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I had a dream where I saw “nets” being cast on a “different” side of the boat than ‘normal’ for many and suddenly the nets were being pulled out of the water FULL and OVERFLOWING with what looked like RAINBOW TROUT.
I woke up feeling the Lord say even though it may feel like what the Lord is asking you/prompting you to do is completely opposite to what you thought or expected and you may not understand it.
But be encouraged that your obedience and faith is going to bring in an overflowing harvest of His manifest promises, provision, and increase which will also result in many being impacted by your testimony and coming to know Him. Because this ‘step of faith’ is completely ‘outside’ what you would ever do normally, your testimony will shout “ONLY GOD DID THIS!!!!” and His Glory will shine!
Don’t let fear keep you in the ‘familiar’. Step out! He’s leading you into new ways and new waters of faith and seeing His faithfulness.


  • Greg Manning

    Your word about ” Cast Your Nets” greatly encouraged my wife Jodie today…she is believing God is directing her to leave her profession and step out into something new. Greetings from Chattanooga Tennessee.

  • Sandra L. Betancourt

    Lana, I so praise God for your spiritual discernment. You words have confirmed much within me. I sm in agreement with what you have shared and that the obstacles that have hindered me from going forward will continue to br supernaturally removed. I have 70+ plus pounds to lose and am setting myself on a journey to do so. I have also just entered into full-time ministry, which is a BIG step for me. Blessings…. ?

  • in.whom

    Great is Your faithfulness! Great is Your faithfulness!
    Morning by morning, new mercies I see.
    All I have needed Thy hand has provided–
    “Great is Your faithfulness!” Lord, unto me.

  • shawnie kadar

    You’re always such a blessing and ‘right on the money’ Lana! I’m so thankful a friend referred me to your website. God bless you and your family and new outreach.
    Would SO appreciate you saying a prayer for my family. For my ex-husband, who was a pastor, to come back to the Lord, our marriage Trust restored.
    For our whole family to be Flooded with God’s love and goodness like you frequently prophesy:
    Daughter ‘elaine’ healed of epilepsy, delivered from generational antichrist/spirit of deception, sons work and be fullnof joy of the Lord