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"I declared the former things long ago and they went forth from My mouth, and I proclaimed them, Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass." – Isaiah 48:3

Last night I had a dream where Papa revealed His heart of SUDDENLY'S that are taking place and about to take place in the body of Christ right now. 

The Lord specifically spoke to me in the dream and said "There are things that don't shake, move and then change, but things that SUDDENLY explode with the result of an IMMEDIATE and SUDDEN change." 

I felt the encouragement from the heart of the Lord for certain things in our lives as believers that if they are looking like they are not shaking, they are not moving, they are not changing, keep standing your ground, standing IN HIM and UPON that which He has spoken and released His promise to you about, for they are the very breeding ground for an IMMEDIATE SUDDEN CHANGE. Long awaited promises and circumstances that have been 'stuck' for a long time are SUDDENLY being moved.

There is breakthrough brewing beneath many of these seemingly 'unmovable' circumstances and in these areas as you align yourself with Him and what He has spoken over your life, staying in faith, you will step further into a SEASON OF SUDDENLY'S and boy oh boy some of them are going to be GLORIOUS surprises. 

There will be a sudden explosion of suddenly's! The Lord is declaring SUDDENLY'S over His people!


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  • Elsie Bouwman

    We’d only been married for a short time and I awoke one morning, hearing an audible male voice saying: “It is written down in glory and it shall come to pass.” The Lord was bringing that phrase “come to pass” back to me today, and here it is again in this devotional in the verse: “…they shall come to pass.” (Isaiah 48:3c)

  • margaret Lee

    Dear Lana,
    Yes I heard the Lord said “Changes are coming!” Also The Holy Spirit confirmed to my heart that Mega earthquake/tsunami will soon to occur in the West coast of United States. I have been receiving dozen of warning dreams that earthquake will occur this month in October. I ask God for mercy and grace for the West Coast, especially San Francisco and Los Angeles. God bless!

  • Shane a disciple

    Hi Larna
    I want to encourage you too to remain focus on Him
    His word is so good so beautiful
    Thank you
    All Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus

  • Nanette McDowell

    Thank You, Lana! You are seeing through the vail that
    the enemy has put up so that we can be encouraged and
    blessed! So appreciate you! Nan

  • Criss

    What..WHat…WHA….WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! I feel so excited?…Im crying now….I JUst want it to be..for me….17 years is such a long time..I cant see..I need to pray…….really? Could it be for me? bfn

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Let it happened “DADDY” “ABBA” Let it be So, for Your Amazing Grace, “DAD” I believe is not just me but there are many of us in the body of Christ awaiting, for Supernatural and real “BREAKTHROUGH” To meet us in the midst of our circumstances, Lord and Mighty God, You can do everything and anything You want to, Please Lord Jesus Intercede for each and every one of us in all our different circumstances, Lord You are God, and we are here just waiting on You to show up in a very Godly and Awesome Way for each and every one of us, Lord God, I thank You in advance because I believe in Your Faithfulness, and in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

  • Jeannie Browning

    I laughed when I read your message from the Lord about the suddenlies. I’m a minister to inmates at our county prison and I’ve been telling my brothers/my sons (they call me mama),that our wondrous Lord was doing things suddenly and to be aware and alert when he speaks to you or you are suddenly in a different place whether in the spirit or actually being released. Our Lord is sovereign and is in charge not man. The Lord has continued to tell me for several years that He is accelerating time and any things would happen suddenly.

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Thank You Lord and Father God, for word of confirmation, Lord as You know me I am standing and waiting for Your promises, and I will keep waiting and believing You for my real Breakthrough, I know is on its way, in Jesus Name, Amen..

  • Joyce

    Oh , how we need a suddenly in the life of my son who has been diagnosed with bipolar. Oh, how we need a suddenly in finances and debts to be paid off. Oh how we need a suddenly in deliverance from anxiety/depression/ disorders, etc. We look forward to those Suddenlies!!!

  • Diane

    So encouraged by all the Words of suddenlies and season of provision upon us but very discouraged waiting to see it. Hearing it for two years, our breakthrough is coming. When is this season coming.