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LVM Weekly Update

Hi Friends!
These ‘weekly’ updates may not always be weekly, but we are always excited to share what the Lord has been doing!
We were in Adelaide earlier this month!! We had an amazing time at Adelaide Congress Ministry, a fruitful ministry among the indigenous community in South Australia, joined by our friend Katy we really saw God come in power!
After the service, a local (Adelaide) indigenous leader and intercessor recounted a testimony of an indigenous leader many years ago who publicly said the Holy Spirit was no longer welcome in Adelaide. Some claiming that from that day the spiritual climate in Adelaide was never the same.
Prophetically we believe it was a symbolic service; where a ministry formed for the indigenous community invited Lana to come and minister, partnering with the Holy Spirit, which brought breakthrough for many. Lana preached on seasons of fire and restoration (Isaiah 61).
Lana is gearing up to speak at the Australian Prophetic Summit, first weekend in November hosted by Glory City Church in Brisbane (Kelvin Grove, QLD). This promises to be an amazing event with speakers :Steve Schultz, Katherine Ruonala, Faylene Sparkes, Gary Morgan, Fini and Isi de Gersigny, Amanda Wells and Lana Vawser.
For more information have a look at this video: (LINK HERE)
For registration information please go to this website. (LINK HERE)
Over the course of the next week we will also have another link available (4.30pm US (ET) Nov 4) for another radio prophetic round table discussion with Lana, Brian Simmons and host Michael Russo on Mercy Seat Fellowship Radio. Should be worth a listen.
We have been busy in the background, I have managed to solve a couple of issues with our website, and things are working smoother. I have updated a few pages with more up to date information.
We thank you for your prayers covering us as we have traveled and ministered. We traveled over 5000 kms (about 3125 miles) by car over two weeks, between Adelaide and our Gold Coast location (partly preparing for long drives in USA) and met with many key people for cities and regions between. We also thank those who have sowed into the ministry as it enabled us to minister in this way.
We bless you and thank you all for your prayers and support.
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Karan Salinas

    I wouldn’t lnow where to begin to share with you how the prophecies Our Lord has given you have impacted My life so profoundly since May of this year. Look forward to seeing you in February in Rockwall or Dallas. God be with you and give you strength for each new day for you both. God bless you Kevin and Lana.

  • Cody Gevers

    Why aren’t we seeing you guys in Perth? 🙂
    Would love to have Lana involved in a prophetic conference here in W.A.

    • lanavawser

      Hi Cody!
      We have prayed about Perth, even knocked on a few doors but nothing has yet to open. We will keep praying.
      Kevin and Lana