworking the creativity dreams in their hearts that have been birthed in intimacy with Him.. they are now coming to life!!
On these favoured steps I saw doors opening all around. Not only one door, but door after door after door and I heard the words ‘Favour will come knocking at your door.” The dreams of many of the people of God as they have waited in rest and stewarded what He has given them well, are going to begin suddenly coming to pass now. Music deals, book publishing contracts, new realms of prophetic art being released into the world. These opportunities of great favour are coming to the people of God as this threshold is being crossed over as a vehicle to usher in a great awakening.
Whatever area the Lord is releasing His creativity through you, you are being used to “awaken the world” to Him. The doors of favour being brought to you are coming so you may release His goodness and nature all around.
There is a fight over creativity being released right now but DO NOT give up! PUSH against the walls and blocks and watch them coming tumbling down.
“FAVOURED STEPS” are before you!
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  • Luci Conenna

    I receive this word for my son Nick . JESUS !!! may Nick be delivered from every place of darkness specially the spirit of anxiety , fear , unbelief , drunkenness… every familiar spirit attempting to choke creativity YOU have ordered for his life . Amen .

  • Mary Ellen

    I am new here Lana. Are the words by kmvawser from your husband or is this another person? I love the words regardless. 🙂

    • lanavawser

      Hi Mary!
      kmvawser is my husband’s logon. Sometimes if he has been updating the website the next login defaults to his, and if I post it comes up as something he is writing.