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Over the past 24 hours I have received lots of messages and comments, sadly many sent with great verbal attack, concerning the dream I released about Donald Trump and I feel I need to clarify something. 

Many have interpreted this dream as the Lord telling me that Donald Trump would be the next President. I have not said that but I do believe the Lord IS using Donald Trump in this season. 

I simply released that which was given to me so the people of God can pray and continue to seek His heart for their nation. 

The Lord's heart is for His victory and triumph to be seen in the United States and whatever way that "manifests" or "whoever" He uses, I believe the Lord is wanting His people to seek Him with an open heart. 

I continue to stand with you my friends in the United States of America. My prayer is that the Lord's will would be done and that the United States would be brought to a place of God given destiny as the body of Christ in the United States of America rises up in seeking His heart, moving in love and honour, and shining bright with the Glory of God that even where there has been great darkness, the breakthrough of His light, glory and beautiful Kingdom extended through His people. 

Lana Vawser


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  • Janee Hawks

    Not surprised at your dream about Trump. I do have been impressed by the Lord how much He is using Trump. Thank you for sharing the dream….I hope it will work to open peoples hearts and really pray. God can use whoever He chooses and His ways are not ours. His wisdom is unsearchable and far past finding out. Keep on giving what God gives you,it is working exactly what He intends it to. You are blessing the body of Christ

  • Gail

    Lana just want to we love you, so sport to hear of the verbal attack against. We should all be working together and praying to hurting one another. Press forward sis, praying for you here. You have been a wonderful blessing probable to way more than attacked you. Sending holy hugs GailManizak

  • Terri Eller

    A week or so ago my perception began to shifted as I was sensing
    Gods grace upon Donald Trump. Thank you for sharing what you are
    Terri Eller

  • versie estes

    I truly do appreciate Godfor using your gift in this season. I think that the Word the Lord has given you is on point for thr of Christ. Continue to allowHim to use you mightily. I am always encouraged after reading your newsletter. Thank you my sister.

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been reading your prophetic posts for over a month. I wake up in anticipation because they have all (except one) contained a confirmation to something the Lord has spoken/is speaking to me. So pertinent to my personal life.
    I hope you aren’t discouraged by others negative comments concerning ‘triump’ through Trump. I do believe you hear from the Lord, I am living proof! Sometimes people are closed minded, that is why they themselves aren’t prophesying. Blessings!

  • Candy Sargent

    I’m SO sorry about the attacks, Lana. And I’m SO thankful that you authentically and faithfully present what our beautiful Papa God reveals to you. Thank you!
    Sending blessing and favor and much love to you and fam!

  • Connie

    God bless you Lana. Keep speaking what you hear. I am sorry that people hurt you and that they don’t understand how to hear the word and pray, no matter what their opinion is. I ask Holy Spirit to wrap you in a blanket of His love and that the Balm of Gilead will take away the sting of the barbs. Love to you as you walk forward.

  • Mark

    I thank you for you coming forward and saying what the Lord gave you. Don’t let people’s opinions take away from what the Lord says to you.
    Thank you for all you do for the Lord.

  • april galvin

    God Bless you it seems their eyes werent open when they read your e-mail or blog their understanding seems to not be there either sad they didnt pray before they sent e-mails or comments

  • Linda Higginson

    Thank you Lana for being obedient and sharing what the Lord is speaking to you! As an American, I am so greatful that the Lord has appointed you as a watchman over our nation as well as many other nations. Your words are always so in tuned to what I am feeling in the Spirit. I have to admit, Trump is not on my list of favorite candidates, but I will definitely be seeking The Lord regarding your dream!
    Thank you again for the words you release. The Lord has used you to encourage me in many ways during this season of transition I find myself in!
    Blessings from the USA!
    Linda H

  • Mariela

    Lana, I’m not even a little surprised of that kind of reaction, it’s normal here, in USA, don’t worry about that, you just continue obeying God!. Be very blessed!

  • Lorraine ains

    I would love Donald Trump as president. What u said is good. We are marines, still have a son over in NATO with his family. We need Trump to protect our sons,daughters in USAServices,clean out intruders, terrorists, imposters …he has guts. He also stands up for Christians right. you hear from God. Wake up America.

  • margaret Lee

    Dear Lana,
    Love you! You are a true prophetess of God. I appreciate all the anointed prophetic words sent to me. Your prophetic gifting with the strong seer anointing meant so much to me . I will continue to intercede for your ministry. Thanks for interceding for America. I ask God to assign new angelic hosts to bring assistance, to release more seer anointing to you. Amen.

  • Valerie

    I’m sorry you had to bear the brunt of giving that dream word. I’m still hearing 2 Chronicles 7:14 for this nation so it does not surprise me there are still those who don’t want to acknowledge that God uses whom He chooses to convey Himself in the midst of turmoil. It may not always be whom we think is right but it’s God nonetheless. He has a plan that we cannot fully see but pieces of the puzzle. Thank you for that word as it helped to clarify some of the questions I was personally asking the Lord concerning Mr Trump.
    Be encouraged…

  • Lavita Broadhurst

    Thank you Lana for posting your dream. I believe it is right on as all of your words have always been. You always encourage me and I am so thankful for you.
    Many blessings,

  • Nancy White

    I think your right on with this. I am a widow and spend all day everyday talking with God. My “feeling” has been Trump is what this country needs. I also feel that if he is elected it won’t be because of the vote from the Christians. Most of the Christians I know have become unteachable because of forming their own opinions on their interpetation of the Bible. Stand firm.I am so sorry you are being attacked by so many of our brothers and sisters.

  • Michael Logan

    Please, Lana, God will place whom He wants to be president.
    Please say what God tells you and please do not let anything sway you from that course.
    Joshua 1:5-9

    • Victoria

      Dear Michael…. If Lana’s revelation and instruction from the Lord does not line up with your own, personal opinion, that does not mean she is at fault. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to His will. Line your opinion and views up with His. If someone is out of alignment here, it is not Lana. God bless you.

  • Cathie Scott

    Dear Lana, I just saw your post. I have passed your earlier post to the 2 closest deeply committed Christians that I know. They went on to others from there…
    I knew you had ” gone out on a limb” to be obedient. I personally want you to know that I so respect and appreciate this word! I read your posts and pass them on. And yes, we’ll listen and pray!
    I am one of your contributors– though small.– please do what you tell us to do often.– Stand firm.
    This is a clear confirmation of the deepening separation between Light and darkness.— so, as you have been lashed out at– I now ask the Lord to BLESS you and shield you. You are my sister in Christ.

  • Vincent

    Lana, I am truly sorry that you went through these kinds of verbal attacks. My suggestion would be to take a lesson from Joseph. Some things are better either left unsaid or you must be extremely selective by the Holy Spirit on who to share such spiritually sensitive information with. Every thing is not for everybody. Believe it or not, every body is not as spiritually sensitive as you are, nor are they at the same level of spiritual maturity. So when you release a word into the general population like that, you have to expect spiritual backlash, especially from those that are moving and living in the realm of carnality, and truly have no idea of what God is doing or saying in this season. You are doing a great job. Keep pressing forward. Blessings! Shalom!

  • VEE

    Lana, so sorry for the attacks. Just know they do not represent all Christians, I’m guessing it’s a few close minded people.
    Your word is only a confirmation of three that have stated the same thing, God IS SURLY using Donald Trump in this hour….weather or not he becomes president of the USA. He is a mouth piece for God to bring positive change. THANK YOU for your words! We are so grateful for your heart for God to encourage us in this hour of darkness!

  • Khrystina C.

    Thank you for your bravery & courage in delivering this word. GOD will reward you for it. My husband & 8 are praying for you and your family.

  • Brenda Payton

    I am sending you a love note asking Poppa to triple bless you. I apologize for those who have verbally attacked you. I pray God touches them & helps them repent. I read your article and I understood it. I wasn’t threatened that Donald Trump may be used by God. I know that God can & will use whomever & whatever He chooses to accomplish His will. I say Go God I am with You!!! Love & God Bless You!! I am from Hansen, ID.

  • Cindy

    Lana I am so sorry for the attacks you have been receiving from those who should be mature Christians that should realize you were sharing what the Lord showed you. Whoever the candidate is I believe the Lord is the one that will choose him or her. Yes it could be Trump and if it is then he will be prepared for it. Don’t know if you know or not but Paula White got Donald Trump together with a group of mainstream Charismatic preachers, teachers, etc. Kenneth Copeland being the one that prayed over him. So praise the Lord, He is the one in charge!! So Lana keep being obedient and faithful! We need your voice loud and clear!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILy. Cindy

  • Tonia

    Thank you for sharing you dreams and visions. The Lord speaks to you in amazing ways that bless and encourage the body. The Lord used you as a tool to deliver a message to the United States. You were obedient and people didn’t like what you wrote. It’s my prayer that they follow the direction you gave in the word which was to pray and seek the Father for insight. You were the messenger and I pray the Lord blessed you openly for your obedience to share His heart. Even when we don’t want to receive it.

  • Tim Parrish

    Dear Lana,
    Blessings to you on you hearing and your encounters with Our Father. I accepted and received the dream The Lord gave you concerning Donald Trump and the election as a call for us Christian Americans to pray for the presidential election for “Triumph of America for The Kingdom of God!”
    I pray for your courage, wisdom, blessings and continued divine encounters of the God Kind!
    I’m sorry that you have received severe attacks and criticism for sharing what The Lord has given you concerning Donald Trump, the angels ministering for the election and my nation. I bless you my dear Lady of God Most High! Rejoice, great is your rewards for those that revile your words, insights and your sensitivity to Holy Spirit!

  • Jenna

    Dear Lana, you are right on the Lord has told us that Donald Trump would be president too… we need a leader to bring or country back..thank you for standing with us… blessings to you,Jenna

  • Christa Buitendag

    Beautiful Lana, many thanks for your obedience in our Father and continued encouragement that you have brought to my life and the life’s of many others. Blessed are the pure of heart because they will inherit the land. Shalom

  • Sheila

    Blessings toyou my dear sister and please keep sending to us in America your downloads from our Lord Jesus. We thank you for your heart for us. It’s our Fathers heart I know. Hugs & my love to you, Sheila in Oswego,NY.

  • Delia

    Your my best gal Lana..i also think Trumps got a big role in the US. So thankful for your willingness to share..even if its not popular.I am so grateful for how the Lord uses you.Many a day i have wanted to cry and quit..but your words are filled with His Presence , I have clarity from the HS after hearing and confirming what you speak many times. Thank you Papa and bless this Warrior Lana now and forever. In Jesus name ,amen!

  • Dawn

    God Bless you Lana! Thank you for your voice. God is using you mightily in this hour for our Country. I appreciate your prophetic words. I hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking and I felt His presence this morning when I read your word on Donald Trump. I will be praying into this. I’m sorry people are shooting arrows at you. They either don’t know or forget that God’s prophets are just the messengers, watchmen on the wall… who peer into the distance and report what they see. Thank you dear sister

  • Chantal

    Hi so sorry on the attacks. I pray God lifts your sheild of faith so the spearing darts bounce off you and your family in Jesus name. And that you continally to do Gods will and stay close to God on His word He has prepared for you and us thru you. Blessings and may Gods angels have charge over you and your family for protection physical emotional and spiritual in Jesus name amen…

  • Tracy

    Lana, Thank you for sharing what you have received despite the attacks. I have also received similar insight from the Lord beginning shortly after Trump announced his candidacy. And, I know there are many others who have As well. You are right on and I am sorry that there are those who respond so hatefully. Bless you and all you’re doing!

  • Vicky Roscoe

    Dear Lana,
    I am so sorry you received negative comments about the Trump word you gave. Especially after you were clear that you were not endorsing anyone nor saying he would be President. People are people. I pray you let it go and don’t let it bother you or feel you have to explain anything. The Holy Spirit will do that to those who really want truth. I agree with all you said too. God is already using him.
    I just want t thank you for the words you share. So many of them speak to my heart in confirmation and witness to what God has already spoke to me. I feel so connected to your ministry.
    Thank you for your love for America. I feel that way about Austrailia. More so this year than ever.
    You and yours are on my prayer list and when God provides the finances (which we know He will and soon), I will be sowing in to this ministry as a thank you to your obedience.
    May God continue to lavish His love, peace, wisdom and anointing on you and yours.
    Grace to you,
    Vicky Roscoe
    Fairview, TN

  • Alexa

    Lana, I am so sorry you’ve received attacks regarding your dream about Donald Trump. I personally got excited. Not at the thought of him being President but knowing that God desired to see success in the United States. One of the most important things you told everyone was to “Seek the heart of God”. Apparently, many missed that. I love your emails woman of God and appreciate all you do. Please don’t let negative comments get you down. I have been there myself.

  • Susan

    It is disheartening to hear that you are being attacked. The enemy doesn’t like when God speaks and people hear Him via His prophets. The true people of God love you and appreciate what you bring to the body of Christ. Your prophetic words are a constant source of confirmation and encouragement for both my husband and I. Keep on in Jesus! I am praying for the Lord to cover you in Him and His protection. Love to you!

  • Penny

    Dear Lana, I am sorry you have been dealt a hard blow.
    I just want to encourage you that I believe you have heard from The Lord. I will not go into detail, but your word confirmed something I was given a few months back from a very reliable source, that The Lord in His mysterious ways was doing something very different with a man who cannot be bought! He knows, and will do what He knows will fulfill His plans. We just need to pray that His plan will not be thwarted! Bless you.

  • Muthoni Mukomah

    Bless you Lana,
    First of all, I salute your bravery and obedience to God – He will surely reward you.
    Just to encourage you, I want to share about my country Kenya. From the year 2000-2002, the Lord revealed to some seers and prophets, vessels from both our country and internationally that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta would be our president. He was indeed a candidate in the 2002 race. So the vessels voted and the rest of the country thought them mad, and even mocked them when Mr. Kenyatta garnered 1 million votes.
    Fast forward to 2012/2013 presidential race when Uhuru Kenyatta won the election. Though God had spoken very clearly that Mr.Kenyatta was His choice, many Christians rejected the voice of God to the point of physical and verbalconfrontations within the church – but God still had His way. There were overwhelming odds against Mr.Kenyatta, not to mention the case at the ICC court in the Hague. The international community thought Kenyans are crazy to elect an accused person, but God has continued to overshadow President Uhuru through every storm that has come against him.
    Peace be still Lana and America, God will have His way. God can use Donald Trump either as president – now or in the future, or can use him to finance the candidate of His choice. Let us not be a nation who is only interested in a king who mirrors our flesh, for he/she will fail like King Saul. Let us not reject God, but seek His Will and align ourselves accordingly.
    God bless America.

    • Marci

      And God bless Kenya. Thank you for posting this story. I love hearing stories of how God accomplishes his will no matter what people think. He never does quite what we expect, does he?

    • Marilyn

      Amen! I’m a conservative African American who, because of Christian values, normally vote for the candidate whose values mirror those in our Holy Bible. As such, I’ve received much backlash for the candidates I’ve supported in the past. People blatantly ask me who I support in the candidacy just to mock me.
      Being that I’m not a liberal Christian, I am sometimes an anomaly. I believe God uses “anomalies” or the exception. He did in the bible.
      In my opinion, God is using Trump to awaken the sleeping Christians who’ve been desensitized by feel-good messages that allow them to abide in sin and forsake the holiness of God. I believe Trump is on the scene to raise an awareness to the freedoms and the biblical principles Americans once esteemed so dearly, but have now been snatched away while Christans were lulled to sleep. The church must awaken from its slumber! It appears to me God is saying to the church “let me show you what a fighter looks like…because while you were sleeping, America lost its fight”.
      I don’t know who will be president. I like Carson and Trump. I’m just excited to see how God uses these men in the election.

  • Lili Skinner

    Thank you dear, dear precious sister for your glorious words that have brought inexpressible renewed hope back through many years of waiting for the vision to come to pass! Countless intercession and travail and the impossible still staring at me daily, but the word and vision I received 40 years ago will come to pass! I have His word on it! Your ministry is dear to my heart here in Mobile, AL

  • Sue Lavender

    Hi Lana
    Very disappointing that you have received negative feedback re you word about Donald Trump. Maybe the body of Christ have forgotten how God used Bob Hawk to stand for Israel in Australia when no one else would. He often uses the most unlikely people to do his will. Stand firm I believe your words are very accuarate and often the leading edge in what the Lord us saying for these times. Be encouraged I believe you have an accurate word for now.
    Bless you

  • Shari Montgomery

    Lana I am so sorry for the attacks you received . Please don’t stop posting what the Lord gives you. You have been such a blessing to me as I’m starting a ministry
    It sure seems Christans can be so mean if you are not saying what thry want you to say. If Americans turned to God a long time ago we wouldn’t be in this mess
    Please we are all not like the mean spirited people attacking you. God bless you Lana

  • Lidia

    Lana, I live in the US and have felt the Lord is using Trump for HIS kingdom purposes as well. What that will ultimately look like I do not know but agree that we need to pray. Sad that many Christians still allow satan to use them as his weapon and have them become so easily offended and not be able to speak to other believers in love…You have been nothing but encouraging to the body of Christ…do not let the comments of a few to make you afraid to release what you are given. They should take their offense to the Lord FIRST.

  • MC

    Thank you for your pure delivery of what God is giving you. I pray that this not discourage you, or make you shrink back in any way, but that you continue on in boldness. Your emails encourage and uplift me. Some days it’s the very thing that brings enough clarity and understanding for me to be reminded to just keep pressing on.
    Thank you for all that you are doing, and to God be the glory!

  • Irene Kountouris

    Dear Lana!
    As an encouragement to you your article of Donald Trump was a confirmation in many ways what I was getting. I Bless You in all you do for the Body of Christ!!

  • Jeremiah Carvell

    Be encouraged my sister! You have been such an blessing to me and those that I share your emails with. Please keep being faithful with what the Lord gives you and don’t hold back. We need you on this end so don’t let those that are acting small get you down. Love, prayers, and blessings, Jeremiah

  • Jan

    It took courage to post what you did. Thank you for being faithful. The words you post always go straight to my heart and have been a lifeline. Don’t be intimidated by those who don’t understand. We need the voice God is giving you. Blessings!

  • Lynette

    I am so sorry that you were verbally attacked. I completely understood that you were releasing what God gave you. I also understood that you were not stating who the next president will be. May God continue to strengthen you and be a wall of fire around you, your family and ministry!

  • Denise

    Christians can be hard to deal with at times, especially concerning politics. If Donald Trump can be used to aid our nation then we need to trust God with that. Read your Bibles, he used imperfect men all the way through scripture. That is the issue, a lot of Christians are so negative and full of judgment they jump and speak without seeking the Lord regarding the issue. Donald Trump is a no nonsense kind of guy not afraid to blaze a trail of truth and there is a boldness on him. Perhaps that is what the Lord is modeling in this day in politics, to break the lies of the political spirit that has sunk not only in the world but in the church. Many leaders are succumbing to the shhhh dont talk about certain things.. and it’s time for a trumpet! Blow the trumpet in Zion! amen. Keep sharing Lana, don’t stop giving what the Lord is saying.

  • Beverley Estes

    Yes I agree with you that God is using Donald Trump for HIS purposes. What I have not a clue. Just about the only thing any of us know is that God is the one true God. I too am going by what God said to me. Even thought I have had dreams and visions sense I was 5 HE just tells me as a friend, when I ask of HIM.
    My comment on Ben Carson being Gods choice was not an attack on you and your dream. Dreams are for God to intemperate. All my dreams I have to ask the HOLY SPIRIT our teacher to tell me the meaning. Be

  • Barbara

    A word of encouragement, your post on Trump was clearly understood. You were sharing the message God gave you. Thank you for being obedient to Him! I did not take it as having any political agenda. I am thankful for your boldness! I found it interesting that this word came after the group of pastors and rabbi who prayed over
    Trump recently.

  • Donna

    Dear brothers and sisters, our sister, Lana, emphasized us praying over this. We should pray and seek the Lord’s heart in all prophecies and dreams, visions, etc. Our Lord told us to be slow to speak. PLEASE, don’t criticize Lana, but uphold her in prayer. She is being used to encourage us and stand with us for our country.
    God bless you, Lana. ?

  • Leslie Hamilton

    Thank you Lana,
    Sadly, too many people do not read their e-mail messages correctly. I am sorry so many negative e-mails were sent to you about your dream concerning Donald. I for one understand what you were saying. There was a prophesy for a different ministry stating that God was using Donald Trump like a Trumpet. It certainly seems that God is using Donald to blow the sounding alarm. I appreciated how God speaks to you through your dreams. Many times he confirms things to me through them and I share them with my Pastor.
    May God Bless you, the family and your ministry.

  • Sherry Mohr

    Hi Lana, sorry to hear about the backlash; but you weren’t really surprised, were you? You know the Lord has a great sense of humor and knows how to bring those idols/ideals into the light. The dream isn’t about the man, or about the name; the dream is about God possessing a “Trump” card that will lead the United States into triumph and into victory. Nothing beats trump! Something wonderful is about to happen; Our God Reigns!!!
    God bless all of you and keep your eyes on Jesus!

  • Eva Maassarany

    You were very clear that you not suggesting that he will be but to take it to prayer closet and ask and seek His Will .This season we need to stand with each other not attack that is the enemy who does that .
    We go to Throne with all what we received .ask him for clarification .
    This season is To build not to tear to unite not to fight.
    May The Lord give us His Wisdom.

  • Josie

    Thank you for not being afraid to share what you see. Sorry that some people have responded less than graciously over that one. Much love and God bless! 🙂

  • Kathy Nick

    Dear Sister – Thank you for your courage to give what you feel God has given you. I never heard you say we better vote for Donald T. but that we need to pray, because it is a serious situation. Thank you –
    Your messages have been center target right on for me. Exactly what God is doing each time I’ve read them. Thank you – God bless you!

  • Dr. Lou Angone

    Dear Lana,
    As an Apostolic leader in America, I want to apologize for all the people who attacked you for your “Trump” word. Your word and explanation of it was very clear. People just don’t read for understanding, they read too argue!
    I also just want to thank you for your incredible gift and service to the body. Your magnificent gift,and heart for the King,and the Kingdom has kept me going through a very difficult, long season! So thank you and bless you!!!
    Dr. Lou

  • Victoria

    Thank you, Lana, for all you are doing and sharing with us. I am new here. I never heard of you until yesterday! So, I have a lot of reading to do – and, I can’t wait to dig in! Regarding your message about Donald Trump – What a beautiful message from the Lord! He is so loving and encouraging! The backlash you are receiving, though, is not deserved. The Lord knew this would follow His message and He is covering you, loving you through it. If you want to understand the mind-set of the political “left” here in America, please read this book: “Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky” It is their handbook and they follow his methods about how to shut up and shut down any opposition to their ideas and opinions. The book is dedicated to Satan, actually, so you can see just why the backlash toward you has been so fierce and ugly. At the last Democrat convention in 2012, they took a vote on the floor as to whether they should allow prayer and God to be allowed. They voted THREE times “NO” – using voice votes. It was loud and boistrous “boos” and “no” ringing throughout the convention center. Standing up, waving their arms, shouting as loudly as possible in opposition, they voted God OUT of their week-long convention. This is what you are up against, Lana, when you mention anything positive regarding the Republican candidates or opinions. Having said that, God is with us and this is His world, His nation, His opinions and will that matters. God is so GREAT! He isn’t effected or impressed by evil – not one little bit. With Him around you, in you, you are a target OUT OF RANGE. They cannot possibly touch you with the dear Lord protecting you. Love you and God bless! BTW, if you do not want to post my comment here, that is no problem with me at all! I just wanted to tell you just where the left is coming from and why it is so ugly. (ugh… not much fun living in the US right now – politically speaking, that is)

  • Lesley Faichney

    Be encouraged always….God will honor your obedience to release His words to bless the Kingdom. Stand Still for God will get the glory in this matter! I love you and will continue to pray with and for you.
    Lesley in Johns Creek, Georgia

  • Deborah

    I am SO SORRY that you have been attacked!!!
    I’ve never written to you before but this email made me very sad for you, and I just wanted to send the opposite to you today.
    Thank you so much for your friendship for my country, and thank you so much for hearing and speaking God’s word, and for encouraging us so much.
    Here are many hugs for you, from America

  • Gary Gay

    On the Morningstar site in one of the segments (Prophetic Perspective on Current Events) Rick Joyner has expressed similar thoughts that God is using Trump to right the ship. Rick Joyner did not say, neither did Lana, that Trump would be president. Unfortunately prophetic people can only give what God gives them, which is their job (calling). When a dream is revealed to someone as it was to Daniel or Joseph what is their duty but to give it. When Israel did not like the word Jeremiah gave them, they verbally attacked him as did the Pharisees assail Jesus for what was shown Him by the Father. Who are we to rail against God for using a vessel or any means of His choosing? Keep up the good work Lana you are His vessel and you are in good company. Sincerely, Gary Gay

  • Paul

    I’m so sorry that you have been met with a lot of unsavory comments and backlash from the dream you had about Trump. My wife and I stand with you and support you as a prophetic voice.
    People don’t like the truth when it speaks against their clouded opinion. God bless you as you continue to hear from the Lord.

  • Michael Quart

    Lana, for some time I’ve thought that perhaps Trump was being used by Father to usher in change Father wants. It wasn’t a surprise to hear of your dream. As Christians, we need to allow Father to use whomever He desires for His purposes and that doesn’t have to be a “Christian”. God is not political and many believers need to get a grasp on that and stay focused on what Father is doing in their lives.
    I recognize that the role of a prophet(ess) is such that they will come under attack…more than most which to my thinking serves to confirm your role. At the same time, it can be very hard when you pour love out and get acid back in return. I understand that. My prayer for you is that Father will use this to strengthen you both but also raise you up even closer to His heart with even greater revelation and favour. May Father’s calm and peace be yours right now and a heartfelt “Thank you” from your family in Canada.

  • Nancy

    Hi Lana!
    Thank you for releasing this word.
    I am sorry that you are receiving backlash for it though.
    I just read a word from Lance Wallnau and both he and Kim Clement have called Donald Trump God’s Trumpet for this season.
    I am so very thankful to be called an American and I LOVE my country. We need to wake up and the time is NOW!! As believers in Christ, we can no longer afford to push the snooze button! It is time to hit our knees, seeking who the Lord has called. We need to come together in a united front and take Gods stand and stand behind the one God has ordained and appointed for this hour.
    Thank you again for your words of encouragement!
    Love and blessings to you!

  • Kim

    Lana, please don’t ever stop speaking. Your words have SO encouraged me in my lonely place and I appreciate them so very much. Speak on!!!

  • Karla Valentine

    Sorry for the people who felt they needed to attack you! It is obvious they do not understand your prophetic ministry. Just as those in the Bible came against Daniel, Jeremia and others. God bless you!

  • MonaLisa

    It grieve my spirit that a child of God would have anything negative to say about your dreams, visions or prophecies. When I read your writings I know in my heart that you are hearing from The Father. Please don’t allow any negativity to stop you from going forward in your destiny. When he shall come to be glorified in his saints and to be admired in all them that believe(because our testimony among you was believed) in that day( 2 Thess. 1:10). Lana, you are counted worthy and God will reward you, not man. Continual Blessings To You And Your Ministry!

  • Doreen Tucker

    Dear Lana, I am very sorry to hear you were attacked for your message. I am surprised that Christians do not understand that there had to be a deeper meaning in a message such as yours. A time to go to prayer rather than attack the messenger! Please keep sending out whatever you hear we are so blessed by your ministry. Doreen

  • Jillian

    Bless you and thank you! The USA WILL TRIUMPH! Praise God! Praise God that he is using Trump to His glory! Whatever the end of the story of this election, let it be that the USA will triumph! Bless you, Lana! Now we pray for the people of God everywhere to have their eyes and ears opened to see and hear and recieve in love what God is doing in this hour. We should be doing cartwheels and dancing on the tables. God has not taking our freedom away to vote with our hearts and minds, but confimed His love for us in the process and declared VICTORY in our nation. May God shut up the voice of the enemy especially in His own people. Bless you, Lana.

  • Grace Bellomy

    May God bless you HUGELY Lana for speaking out what God gave you about Donald Trump. Please continue to speak what God speaks to you. As a person who has been very involved in politics, I read your post on Donald Trump, and noted you never said he would be president. (But so what if he became President by God’s hand?) God is using him to “trump” the US political system and the ideologies advanced by political spirits on the left and the right. “Oh no, he’s not a professing believer and not conservative,” say my friends on the conservative right. Well, I’ve been asking the Lord, “Where is the Cyrus!” God used pagan kings to come to the aid of His people! I pray we in the USA can humble ourselves and receive God’s deliverance in whatever way He chooses to bring it.

  • Rhonda Lee

    Thank you Lana for your encouraged get words! Thank you for sharing your dream about Donald Trump. God is using him and many Christians are Prato g for him and a reversal of this distructive course the USA is in. We are grateful for your prophetic insight and heart of God. My apologies for the attacks. So sorry you have experienced backlash from Christians. So sad that they would feel the need to attack instead of just seek the Lords face. Keep Sharing all the Lord gives you! This nation needs it!!
    God bless you abundantly!!!
    Rhonda Lee
    Maine USA

  • Shirley Criteser

    Dear Lana:
    I am sorry that Americans are perceiving the word God gave you in a negative manner.
    My husband and I do not feel that way. We thought it was interesting and we will be watching to see what the Father is going to do!
    Blessings to you and thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way!
    Shirley Criteser

  • Shell

    I had a feeling that could happen- so glad so many have written to support you. I’ll say I was surprised when you mentioned Trump- but I immediately thought about how God uses foolish things of the world to confound the wise! (I’m not saying Trump is a fool- just not my personal choice re international matters) Anyway, as a woman who ministers to atheists and agnostics, I’m sad to say that Christians are often the reason EVERYONE isn’t running into the arms of Jesus! Anyway, time will prove out your prophesy. And people will come to know how AWESOME our Lord is! Thank you for sharing what you hear.

  • Rae Graber

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:11-12)
    21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ (Matthew 25:21)
    No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD. (Isaiah 54:17)
    Blessings dear sister! The Lord and His army have your back covered:)

  • Sandra L. Betancourt

    Every since I received this email, Lana, I have been praying for you. My heart is with you. Thank you so much for sharing the gift that you have in the prophetic. No matter what anybody says, your obedience to the Lord in sharing what He has said to you, through dreams or visions, will be honored by Him…

  • Keri Siegel

    Dear Lana,
    First of all, let me apologize for the people who have blindly criticized you. It was completely unfair and uncalled for. I am a spiritual watchman and my church is an apostolic and prophetic house. So, I know a little bit about prophesy. Therefore, I know, God seldom shows us the full picture. If He did, there would be no room for the trust He requires. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to criticize and ridicule what we don’t understand. I know, you are a prophet of God and I took what you said at face value without adding to it or deleting anything from it. As Christians, we are called to rightly divide the word of truth, which includes putting aside our agendas and biases, and receiving from the Spirit of God. The only thing we can do when people misinterpret our intentions is to apologize, go back to what God told us, and pray. You’ve done all of that and I honor you for it. May God bless you richly.

  • Greg

    Donald is the Voice of the Awakening. Keep it Up! God is not PC. Never has been. People hated Jesus too. For Gods sakes he called the Church folk Hypocrites!
    Have the courage that Donald has to speak out about what the spirit is saying.

  • Lynda Severson

    Thank you for your insight and revelation. I pray for greater understanding for all of His people.

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    I am so sorry to learn that you’ve been attack about that revelation of that dream, and I stand in agreement with you for God’s will to be done and not ours… Be blessed, blessed, blessed, Amen!!!

  • Dee

    I encourage you to not back down. I see many are opposed to him, but I also see their own judgments are coming back on themselves. Yes, he can be crude, but with prayer, I believe he can accomplish much. I also continue to stand with Ted and Dr. C, and Huck. God bless each of them, protect and surround them, keep them faithful to Christ, and help them, I pray.

  • Jodi S.

    Other prophetic voices have given words that Donald Trump would be used as a trump or trumpet in this election cycle, calling attention to or shedding light issues and things going on that have been ignored or hidden, which he is doing. I have heard no words stating that Donald Trump would or would not be the next president, nor does the word Lana has faithfully given state that he will be or won’t be. We DO need to be in prayer, as I know of one word given (unfortunately now I can’t recall who gave that word) that if God’s people don’t repent and put Him (God) back on the throne or keep Him on the throne as our King, we could end up with an earthly “king”. It isn’t the nonbelievers’ responsibility to be in prayer, it is OURS. Let’s not turn on Lana, who very clearly said in her post she was NOT saying Mr. Trump would be the next president and say that she did. I, for one, am thankful for believers around the world, especially those “Down Under” such as Lana, who not only have a heart for their own country but for ours as well. Thank you, Lana, for being faithful, and thank you for your heart towards your brothers and sisters in Christ here is the U.S. and for our country.

  • Sherry LaPointe

    Be continually blessed in your ministry for Our Father. Thank you for sharing what the Father has shown you. I pray that you would stay the course of obedience to the Lord. It grieves me when people make attacks on servants of the Lord but in these last days, I guess, that is to be expected. I pray God our Father would open blind eyes and hearts to what He is doing. Blessings and honor to you.

  • George

    Donald Trump the next president of this country ? Well, this is good news, there is still hope for this country then. Maybe he can fix 8 years of Islam and communism in the White House along with the promotion of abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism.

  • Linda Joiner

    ,Thank you so much for your love and words !? They are always timely and such an encouragement in my life and many others that I send them to. You keep on giving what the Lord is giving you . What a gift and Blessing you are to the body of Christ. I felt your word on Trump was right on and have heard it from others over the last few months. I say you go God and use the profound things . Love and Blessings to you, Linda PS listen to what Kim Clement said about Trump .

  • JOY

    Dear Lana, God told me as a watchman on the wall that I was to give the message. I was not responsible for the results. That’s the Holy Spirits job. You are to give what God tells you to give, that is your responsibility and the blood will not be on your hands. To God be the Glory. Stand firm and you don’t have to apologize if you’ve done as the Lord has ask you to do. Don’t take it personally that way. He your Lord will let you know if you have to apologize or make it clearer. God bless you. You are a mighty servant of the Lord. We love you and appreciate you !!!

  • Charlene

    Lana, The prophecy did not surprise me. I have been contemplating this as I pray deeply for us. Thank you for upholding us in the U.S. and for just giving it like it comes. That is the heartfelt desire of every prophet. Praying for you!

  • Zyla Fourie-Kritzinger

    Concerning Donald Trump
    Had a dream many years ago where I heard the following voice saying: “I am putting the trump card into the hands of the king of Zebulon”. We know Zebulon are also the business people.

  • Zyla Fourie-Kritzinger

    Dear Lana, Had a dream many years ago where I hear a voice saying: “I am putting the trump card into the king of Zebulon.” We know that Zebulon links with business men. His name did come to me at that time.

  • Cheryl Goode

    Lana, I want to thank you for being a vessel that God can TRUST to speak His words through. It isn’t important what “I THINK”, because God’s opinion is the only one that matters. I, too, am surprised by the blessing and the prophecies concerning Donald Trump, as I never expected God would used him, since he’s not KNOWN for his “great Christian Faith”. But God sees the WHOLE picture, where we can only see now. I have had to remove MY opinion and open my heart to what Wonderful plans God has ahead and I will watch with excitement at how he uses Mr. Trump, IN or OUTSIDE of the White House. If I see that that He IS truly God’s choice to lead our country, I will be voting for him, instead of the person I had in my mind. As Christians, our God LEADS, and we FOLLOW. (Not sure when the “dying to self” part got tossed aside, but it’s still a requirement for all true disciples of Jesus. Thank You for your courage and your obedience. Keep speaking. Whether it’s liked or not, is not a factor, because God IS GOD, and WE ARE NOT.

  • Lana

    I was thoroughly encouraged by your word about praying for America and our next election. Thanks you for all that you do for the body of Christ and your deep love for the Lord.

  • Laurie Flickinger

    Lana, I’m so sorry you have been attacked for simply sharing what God showed you. I too would not want Trump as president. However, if this is God’s choice, then, I would accept His choice. Your words have been so encouraging and so appreciated. Don’t allow negative comments to discourage you! Many have been helped by your faithfulness to God. Laurie

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Praise the Lord; I am so sorry to hear you’ve being attack, for revealing the dream, may the Lord God, keep you covered with the blood of the Lamb, and hide you under the shadow of His wings, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!!!

  • susan chapman

    Be encouraged Lana, I believe you heard the Lord with accuracy. God can use anyone and delights in using those who are most unlikely to the general public. If the church continues to attack and accuse each other there is division and strife which prevents the unity of the Spirit God desires for His church in these last days.

  • Loretta Rehbein

    I so love and appreciate you Lana.You are such a blessing to the Body of Christ. The Word of the Lord through you is wonderful and marvellous and rich. I pray that the Lord continue to bless you abundantly!???

  • Colleen

    Thank you Lana for bringing forth the words of our Father to encourage and prepare the body of Christ for what he is bringing. With the accuracy of the words you have been bringing,it sadly is to be expected that the enemy would try to discourage and attack the voice of the prophet. We support you, your family and pray along side of you and for you for his plans and purposes to be fulfilled. We honor you for the sacrifices you and your family have made to allow you to enter daily into the secret place with the Father to hear his word, to deliver it as his mouthpiece.You have done as you have been asked you are his good and faithful servant. So for those who are only brave enough to attack the messenger and not the source from which the word came(because they wouldn’t dare),time is of the essence. We have to be obedient and pray, we have His power, we can change government decisions, weather patterns and any thing else we are asked to do in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth. Next year will bring the truth. I know i have to spend time in my secret place to hear directly what he is saying as well but I can’t wait to get to my computer each day to see what Father is speaking through you. I miss them when you are ministering away..Thank you so much God Bless Colleen

  • Marcella

    Lana, your prophetic word re Donald Trump was spot on. I get it 100% I am neither for or against him but one thing is that he is stirring the pot and God is using him. People who jump to conclusions aren’t very spiritually discerned. This needs to be a time of diligent prayer and intercession yet so many Christians just whine and judge wrongly. Judge the direction of our country and ask WHY. Please accept my apology for anyone who ignorantly hurt you and keep speaking TRUTH. Never hold back. God backs you darling. I love you. You’ve blessed me so very much in much much much loss the past year.

  • Patricia Gafford

    HI! MINISTER Lana, I whole heartily agree with the prophetic Dream that God gave you. THIS IS the third or fourth Dream and prophetic word that has been set out prophecticly and also prophetic words given years ago. I believe God wants touse his financial ta tents. I BELIEVE ON FOCUSING on what the Spirit of God desires to do. God has been stirring my Heart on every word that been spoken over Donald trump the trumpet. Thank you so much for speaking what God told you to Speak. God Bless you send your Ministry Much. PAT.

  • Donna Crow

    Forgive me for not telling you that I think you are right on, and that He is telling many of us the same thing. I have a friend who has had dreams and impressions regarding Donald Trump being God’s choice and she was actually afraid to tell anyone, because the “Christian” Trump haters are so nasty. When she found out we were hearing the same thing, she was elated. So sad that people are hating him, based on sound bites, rather than researching and listening to him. If they did the later, they would find out he is on their side. And God is not willing that any should perish and is drawing all men unto Himself.

  • Staci

    Lana, I feel I need to encourage you. Please continue to release what the Lord gives you. I had a similar dream in April. I had to pray hard about it because at the time it was not what I wanted. I had to go deep and really seek the Lord. The enemy is really mad right now but….GOD!! He has heard the cries of His people.