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I saw the enemy releasing an assignment attempting to bring division right across the body of Christ. I saw this spirit attempting to wreak havoc, stir suspicion, division and breakdown of relationships all across the body of Christ. 
This spirit was attacking strategic relationships, and networks right now that are going to produce much fruit for the Kingdom of God when they "work together". 
As this divisive spirit was being released across the body of Christ I heard the Lord speak and He said "what you partner with, you will empower". 
So in the turbulence, what you partner with, is what is going to be fuelled and empowered. The enemy has been hitting strategic relationships so hard lately, because of the breakthrough, move of His Spirit and demonstration of His power and glory that is about to be released on a grander scale through them. 
The Lord then showed me the antidote and the cure for this divisive spirit and it was LOVE, LISTEN and HONOUR. As the enemy is attempting to stir up division, suspicion and trouble between believers out of nowhere, I felt the urgency of the Lord to continue to LOVE, LISTEN and HONOUR. As the people of God stand together in love, listening to one another and honouring one another, I saw the enemy fleeing screaming and shrieking and his plans falling to the ground. 
The Lord is wanting to bring His people together at a deeper level, a greater expression of unity across the body of Christ, and we are moving into a season of greater unity right now, and the enemy is terrified of this because in this unity there is great power. 
This is not an passive "sit back and let the Lord do it" but an active "moving forward and towards" one another with love, with ears to hear and listen and honour. 
Don't give into the strife attempting to be stirred, don't give into the suspicion, don't partner with this divisive spirit. The Lord is releasing greater clarity and insight, eyes to see things from His perspective that is going to break down walls, barriers and divisions. 
Great breakthroughs in unity and relationship are happening right now. Greater levels of favour is being released over these strategic relationships. New depths of relationship and networking to further the Kingdom of God. Don't allow the enemy hinder what God is about to do through relationships in your life by partnering with what he is whispering. Partner with the Lord. Move forward in love and wisdom, with a heart to listen and a heart to honour and that divisive spirit will flee in Jesus name.


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  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Amen, Lord Jesus, in the Power that is there in Your Holy and Wonderful Name, I Decree and Declare: That no weapon form against the body of Christ Jesus, Shall ever prosper, I Decree and Declare, that the enemy won’t prevail against God’s Saints, the enemy has already been defeated, and all his strength has been broken, by the Power of the blood of the Lamb of God, and by the Power of our testimony, Praise the Lord all the inhabitants of the earth, Praise His Holy Name, give Him all the Honor worthy to His Name, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

  • Dagmar Rendely-Martin

    Just going through accusations (indirect) to me and my husband, painful it is, to miss an old friend and not be heard, that’s for now, God is so good, to notify of changes, yet painful, so we are brought through it, as Victory belongs to Him and His plans for us not to be aborted, so nothing is in vain for those who fully love the Lord and so we shall praise Him and be greateful. No weapon formed against us shall prevail, Amen…